[DAO:15af7b0] PANGEA PLAZA (Heart of the Fashion District)

by 0x253ca6c07525e5ebfdfa1495f60d99c260a04e6b (akaHORUS)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Through partnership with PangeaDAO, Boson Protocol, WeMeta and YearTwoThousand Design Studios, our combined aim is to create a next level experience for those coming to Decentraland as a citizen or as a business. A fusion of a high end Fashion District combined with elements of an ever evolving city that together will allow for shopping of both virtual and real world physical goods. Our goal is to build the next level in Decentraland attractions. This project will implement a variety of unseen tech for shopping as well as in the realm of user experience that has been in development throughout 2022.

Our Full Proposal can be found in a google doc here: Pangea DCL Grant - Google Документи

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Our Team believes that it is crucial to foster a vibrant ecosystem of businesses, services, and communities to occupy and utilize the land within Decentraland in order to achieve the vision of the Metaverse we all share. While we were seeing an influx of brands entering the space in 2021, many Web2 and even Web3 companies have been hesitant to allocate part of their budget to Metaverse strategy and execution in 2022.
Through a partnership with Boson Protocol and WeMeta, we will create a large-scale case study to demonstrate the utility and potential ROI of a Metaverse strategy that we will share with prospective entrants and the entire DCL community.
While there are many benefits that will come from this grant, the three largest benefits that will be derived are;

  1. Gaining key insights and analytics that will help provide clarity for future brands and services that are looking to enter the space.This case study data will be made available to all Decentraland users.
  2. Providing the brands and services we have partnered with an opportunity to try out the Metaverse free of charge so we can mutually learn from this experience, and share with others.
  3. Creating a next level and ever evolving Metaverse experience for all those coming to Decentraland as both new and veteran users.

To summarize we wish to create a truly impressive space where brands can come together and sell their products and services within DCL in an immersive e-commerce experience that keeps the entire purchasing experience in-world and enables the trust-minimized and automated exchange of on-chain (virtual) and off-chain (physical) assets. As Boson’s Launch Partners, the DCL community would be amongst the first to utilize this technology, and benefit from a buying experience that enables the purchase of physical items as NFTs in a decentralized manner.


The Build

This location will be situated on a 5x5 estate owned by PangeaDAO in the heart of the Fashion District. YearTwoThousand design studios aim to create a single structure city shopping plaza that will be host to a multi-level, multi-purpose experience. Each retail location within this space will be created in conjunction with the designers or business that will be part of the space. This will allow for custom experiences catered to each of those involved while still maintaining an overall aesthetic throughout. This multi-tiered structure will feature a clean futuristic luxury aesthetic on its upper levels that will be attractive to business and guests alike, whilst the lower levels will transition into a more future cyberpunk feel to cater to a variety of interests and business types.

At launch, we will feature a dozen locations for real world business partners as well as a dozen locations for Decentraland creators. In addition to dedicated spaces for our business partners and DCL creators, we will also build several shared spaces and features including: A main art gallery that will be host to a variety of artwork both from the community and abroad.

Two separate club venues that will be used to host regular events featuring a variety of entertainment and will be at the disposal of each of our partners to use for launch events, as well as any events they would like to host. We will provide a management team on site to help with creating all events and locations within the plaza. Various lounges throughout the plaza will be customized for certain communities that will have both NFT gated entry as well as open entry for all. Featuring multiple levels with various NPCs that will be able to give guest information about tech functions and locations within the plaza. Interactive coding for things such as an interactive in-world closet to see what your friends or others are wearing and link directly to the marketplace, A private messaging system to chat in-world with various levels of privacy. Transportation systems to easily maneuver throughout the plaza and much more tech still in development. Various gardens and points of interest throughout including in the heart of the plaza as well as lush rooftop locations. One of the fundamental points of this build will be to regularly update new activities, installations, business locations and entertainment to ensure that this will be a location that guests will want to return to regularly as well as a place that our partners feel confident in showing friends and clients alike.


PangeaDAO is a Metaverse real estate trust that acquires, develops, and commercializes land in virtual worlds. Pangea’s investment, development, and consulting arms work to create a more equitable and accessible Metaverse for individuals, collectives, and brands. Pangea has specifically focused on developing a more vibrant ecosystem within Decentraland.

YearTwoThousand (Y2K) is a metaverse design studio specializing in designing, building and operating all things needed for a fully rounded metaverse experience. From virtual wearables that can be implemented in various metaverses to full scale builds that suit a range of needs and uses. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of coding and building our goal is to be on the forefront of creating the next stage of the metaverse.

Boson Protocol is a Web3 infrastructure using NFTs encoded with game theory. By tokenizing physical items and their data, and allowing them to be sold seamlessly online, Boson enables new commercial experiences for brands and consumers in Web3. It allows consumers to purchase virtual or in-game goods as NFTs, which can then be redeemed for their real-world equivalents, connecting reality and the metaverse.

WeMeta is the data layer for the Metaverse. Through our analytics engine, API, and in-game plugins - we help Metaverses understand what is driving value in their games, how their players are engaging, and surface tools to drive those insights to builders, brands, and communities.

Roadmap and milestones

Q4 2022:
Reach agreements with participating brands and partners
Begin 3D modeling

Q1 2023:
Complete architecture and design
Code and deploy builds
Onboard participating brands and DCL creators
Open to the public

Q2 2023:
Publish case study based on traffic analytics obtained through WeMeta, commerce data through Boson Protocol, and survey from all participating partners
Recruit additional participating brands and DCL creators

Q3 2023:
Continue to build out the structure in tandem with onboarding new brands and creators

The full Budget breakdown can be found in our linked document:

Architect+Builder: 100 monthly hours at $32 per hour ($3200 per month)

Project Management: 100 monthly hours at $25 per hour ($2500 per month)

Coding and weekly updates & maintenance to scene: 80 monthly hours at $40 per hour ($3200 per month)

Marketing/Social and Community Management: 50 monthly hours at $30 per hour ($1500 per month)

Case Study: 150 hours at $40 per hour ($6000 total)

Thank you for taking the time to check out the summarized proposal and please check out the full proposal linked above with additional information and details.

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FULL PROPOSAL INFO: Pangea DCL Grant - Google Docs

Info on all those involved from real world businesses to DCL creators for those that overlook the full proposal. Please take the time to read our full proposal in the link connected above.

Who Are We?

  • PangeaDAO is a Metaverse real estate trust that acquires, develops, and commercializes land in virtual worlds. Pangea’s investment, development, and consulting arms work to create a more equitable and accessible Metaverse for individuals, collectives, and brands. Over the past year, Pangea has specifically focused on developing a more vibrant ecosystem within Decentraland, below are a few of the initiatives we’ve led:

  • YearTwoThousand (Y2K) is a metaverse design studio specializing in designing, building and operating all things needed for a fully rounded metaverse experience. From virtual wearables that can be implemented in various metaverses to full scale builds that suit a range of needs and uses. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of coding and building our goal is to be on the forefront of creating the next stage of the metaverse.

    • Designed, built, coded and produced Pangea’s 2022 MVFW event, which was the most attended event of fashion week featuring a large list of Decentraland creators as well as musical guests such as Max Volante and others.
    • Designed, built, coded and produced the 2022 MVFW Summer Gala to contribute to the continued large scale events in DCL and to highlight the most talented and consistent designers of the year. (this was done pro bono)
    • Our team has produced dozens of wearables currently on the Decentraland marketplace as well as having made Virtual wearables and Avatars for other metaverses such as Spatial, Monaverse and Neos.
    • Team akaHORUS, SYMES, Parzival Kazuto, Dreamz, Matty Matrix, Mattimus.
  • Boson Protocol is a Web3 infrastructure that automates digital to physical redemptions with minimized arbitration, using NFTs encoded with game theory. By tokenizing physical items and their data, and allowing them to be sold seamlessly online, Boson enables new commercial experiences for brands and consumers in Web3. It allows consumers to purchase virtual or in-game goods as NFTs, which can then be redeemed for their real-world equivalents, connecting reality and the metaverse.

    • Featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Forbes, Mail Online, Nasdaq, Coindesk, South China Morning Post.
    • Boson has a 12x12 estate in Decentraland located at -80,108.
  • WeMeta is the data layer for the Metaverse. Through our analytics engine, API, and in-game plugins - we help Metaverses understand what is driving value in their games, how their players are engaging, and surface tools to drive those insights to builders, brands, and communities.

    • Implemented in Decentraland, The Sandbox, Worldwide Webb, Somnium Space, League of Kingdoms, Superworld
    • Backed by Defi Alliance, Delphi Digital, Digital Currency Group, Galaxy Interactive, Hashed, Skyvision Capital.
    • WeMeta’s robust data insights and accessible UI make it easier than ever to interface with digital worlds. WeMeta will provide real time price, volume, usage, and traffic statistics to monitor the results of this initiative.

Other Participating Players

  • We recognize the importance of bringing on the right businesses and brands to ensure the success of this initiative. Listed below are the partners we have already signed up for this project. We are open to connecting with other potential partners as well, however, this may have an impact on the size of the grant.
    • SquiggleDAO unites people through a shared passion and appreciation for the Chromie Squiggle to learn, connect, and benefit from the continued growth of the art. Through this partnership, the DAO will provide installations throughout the build in addition to a gallery providing opportunities to purchase exclusive Squiggles and limited edition merch.
    • NFL Rivals lets fans buy NFT players cards and packs using both cryptocurrency and fiat via credit cards. In the Pangea build, NFL rivals will host a showroom for fans to come in, learn about virtual playing card games and purchase NFT playing card packs.
    • Nitro Nation is a mobile game that lets you own, buy, sell, and trade car NFTs partnered with some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world including VolksWagen, Mazda, Jaguar and more. Nitro Nation will host a virtual showroom displaying some of their newest models as well as provide fans opportunities to purchase these models as NFTs which will eventually be useable in various virtual worlds.
    • Freehouse Gin is an at-home gin making kit allowing anyone to bring the brewery back to their house. Freehouse Gin will have a virtual brewery in the Pangea build displaying how their kit works in tandem with providing a channel to purchase their set up.
    • Conscious Content is a film studio creating groundbreaking documentaries outlining social issues perpetuated throughout our society today. Conscious Content’s display in the Pangea build will present screenings of some of their documentaries as well as an avenue to purchase NFTs to allow for exclusive content and early showings of their upcoming films.
    • Sitka World is creating the next mainstream multimedia fantasy franchise that impacts people with a powerful, beautiful story as well as incorporating technologies that allow for a more immersive experience than ever seen in fantasy before.
    • MetabrewSociety is a community that provides every NFT holder is entitled to claim an annual beer allowance of 160 to 240 cans of (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) beers brewed by the MetaBrewery. MetaBrewSociety will have a virtual brewery within the build and provide channels to mint their NFT membership as well as one off beer purchases.
    • House of Fox is an up and coming independent streetwear brand that issues NFTs in parallel to every item purchased in their catalog. House of Fox will have a virtual pop-up store displaying their latest collection and opportunity to buy the NFTs which will come with physical versions of those products.
    • Genieology is a marketing agency based in Dubai who focus on storytelling for brands through the creation of magical and unique experiences. They have worked with brands such as Jose Cuervo, HSBC, MasterCard, and Yas Island. Their installation in the Pangea build will provide a channel to see the opportunities of the experiences that the Metaverse can provide these brands and others in their portfolio.
    • Dover Motor Speedway is a race track based in Dover, Delaware that has hosted at least one Nascar race a year since 1969 amongst other races throughout the year. Dover Motor Speedway’s storefront will provide opportunities for Metaverse patrons and Nascar fans to purchase tickets for upcoming races as well as exclusive merch.
    • Moses Family Jerky was started in 2013 with the goals of bringing a disruptively fresh and bite sized sliced meat beef jerky to the consumer. They have expanded from farmers markets in the York County, PA area to include grocery stores and gas stations from Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore, MD and are now looking to take on the final frontier - the Metaverse.
  • DCL Creators
    • Virtewel / vur-choo-uhl / jewelry and wearables for metaverses and augmented experiences is the premier jewelry designer for Decentraland. His pieces have been featured in a wide variety of events during 2022 including an installation at The MVFW Summer Gala 2022 as well as winning 1st place in two Sandstorm builders competitions.
    • Roustan is one of the original artists of Decentraland creating wonderful awe inspiring art pieces using paint and the human body as well as having his own line of wearables dating back to 2021. Casa Roustan has been a regular party location for great events.
    • Babydolls are the premier group of feminine energy in the metaverse. Tangpoko and the Babydolls have been providing Decentraland’s community with multiple events to attend each and every week at The Dollhouse since the start of 2022. Always creating something new and always expanding their goals, they are a driving force within the Decentraland community.
    • MetaJewels has always been a Decentraland designer to look out for. With a wide variety of jewelry and accessories that consistently maintain a high quality standard, MetaJewels has been a staple of the Decentraland fashion community since the inception of their brand.
    • GoldGuy, one of the founders of B-verse with an extensive wearable line, has been a fundamental member of Decentraland continuing to shape the landscape and pushing forward at all times. With one of the largest fashion lines under his belt, there is always more to come from this designer.
    • Doctor Dripp has a signature style combining streetwear and the vibrant neons of the metaverse. Consistently putting out new pieces for his fans in 2022, his signature style can be easily spotted throughout Decentraland and is always a quality piece worth adding to your closet.
    • SuperNina adds a vibrant, celestial approach to Decentraland fashion. SuperNina and her team at SuperMind have been making a rounded collection of wearables, emotes, and installations in 2022 that never cease to impress. From fitted space suits to full on inhabitable moving installations this collection always has a wonderful new surprise around the next corner.
    • Stoney Eye is a staple and a pillar within Decentraland. Stoney Eye has been entertaining the Decentraland community with his DJ sets across every venue imaginable. With his signature vibes and a wearable collection to match there is always something great to catch up on with Stoney.
    • Kazuto is the premier sneaker brand of Decentraland and can be spotted easily at any event. With multiple collections released in 2022 and much more to come, KAZUTO continues to push the envelope of streetwear sneakers in the metaverse.
    • Y2K is a bespoke brand made by akaHORUS and features collections of 1 of 1 wearables as well as mythics that come in a line of 10 items only. These pieces try to approach the fashion scene from a perspective of quality over quantity and will be bringing some unseen patterns and texture to the metaverse in 2023.
  • Other partners

If you or someone you know would like to be involved in this project, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to discuss implementing your project into the location or adding you onto the project management team.

Hey all, from the proposal I don’t yet understand what this will bring to the community as a new development? I understand that a lot of significant contributors to the community are involved - but the majority already have their great locations to create, exhibit and organise.

How would creating a new district add to the experience or increase engagement? Also, is this plan to give benefit to existing community members or attract new users? If the latter, what is the communications/outreach strategy?

(Appreciate all you already do for DCL - these questions are to understand better the current proposal and grant required)

Hey there bay thank you for reaching out with your questions. If you read the link to our full proposal there is a section included that is dedicated to community benefits.
We are providing DCL creators with a space that they can create their own retail location for FREE and this will be an effort that is constantly worked on and evolving to keep people coming back week after week. This wont be a location like so many locations that are just set up and left alone to be empty or inactive.
We wouldnt be creating a new district this would be building out a large estate that is already owned within the middle of the Fashion district. The fashion district is mainly unused and inactive and has only had retail spaces active within it during fashion week of march 2022 so our goal is to bring life the area by having a full time year round location that is vibrant and filled with active Decentraland creators as well as real world businesses.
Some of the people involved do have their own locations but merging them all into a single location that is a living breathing space will act as a main hub of sorts that people will always be able to return to for new activities, information and as a place to always find active users to hang out with and speak to.
We have global partners in marketing and will be leveraging these connections to create large scale advertising campaigns to actually start promoting Decentraland across the globe which hasnt been done yet in any meaningful way.
We have done analysis on many different aspects of decentraland over the past year from the marketplace to the proper way to utilize DAO funds to create projects that actually on board new users into the space in a lasting way.
Overall this will benefit Decentraland’s currents users and creators as well as creating a projects and campaign to majorly attract new users to the space as ell in a location that people can come to and get a taste for all that Decentraland has to offer before they venture out into the larger world overall.
Many of our partners do have their own locations but new users have no way of knowing how to or where to go to find these so our location will provide a unified platform for all to access and find all that is great about Decentraland.

Hopefully that answered a few questions you may have had and feel free to clarify if I missed anything.
Appreciate you reaching out.


Although the team is made up of talented individuals and great partners, I am voting NO for this proposal for the following reasons:

  1. An Immersive Marketplace proposal by Last Slice is already in the works to meet your marketplace objective. All creators will have a tent at this marketplace for FREE, so why re-create the wheel? The only aspect different would be the real physical goods capability. Maybe work with Last Slice to see how you can incorporate this feature into their 20x20 marketplace?
  2. Can I suggest a small mixer event with your partners (Squiggle/NFL Rivals) so the community can get an understanding of their engagements/potential benefit to the ecosystem? Nothing fancy, but at least so we can see if these brands will stick around and their pull.
  3. What will the in-depth analysis case study entail? What about analyzing what we already saw in 2022? Plus, it sounds like its only being analyzed over the activity at this plaza. I would be interested to see what the team already concluded on Decentraland, as a whole. What conclusions have you made from the March and Summer Pangea DAO events? I feel theres at least some starting brand activations and data to show why companies should/should not have a metaverse strategy from 2022.

The budget overall seems reasonable for 10 months of work, I’m just trying to justify if we really need this plaza. Maybe start with a smaller grant to show the benefit of Pangea DAO for Q1 2023?

I am open to discussion though if I misunderstood any parts of your document or if anyone disagrees with me.



Hello Maryana
Glad to hear from you and definitely appreciate the feedback, although I do think some of these opinions come from a perspective of Decentraland that has contributed to the repeated devaluation of Decentraland over the past year unfortunately.

  1. Although there is a another group creating a project with similar aspects that in no way means that one location is simply enough to help DCL succeed or that the projects are even broadly similar. They are both marketplaces, but essentially every location within Decentraland has retail aspects in one form or another. The aspect you quickly overlook of selling real world goods from inside of DCL is no small feat and the partnership with Boson Protocol is a large and valuable partnership to all those involved and especially to the growth of Decentraland. The proposal you mentioned has plans for a very specific type of aesthetic that may appeal to some but also may not appeal to others (especially businesses) and while it seems like a great project, ours brings a completely different set of tech, businesses and communities to the space. Variety is part of what will help Decentraland grow and holding the perspective of one person has done it so no one else needs to is a quick route to a downward trajectory that we repeatedly see happen with the DAO unfortunately. Competition breeds growth and improvement and is overall a great thing that is needed to create progress.

2.We would definitely be glad to have as many public events or spaces as possible to get more people acquainted with all of the partners involved and will be aiming to be as transparent as possible with the community on having regular meetups and events while the project is being built. The variety of real world brands is done to onboard as many different community types as possible. Our intention was to have much more transparency and public forums for people to get to know more about the project but with the grant deadline being implemented we had to make a few concessions in order to get the proposal submitted and this meant having to skip some spaces and public meetings we were going to hold originally. Definitely agree with this though.

  1. Our team has analyzed various aspects of DCL over the past year including marketplace analytics, DAO proposals, the grants program and what is needed from the DAO to help in Decentraland’s future success. Many people hold the opinion that users have been wasting money from the DAO and that too much is being spent on proposals. While on one level this may have a bit of truth with certain projects extracting value and providing little value in return, large scale projects such as ours are on the opposite end of the spectrum from that. The reality of the matter is that Decentraland needs to be spending MUCH more money in more efficient ways if it is to be of any success. There are currently no advertising campaigns, very little social media presence and very little global reach in any form related to DCL. Partnering with real world companies from around the world as well as global marketing agencies are all part of what is needed and are part of what we are intending to bring to our project. This isn’t something that is made to get anyone rich or to launch our own individual businesses. This project is made as a smaller form of what DCL needs to do as a whole. Our team will be working full time on this but the budget we have applied for only covers half of what our true expenses will be so this is also coming out of our teams pocket to make it happen as we all believe in the potential of Decentraland. As for the case study this can only be implemented within our location because it is only intended to show aspects of what we can directly control and is where we will be able to implement the WeMeta code to gain access to detailed analytics. Decentraland Foundation itself could release a world wide case study themselves if they applied themselves to the task and quite frankly should be something that they do regularly. Our project is an attempt to motivate and prove a proof of concept with real and ACCURATE analytics as many projects in the past have intentionally used false numbers and have been very dishonest about their analytics for events to improve their appearances.

I do appreciate the feedback 100% and hope that our view of things aren’t too much at odds with how you view Decentraland. We have put a lot of work into the project and have provided large scale events at our own costs in the past in hopes of proving our abilities to the community. I’m glad you took the time to respond as it will help us make sure we are taking everyone’s opinions into consideration and hopefully we can use it to improve in the future.

Thanks again and see you soon :slight_smile:


I’d like to revisit this proposal after the pause in grants has taken place. I think the long-term sustainability of the DAO needs to be our top priority right now. For this I’m voting no…this vote is in the best interest of the DAO, not reflective of your specific proposal.


Hey Canessa,
Would you have any specifics or analytic perspectives on how you think the DAO is supposed to operate?
From our data the constant hesitation and lack of support on professional projects is what has been directly contributing to the decline of DCL, as creators of the projects put massive effort into them just to have them shut down from those with VP but without being builders or data analyst experience.
It would be great to be able to get your perspective on what you think the risk/reward factors are in the future of the DAO.
The original vesting contract was designed in quite an intelligent way that accounts for spending all of the funds each year. I don’t believe the intention of the DAO grant structure is to create a sustainable loan model for the DAO to profit from (hence the term Grant) I think the intention is for it to give a 10 year runway to create as much infrastructure as possible for DCL.
I can appreciate the perspective of wanting to wait until the DAO grant structure is reworked but it would be great to get your perspective on your sustainability concept for the grant structure.

Thanks for the comment and hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Horus,

I think there’s some great conversations that are going to arise during the grant pause, and while they may be difficult, they are necessary. I do not see the future of the DAO as certain as you describe. My biggest concern is that the Decentraland DAO is the largest seller of Mana… From the initial grant pause poll:

Currently, our grants programs are distributed in USD Value; meaning for each grant we approve, we usually sell the USD-Dollar Equivalent of MANA from our treasury to fund the said grants, which means the more grants we approve, the more sell pressure we are placing on MANA, as an asset.

As we increase sell pressure through the process of funding grants from our treasury, we open doors to potentially drop the price of MANA further, which further limits our available liquidity (in USD), and in turn places further pressure on both the treasury and the price of MANA as an asset.

Last week I counted 19 open grant proposals for a total of more than $1.9 Million dollars. While I would love to see every creative grant passed, I also think it’s prudent to look carefully at the types of grants we are allowing to be funded. I would hate to see 18 entertainment grants passed and only 2 game grants, or vice versa. With specific parameters in place, we could ensure that we are approving a variety of grants so that we are still building, but in a robust and diversified way.

Since you mention the “decline of DCL” can I ask you how you measure that? Is it the price of mana? Loss of players? Loss of land value? If anything, a decline of DCL is due to poor performance of our operating system, and less about which grants are funded (if we are defining a decline by less DAU). I personally do not currently see Decentraland as declining, but defining who we are going to be in the future.

There are a lot of moving parts put into the Grant Pause, and I encourage anyone who’s interested or opposed to the pause to read the initial grant:

Please let me know if you have more questions Horus, I’m trying my best to educate myself on the issue and I welcome this constructive dialogue :slight_smile:


Hey Canessa
Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to respond so we have as many perspectives as possible to take into consideration. I understand the perspective of the DAO being the largest seller of mana and don’t deny its a balancing act to keep things afloat. I’m not fully sure that stringency is the best way to build an ecosystem in this case specifically but I understand that take of it.

As for the decline of DCL I was referring to all of the above yes, and while I also agree the limitations of the platform are a major issue, the grants are at least something that we can actively make change with, whereas the platform is in the Foundations development.

We knew we would have an uphill battle with the grant pause coming so Its not totally unexpected to have votes against. Hopefully we can improve on our plan or transparency so people can feel confident in voting for our project in the future if grants return in an accessible way.

Was there anything that was part of our actual grant that you felt was lacking or was this more specifically just towards pausing grants in general at this time? Any feedback would be great on that end.

Thank you for responding again Canessa, see you soon :slight_smile:


Honestly your proposal looks great and is definitely worthy of a grant . However the timing and sentiment is at all time low for the DAO grant structure and DCL as a whole.

You can see this reflected in large VP holders voting no for most proposals regardless if they have merit or not .

To put it bluntly : Probably in a couple of months when Bitcoin starts moving again with the halving around the corner , the whole crypto market will wake up from its slumber and everyone will be bullish again and start voting YES on many projects . My 2 cents :sweat_smile:

Also was nice having you at sugar club in last year . Cheers

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Vote: YES

I am impressed with the depth and breadth of the team assembled for this grant. The members of which have consistently delivered on projects. I do think it is important to have more than one in world marketplace experience. There is a benefit from multiple approaches to the same problem.

Regarding downward sell pressure caused by granting funds, that needs to be solved a different way. Ceasing innovation is not the answer. I voted against the pause. It is imperitive that we build during this time especially during this time so that we have experiences and locations with rich development when the market turns positive again. There will be another bull run. Let’s do the work with grants like this to be ready when it hits.

When times are tight innovators and entreprenuers sometimes must turn to the pocketbook of last resort. The Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps are classic examples of the Federal govt. spending money to accomplish tasks and finish needed projects. In our case the pocketbook of last resort is the DAO.

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As a supporter of Pangea, I voted YES. I understand the sentiment re: DAO pausing, but there is a fine balance between squashing development and preventing coin losing value and flooding market. This is not a big ask for funding.

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PANGEA PLAZA (Heart of the Fashion District)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 2% 154,581 VP (101 votes)
  • No 98% 6,924,307 VP (150 votes)

Hey @Canessa is this something we could revist now?

Good time to revisit??

2- Platform #

Platform grantees create tools and applications that extend the power of the Decentraland platform or provide alternative ways to explore Decentraland’s ecosystem.


  • Build in the public, publishing open source code and documentation.

Performance metrics:

  • The number of contributions made to the main repository of code.
  • Publish the tool or application to the production environment and provide usage metrics.

It would probably need to be submitted into in-world content which is currently out of budget this quarter

Nice thank you for sharing @jar0d haha I should have started by looking for updates there.

I will discuss with our community and look for a way to keep growing with Decentraland!

The categories can be confusing to navigate, and it has become fairly common for people to have a grant successfully pass and be revoked for being in the wrong category.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could adjust your project to fit into the platform category, I just think it would take a little work.