[DAO: QmQntSd] Golfcraft game and more projects by Eibriel, Pablo & co

by 0xcf10cd8b5dc2323b1eb6de6164647756bad4de4d (Eibriel)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Golfcraft is a free-to-earn and build-to-earn game for Decentraland we have been working on in the last year and half.

Our vision is to empower the community to decide the market prices, minting NFTs at not cost and trading them on OpenSea.

We have different player types, some improving their game every day, others building golf courses or organizing tournaments; each of them being able to generate resources for themselves in a passive or active way.

While creating Golfcraft we established OhMyVerse, a company dedicated to create experiences for the metaverse.

With the help of this grant our goal is to continue dedicating 100% of our effort to improve Decentraland creating engaging content.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Some time ago the DCL community trusted us with a Tier 5 grant, after several months of hard work we are currently completing the last milestone: adding the golf course editor!

While building the game, the scene received a continuous traffic of users and we had some experiences to remember:

In the next quarter our plan is to complete the most important pillar for Golfcraft: Crafting mechanics. Allowing players to gather materials, and craft Parts and Courses with them.

Once done we will have the last part of the structure and the base for building a carefully designed game in decentraland to be proud of.
The list of NFTs a player will be able to mint/claim in the game are:

  • Golf clubs
  • Wearables
  • Refined materials (from wood, stone, iron and gold)
  • Fashion tickets
  • Diamonds
  • Golf course parts
  • Golf courses
  • Compicactus
  • Voxters

We have been making the game as bot resistant as possible, using an authoritative server for the game logic and physic simulation.

We, as the OhMyVerse company, are committed to work in this three core values to attract users to Decentraland: social, building and investment. Our goal will be focused on those aspects, considering “social” the most important to work on the immediate future.

Our plan is to go beyond a golf/builder game and provide more activities around it to strengthen the social aspect.

Having support from the DAO allows us to make more attractive content, with more accessibility to those users with lack of resources, and to give the community the control over the crafting resources at Golfcraft.

We already have a productive team able to deliver a top product, with a plan to grow thanks to the help from the DAO, and to provide even more good content to make Decentraland more attractive.


The Golfcraft game is composed of different services and servers:

  • Authoritative servers for gameplay and physics reproduction, using Colyseus, placed in the United States and Europe, wanting to provide another in Asia to improve the experience due to websocket connection latency.
  • In-house developed bridge service to move resources from game to blockchain and vice versa.
  • In-house indexing service to handle variables which would be expensive and slow to manage directly via smart-contract / blockchain.
  • A dApp to create tournaments from the web https://golfcraftgame.com .
  • A service to manage competition groups.
  • An administration panel.
  • A service plus addon to export golf course parts (models and physics) from Blender.
  • Playfab integration.
  • Customized smart contracts for each NFT on the game. The golf courses being an ERC-721 NFTs able to contain ERC-1155 golf course parts.
  • Crafting smart-contract to convert refined materials into golf course parts.
  • Service to mint wearables, golf clubs and to deliver NFTs from storage addresses.
  • TheGraph indexation for different contracts.

Golfcraft is, of course, already available to play here.


  • Pablo - Development and Management
  • Eibriel - Development and Management
  • Laura - Concept art and 3D modeling
  • Carlos - 3D modeling and coding
  • We also plan to hire another senior developer, now delayed due to bureaucracy and legal matters.

Roadmap and milestones

2022 Q3

  • Golf Courses NFTs, Parts NFTs and “play & earn” system around it. The last pillar for the game, and then we can start polishing to improve the game experience and user retention.
  • Golf courses themes for golf course parts and wearables: Egypt and Space.
  • Daily missions to improve player retention.
  • Improve onboarding for new players with tutorials and guidance.

2022 Q4

  • Social activities (collaborative canvas to draw).
  • More golf courses themes: Urban, Jungle, Mountain.
  • Seasons with different competitive Tiers.
  • New mechanics for editing golf courses: wind, explosives, randomness and interactive parts.

2023 Q1 (rough estimation after this grant vesting contract last release date)

  • More effort/resources in marketing to attract also non-decentraland players to the game.
  • Start the analysis and design for new content to deploy on the neighbouring lands, like virtual-pet games, social games, etc.

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Hi! We are really enjoying our work on Golfcraft and Decentraland, and we would like to grow to even bigger, more ambitious projects.

Contribute with your vote and join the ride!


I really like this project and would love to see further development! My vote is YES!


We always believe that golfcraft has immense potential for the decentraland community, updates, improvements and new content every moment, this makes it more interesting every day. Great job to the whole team. I vote yes!


Voting yes, although it would be nice to see breakdowns on proposals of this tier as community likes to see how these align with the Roadmap and milestones.


I’m likely going to vote yes on this proposal, but I have two questions:

  1. Could we get a breakdown of the how the funds will be utilized specifically?

  2. Are there any plans to eventually monetize so that you don’t have to keep requesting grant money to sustain the project?

I believe your intentions are pure, but it concerns me that monetization doesn’t seem to be on the radar. Several other games are being developed with either far less grant funding or absolutely none. I’d like to see a future DCL where existing projects are NOT sustained by grant funding.

Additionally I don’t see Golfcraft drawing in a large crowd from outside the space, rather as being an option for ‘something to do’ for those who have already found DCL.
Thanks for your time and contributions to our world.
Respectfully, Frank/Fancy


I have voted “No” because you already have received a $120K Fund few months ago.


Good afternoon!

Nicely Written DAO Proposal. You have a good team Behind you, and I love what Golfcraft brings to Decentraland. I Voted yes for this proposal. But I do have one question at the end of this roadmap Q1 2023. Are you going to propose for another DAO grant for Hundreds of thousands of USD? If you refer to your previous grant that was approved for 120k USD : Golfcraft game development (47,-45)

Your roadmap ended Q2/Q3 2022 which is now! and now this is being proposed. Looks like a pattern to me :thinking: . If this proposal passes the Project would be set to receive 360k USD in DAO funds in 1 year. If the pattern is correct then I personally don’t think relying on the DAO to fund your entire project is a sustainable way to go along with things.


I have a question, How do I create proposal in DAO? I want MANA to be burnt again, at least at some %.

Hi @Frank , @ArtReYou , @SinfulMeatStick thanks for expressing interest on our proposal!

This grant is part of a 3 part plan we devised for Golfcraft a long time ago:

  1. Start development by ourselves, working part time.
  2. Apply for a 120k grant to allow us to work full time in the project for 6 months (and hire more people) to build the foundation of the game.
  3. Apply for a 240k grant to allow us to work full time in the project for 12 additional months to complete the game, and launch it as a complete product including marketing and monetization.

We already completed the phase 1 and 2, and we are starting to work on the phase 3.
Here you can find a final report for our previous grant.

Here is how we will be spending the current grant in a 12 months span:

  • Team (5 working full time) = EUR 222000
  • Legal advisors = EUR 6000
  • Company maintenance, fixed taxes = EUR 3600
  • Marketing = EUR 20000
  • Total = EUR 251000

We are already doing some experimentation about monetization. We receive a royalty for each sale on one of our NFTs, we had an store to sell in game currency, and we are exploring ways to allow advertisements in the game.

Here are some of the ideas we will be exploring during this time:

  • Vip season pass to access premium content
  • Exclusive content for user created maps only available on sale.
  • Wearables only for sale.
  • Golf clubs only for sale. We have some, we just didn’t make an active sale with marketing yet.
  • Gallery on empty 3rd floor with fees
  • Services to external parties with our skills
  • Challenges fees
  • Merchandising

In order to any of this methods to work we need to attract more users. On that end we will be working on:

  • Improving user onboarding
  • Including additional social experiences
  • Integrating with other DCL communities
  • Improve retention through daily and weekly challenges

Hope it answer your questions, feel free to ask us anything else you may want to know!


That does indeed cover the basis of my personal concerns. I appreciate your time and for providing clear and concise details about your plans and for being transparent in general.

I’m giving you my YES in support, and while it may not be much VP, I hope that others who see your answers here see it from the same perspective. Thank you for addressing my concerns and for the contributions you have made to our world over the last 1.5 years. I look forward to seeing Golfcraft and your other projects continue to evolve and add value.


I think reading through the comments, my concerns are also covered. I love what the team has been building, and I appreciate the transparency on all questions asked. I look forward to your continued growth and see what else you can bring to DCL.


I voted YES cuz we need more activity in DCL and they bring it!


This project makes me very happy, it is well thought out and solid in its planning, congratulations. :partying_face:


Golfcraft game and more projects by Eibriel, Pablo & co.

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 8,693,376 VP (107 votes)
  • No 1% 31,746 VP (1 votes)

Golfcraft game and more projects by Eibriel, Pablo & co.

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x84573c8a7987246a0c9edf045994c9ad48762f09
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UPDATE: The DAO Committee has just revoked the vesting contract of this project.

It has come to our attention that developers (Pablo&Eibriel) haven’t released any of the funds in the vesting contract nor in the previous one.

We understand that they are having legal/accounting issues regarding using the money and it doesn’t make sense to continue vesting money that it’s not being used. We let Pablo & Eibrel know about this concern and they transfer the contract ownership back to the DAO before the revocation, effectively returning all the vested money back to the DAO.

The DAO Committee is willing to create a new vesting contract when this legal/accounting issue is fixed.


Because of the revocation/pause of the vesting contract and management delays, we are doing a small modification to the roadmap, the most noticeable one is the “seasons” planned for 2022 Q4, that we move to 2023 Q1, but we will start working on it this week. This would allow us to release it with the level of quality this feature requires. We have never stopped working full time on Golfcraft and fulfilling previous roadmap points till now.

We are not removing any task from the roadmap, on the contrary we take this opportunity to add new points about a feature that will make the game a lot more fun: multiplayer game mode.

We completed additional, out of roadmap, tasks when that was the right thing to do for the project and the community. Here are some examples of completed tasks that are not in the original roadmap:

Lastly we would like to clarify that the dates specified in the roadmap for the collections (Space, Urban, Jungle, Mountain) are not for the public release, but the completion of the design and 3d models. We are not releasing the collections as soon as they are completed, that would be confusing for players since some collections would overlap with each other.
With launch events for each theme, the plan is to let time to users build maps with a specific theme during a period of time.

On the monthly update we have been only reporting a rough summary of main points, but anyone is welcomed to reach us to learn more about our project progress in detail, specially members of the DAO Governance Squad and DAO Support Squad. The project has 2827 commits on the repository.

Roadmap and milestones

2022 Q3

  • Golf Courses NFTs, Parts NFTs and “play & earn” system around it. The last pillar for the game, and then we can start polishing to improve the game experience and user retention. DONE
  • Golf courses themes for golf course parts and wearables: Egypt and Space. DONE *
  • Daily missions to improve player retention. DONE
  • Improve onboarding for new players with tutorials and guidance. DONE

2022 Q4

  • More golf courses themes: Urban. IN PROGRESS *
  • New mechanics for editing golf courses: wind, explosives, randomness and interactive parts. DONE
  • Continue with user onboarding improvements including story mode with missions DONE

2023 Q1

  • Seasons with different competitive Tiers. MOVED, ABOUT TO START
  • Social activities (collaborative canvas to draw) & Multiplayer game modes
  • More golf course themes: Jungle, Mountain

2023 Q2

  • More effort/resources in marketing to attract also non-decentraland players to the game.

  • Start the analysis and design for new content to deploy on the neighbor lands, like virtual-pet games, social games, etc.

  • Theme collections are done, but publication date will be later with launch events.

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Hi! Since the accounting issues is solved we’ve requested the Grant Support Squad to create a new Vesting Contract for the funds.

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Dear community,

The Grant Support Squad was created to support grantees to achieve their goals and to take care of the DAO Treasury, with the main goal of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Grants Program.

We had a meeting with the grantee and we checked that they had fixed the legal/accounting issues and achieved the goals proposed corresponding to the Q3 2022 of the original roadmap (note: golf course parts and space´s wearables are done but will be published in January 2023), and they are at the final stage of the goals corresponding to the Q4 2022, of the new roadmap. On the other hand, they have requested to change the beneficiary address (0xd601dEC04Ef5A6d00863f81E2Cc4D7290efc8872), and to prove it they have sent a message with a signature from https://etherscan.io/ (Ethereum Verified Signed Message)

For this reason, we suggest that the DAO Committee (@yemel @HPrivakos) create a new vesting contract with a 6-month duration that coincides with the Q1 and Q2 of 2023.

Last but not least, the grantee is willing to make the following updates and this doesn´t have to be used as a precedent, but as a kickstart to continue working on this governance proposal to have a vesting contract duration that matches with the timeline voted.

Best regards,

The Grant Support Squad

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