[DAO:zxaso74] Should the community begin discussing a revitalisation strategy for Plazas?

by 0xa77610fcb5288bc95849c64136df159dd3efe6ac (MetaArchs)

Plazas: Built By the Community, For the Community

TLDR: Is it the community’s place to begin having a conversation on how Plazas can be used? This poll aims to answer this, with the hope of giving the community more agency and space to be able to begin utilizing the vast amounts of stagnant space found in Plazas.

Decentraland’s community is composed of a buzzing, talented group of individuals, which have a multitude of different ways in which they can contribute to the growth and development of the platform.

However, despite these ideas, talents, and capacities, one major limiting factor curbs and limits individuals from being able to actively test, develop and deploy their ideas to the world; land.

Despite being the most crucial resource for developing ideas and experiences on the platform, DCL land remains a very scarce and high-costing asset.

Currently, the majority of our Plazas stand stagnant; unused, underdeveloped and sometimes, uninspiring, with not much activity, events, or engaging experiences being offered to users in such spaces. Some Plazas, such as the northern and southern Forest Plazas, are direct copies of each other, and leave much to be desired from the average user.

This can and should change.

Plazas are a perfect space to be able to host a multitude of different events, whilst also offering space to community members to begin building the platform they wish to see. DAO Town Halls, NGO Projects, Educational Experiences, Metaverse Festivals, and even large-scale, one-time events, can all be built and developed in communal plaza spaces; all aimed at scaling and building active users, engaged community members, and a co-owned, community-centric mentality towards DCL Event organizing and scene building.

What happens if this poll passes?

This poll aims to first test the sentiments of the community regarding the utilization of plaza space. Should this poll pass, it would be prudent to begin having open discussions on different plans for plaza spaces, and how they can best be utilized for organic community growth.

Should the open discussions be fruitful, those discussions will be compiled into a draft proposal, which can begin outlining how community members can begin actively contributing to the revitalization of plazas.

Such ideas can then begin feeding into structured follow-up polls, which can encompass key strategies which focus on the revitalization of specific plazas (such as rebuilding the southern Forest Plaza into a DAO Community Plaza).

  • Yes: We should begin open discussion on how to best utilise plazas.
  • No: The Community should have no input on how Plazas are built and utilised.
  • Invalid question/options

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Quick addition to this: shoutout to @michi for starting a very valid conversation on this topic in this poll:

This governance pre-proposal is to set up a booking system for the Genesis Plaza Auditorium for a pre-recorded video queue at the cost of 20mana per booking.

@michi’s proposal will be the perfect poll to promote a draft for a working document for Genesis Plaza’s Auditorium, which will start building out a framework for how users can apply and use different resources in different Plazas.

However, we would still need to come up with a way to utilize the other plaza spaces (and potentially build out something new). I’m assuming this will be harder than it sounds, which is why I feel we’d need multiple proposals/conversations & polls.

Looking forward to nerding out on this topic with y’all

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I have been thinking some time about how Decentraland is better for new users, and goes like this:

  • Remove guest option and put Fortmatic on the right (email/pass like any other platforms, but web3)
  • Develop each of the plazas and users are asked where to start: Gaming, Arts, University, etc.

And for this last point, the community can bring great content through grants.

I think maybe this is already possible, when someone has a project, can make a proposal to use a plaza. But ofc, better to make it more clear with a proposal now to check sentiments.


Totally @pablo

My thinking was to first start assessing the sentiments and move on to a draft proposal that fully outlines what the barriers to this would be.

This would then give us the impetus to begin laying out the groundwork for community-centric builds to be launched in Plazas. Honestly, a community-oriented plaza directly focused on the DAO and its activities is a perfect place to start.

Grants would also feed into this beautifully, and we can set up a system where Plaza builds are placed in an open repo, which can outsource code and allow us to quickly adapt/change the scene’s dynamics according to the needs of the community at the time.

For Example:
If we were to create a mass design for a festival/concert build in Plazas, the community can then begin utilising that build whenever there’s an opportunity to run a concert/festival at minimal cost.


There was already a poll around this topic, and I feel it should be escalated by the original parties, not by new parties, seeking to use the original topic for credibility. I see this is a duplicate conversation, from a different perspective.

Furthermore, my stance is that since a grant proposal recently passed to allow a group to take over and revitalize a plaza, this now opens it up for others to attempt the same through grant proposals. Not governance.

And I’m also HIGHLY concerned about the parties involved with bringing this poll forward right now, as their actions have not shown they seek to benefit the platform and community, but themselves. I suggest caution with pushing this forward with these parties at the lead.


Personally being thrown into a build that starts explaining stuff is a theme that works. Its why most games make you run through a tutorial. Sounds epic to have the option to do that. Might also give people some real perspective. instead the “yo man how i get money here?”. “What do I do here?”. So many of us put time in trying to help or have made videos and this is still pretty common. Much this may sound cringe id actually support forcing a new user to watch something that explains some things. Then maybe people wouldnt lose all their dang nfts and keys. Least we could say we tried to help new users. I know we cant save the world, but id support a intro screen where people get educated.

Some people need it. They are to lazy to read or even go to youtube to watch a quick video. Blows my mind cause it costs some people hundred and thousands if not more in loss. Also @ckbubbles makes a interesting point. Setting it up in governance for people able to do it is one thing. I think it should then be voted on by community further for funds or deployment. Making it a staged process to a degree. Not all creators on here care for this community or even being in dcl. As many say @SinfulMeatStick @ArtReYou and I. All one has to do is look at the people and thier names. Look at users past posts and activity on this dao. Some them dont even log in to be with the masses. Some people log in just for one issue cause it affects them. Where were they before or is it only cause it effects thier money or self interest? Personal opinion but a ethical creator logs in and uses the platform he creates on. He watches what it does and how its used. Abandonment and siphoning makes things a leech and a rug. We have enough them in this space. I might be biased tho I remember some the reasons people entered crypto space to begin with it wasnt all money.


Hmm can someone from the Foundation weigh in on this? Are yall even open to this sort of leasing of Plazas or are you holding them in reserve for future events like Artweek?

If plazas are now fair game, I think its important to lay out a structure for how their use is decided and development awarded. I support Last Slice’s marketplace plaza project, but it caused a lot of conflict with butter and others in the forum over who was building it and for how much money.

I think a formal process for community brainstorming/ideation, then proposals or bids from developer teams, and the awarding of the developer contract would be good to set up now before other proposals come forward to develop plazas similar to Last Slice’s.


I don’t think you spoke to @michi before hijacking this concept @Seanny

It’s really weird to me that someone who has 0 involvement with the community on a weekly or monthly basis is actively seeking to speak for the community and feels like taking advantage of the community. The intentions have not been clear ever from this user. The only place I have seen this user interact with the “community” is in the DAO. Not at parties, not at clubs, not at games, not at social gatherings. Just in the governance sector.

I agree with the sentiments that this should be left with the original initiation and not underhanded by someone who hasn’t proven their intentions with their VP yet. Just feels weird and not genuine.

I apologize if this comes off as hostile. However, I am a firm believer that voices speak louder than VP in situations like these. I’m passionate about this community and its future and it’s not within my character to keep silent when I see suspicious stuff that could hinder the community.


@MorrisMustang @dax @pablo why would we want the very person who abused their own vp and got caught with their pants down trying to vote themselves money front run this kinda proposal.People like this are a cancer. These dudes you can almost bet will be trying to do shifty bs later to control things and draw profits. Ill throw that shade. They could of reached out to someone in the community without a tarnished reputation to try and change things. OR @michi did you collab thought share with these individuals. If not they are trying to use your good will as a subject and pervert its direction. The same way modern politicians do in our current theater.

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You have already been abusing your VP to manipulate the DAO. You don’t have a right to speak for the community IMO. You can back-peddle as much as you would like and try to convince people you have good intentions, but I will NEVER support any poll, grant, initive or project with your name or your companies name attached to it.

Actions speak much louder than carefully chosen words, and your actions have been gross. Please don’t try to speak for the community when you don’t even know us.

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This is governance though, not grant proposals. This if/when escalated further will become binding governance, that cannot be revoked.

I will once again, suggest to those considering or have voted yes for this, DYOR on the parties bringing this forward. See how their actions have impacted the community, and have created larger conversations around ethics and abuse of the DCL DAO.

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I understand why @Seanny is being met with some hostility for this proposal. Personally I condemn his actions when it comes to overpowered voting, but he has been part of the conversation for fixing the system that allowed this abuse if that counts for anything.

Also, I don’t like that yall are gatekeeping being part of the community. Just because someone is not part of your community doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the larger DCL community. Seanny is very active in the DCL Connect discord and has built more than a few high quality builds in Decentraland.

This proposal is merely to start having a formal conversation over what to do with Plazas which to me, seems pretty neutral and very important to avoid future abuse/conflict. There’s nothing malicious in starting a conversation regardless of who proposes it.


yeah i really agree with this - there needs to be a lot less emotion and a lot more reason when it comes to debating proposals. if you agree with a proposal what does it matter where it came from? if you disagree with a proposal the same applies.

voting based on assumption of intent is not valid imo, nor is attacking the person and not the idea.

i think everyone can do better here, but we need to give each other the opportunity to do so

edit: this is in reply to @ile’s previous post, not sure why that is not showing up


Normally, I’d agree with you. Proposals should generally stand on their own merits, regardless of who brings them to the table.

In the case of MetaArchs, their history, as best as I can tell, consists solely of ramming proposals through to their benefit, including grant requests for what should already be paid clients, which may indicate that they’re using the DAO to subsidize their costs so that they can undercut bids. One of the other reasons for heat in this thread is because Michi already had this same general idea, but tabled it, and now MetaArchs is pretending like this is their original idea, which just smacks of clout chasing to me. These are the kinds of vultures that will eventually pick DCL clean if left unchecked.

If you don’t think that Metaarchs is going to eventually pervert and abuse this situation in their favor, I have a jpeg of a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


@ile have they tho? Imagine im a consulting and building firm and i tell you yea go ahead hire us we we can guarantee you a build for this. Also with our vp we will get you funding if you need vp for your future proposals. On the back end you can just pay us out of that as well if we cant get the funds. I know they took out thier fee on the skankfest proposal after being called out. To come back and vote on it again fee removed is still very questionable and makes me once again question thier ethics. If the people here want something they do usually come together to pass it. I try not to make it personal but its sus. Ive seen dao campaigns and ive seen whales use vp for self interests. I got nothing against whales but we should take heed of what im saying above less we collapse like Rome. Also it does matter when a party acts sus and tries to use someone else reputation as clutch. Its a false narrative and misdirect. You can look at their voting history and see the things they are trying to pass. Wanting a jury or second team for dao revoking. Making it harder for bad actors to get repercussions. Passing partner collaborations. Taking something Michi has been working on and proposing it to try and gain support after blow back. Clear as day to me. The masses can decide as in all things the majority are at the mercy of the few.

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I think people should take a step back and view the actions leading to this current situation. This poll does nothing but pit one side against another. Look at the answer selections, either yes community, or no community. No one is going to vote no, that’s against community.

This is all on a topic that was ALREADY a pre proposal poll that PASSED, and should be escalated by the original parties. Not new parties seeking to co opt someone else’s work and discussions. How you be a part of community, is by working with community. Not going behind peoples backs in the community to present your own poll, and then comment thanking the original poster for starting the work, as if they are connected or working together. Which they are not.

So I’m confused why there’s such a struggle for one or the other, when the clear response from all should be invalid, as these conversations are already being discussed. So why start a new poll to say let’s start discussions? We’ve even seen the discussions in action in grant proposals as well.

So I continue ask why this, why now, and why lead by this party?

The gatekeeping of community I see right now, is thru the moves the party that put this poll forward is making. When community cannot have a say on their own DAO proposals because of unstoppable amounts of VP — that will carry over into EVERYTHING that party does.

This is all making a mockery of the DAO and its ethics. The actions I am seeing, seek to divide us. And is making this a game for those who can pull strings.

I highly suggest those involved with conversations, to check the manipulation that is actively going on. And see where within that you might sit.


I voted yes on Michi’s proposal and I voted yes on this proposal. I think the passing of Last Slice’s market changed the scope of the issue from using parts of genesis plaza to 3rd party teams being able to lease and redevelop the entirety of the other 8 plazas.

I just think this is important to talk about and I wasn’t around for or aware of any of the discussions that may have happened about Michi’s original poposal after it passed.

This may all be for nothing if the Foundation isn’t willing to lease other plazas or let events happen inside genesis plaza’s existing spaces.


I feel like I’m in the same boat ile… I wasn’t active in the DAO when Michi submitted his proposal on the subject, and I’d like to see him push this forward. I’m going to set aside my own opinions here and hope that we as a greater community can conduct ourselves in civil discourse, and if not, then let’s let our community decide the next step. Because maybe a lot of us weren’t around voting when Michi submitted his proposal…but we are now :eyes:

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What I’m totally in, is that plazas should never be used for individuals benefit but for the community, that said, even in the worst case, I think Decentraland will be better if those plazas have interactive content and more developed experiences.

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Im make a statement and i dont care if on this thread looks like im crying or being unpleasant. When you self appoint yourself a point of interest and then go and try vote yourself money. Rescind it but still go to make sure your client gets paid over majority vote and self raising. You make mockery of the community and what this dao stands for. Least in my opinion. They literally voted like the dao didnt matter cause they owned enough vp. Our voices meant nothing. It also wasnt just once with skankfest its also here Mental Health Support in DCL. Decentraland is the community that includes 0vp people to even the whales and corporate builders. However doing unethical voting for self gain and collective fund raising will cause blow back. What im saying is small scale if more people cared to come here and track. Im not alone in my views on this. Just more vocal. I cant wait to see the parcel statistics of how many actually attend the events. I know this is a different issue but the character of those proposing this should be noted. Its not personal i dont know these people from adam. I dont believe people are beyond redemption I believe people can change. Maybe those proposing this do have good intentions but track record isnt showing it. When you throw your vp around to get things done to counter majority you make a joke of those involved in this. Something if you really look at it the foundation is keen on doing even when they whale they whale with the people usually not against. Something totally different then the team attached to this opening. It amazes me no one ever in the early days proposed caps or percent limits for collective wallets or firms. You want to talk about gatekeeping. If any whale can get enough vp they can literally change the governance this whole platform . Wtf do you call that. Ive been a delegate and on votes before courts in person not just this virtual forum. What im seeing here is the same thing I see outside decentraland. The fact that you think we are gatekeeping when we are voicing out opinion says it all. Fancy Bubbles and Myself have very different views on things. Yet on this issue we feel the same that should say a heck of a lot more then thinking we are gate keeping or being emotional. I to like Pablo said want to see those who come here have experiences, interactive content and developed experiences.If not they will say screw this platform and go else where when others launch. I dont however want people who dont care about those people who will experience those things. Who only seek profits and would vote against them collectively in the dao they are apart of to lead change. Go look at the yays vs nays and who used thier collective vp to pass things. Thats the person you want tied to changing governance and as the front person? Even on the one proposal they were turned down and then you saw more people come to try to revote it through later after the op teams rescindment. The ok it isnt that bad its ok now. I will abstain from all things personally going forward for a while tied to this team.