[DAO:997e515] Integrating Decentraland with Leading E-commerce Platforms

by 0xea5fed1d0141f14de11249577921b08783d6a360 (GabeDG)

Should the following $150,000 grant in the Accelerator category be approved?


Our proposal aims to create a seamless integration between Decentraland and major e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. This will enable brands to establish and manage their virtual stores in Decentraland, offering users an immersive shopping experience that blends the convenience of online shopping with the excitement of exploring physical retail spaces

Grant size

150,000 USD

Project duration

12 months

Beneficiary address


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E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, but it has also taken away the joy of exploring retail spaces with friends and family. Our project aims to bring back this experience by integrating Decentraland with leading e-commerce platforms. Brands will be able to connect their online stores to their Decentraland scenes, allowing users to browse products, add items to their carts, and complete purchases within the metaverse. This not only benefits users but also provides brands with a new revenue stream and an opportunity to engage customers in a unique, immersive environment.

In order to develop the e-commerce integration with Decentraland, we will begin by exporting the brand’s product catalog, which contains essential information such as price, color, variations, and availability. To create a visually appealing shopping experience within the metaverse, we will dynamically remove the background of each product image.

The web dashboard will enable brands to easily manage their virtual stores. They can select products from their catalog to offer for sale and decide where to place them within their Decentraland scene. We will have a set of 3D modules in which the products will be displayed nicely and in which the users will be able to interact as if they were inside the store for real.

To make shopping as smooth as possible, we will develop a comprehensive module for creating an unique account which would work with any ecommerce that integrates this module, adding items to a user’s cart and checking out directly within the metaverse. This module will handle all aspects of the shopping process, from browsing products to confirming the order.

Furthermore, we will create a set of API methods to seamlessly integrate with the brand’s existing e-commerce platform. These API methods will enable the automatic creation of orders on the brand’s e-commerce system and facilitate the payment process for users. This integration ensures that brands can efficiently manage their virtual and physical store sales while providing users with a secure and convenient shopping experience in Decentraland.

These are a couple of reasons of why we believe this would really benefit decentraland:

Shopping User Experience: Integrating e-commerce within Decentraland will give users a reason to spend more time in the metaverse. Users can explore virtual stores and shop with friends from around the world.

Attracting Brands and Driving Monetization: Decentraland can attract more brands looking to establish a presence in the metaverse. This, in turn, creates new revenue streams for Decentraland, as well as for the brands themselves, through virtual store sales and potential advertising opportunities.

Leverage on metaverse E-commerce: E-commerce is predicted to become one of the main sources of revenue in the metaverse by 2030, offering an integrated e-commerce solution can help solidify this business vertical.

In other words, this product can generate experiences inside the metaverse which are not dependant on time, users can join at any time and shop around. At the same time, it allows brands to develop content inside decentraland and find a way to actually monetize them to keep on building and not just doing one marketing activation and leave an empty scene.

Roadmap and milestones

  • Develop a web dashboard for e-commerce managers to select products and configure their virtual stores
  • Implement the metaverse component to enable users to browse and purchase products within Decentraland
  • Launch a pilot program with select brands to test the integration
  • Gather feedback and refine the integration based on user and brand experiences
  • Full-scale launch and onboarding of additional brands
  • Continual updates and improvements based on evolving user and brand needs

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I really like the idea, I see it as very solid and attractive where both parties win and can generate income and accessibilities much faster, being able to explore the metaverse with your friends and at the same time being able to buy seems like a great idea. I also think it is a very good time to incorporate them. As the years go by, the metaverse becomes more important, so the more brands there are and the sooner they are accessible, the more beneficial it will be. In short, I really like the idea, you can bring brands to the metaverse, where people can roam, have fun and see everything the metaverse has, with the ability to buy quickly and easily.

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A low friction ecommerce system in Decentraland would be amazing.
I’ve worked with Gabe and team, and use products they’ve built. I’ve always had a positive experience, and they do great work. I’m excited to see how this could help push the space forward and improve the end user shopping experience within Decentraland.

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Gabe is an excellent professional and has already shown his abilities when developing for Decentraland. In fact, his panel (shown on DAO town halls) is already a game changer for creating content on Decentraland. He clearly has the knowledge.

On the other hand, integration for e-commerce is something that we currently lack and it’s crucial to have an experienced team who can integrate all of this into Decentraland, making a consistent payment gateway/shopping experience.

Brands today don’t have the tools to monetize easily in Decentraland, meaning they just engage from a brand perspective and not a business unit. Do we want brands taking their business into Decentraland or just making a scene which is visited one time (and then dies)?

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Will you ask people to type their credit cards infos within Decentraland? ^^’


Hey Kyllian!
Thats a good question!
We are not going to ask people to type their credit cards within Decentraland, but rather generate an oAuth token of a payment provider, store it on the backend and then make a web3 authentification signature from within decentraland for authorizing the usage of that payment gateway token!

Alternatively, we can provide almost the entire shopping experience and only open a new tab for the user to confirm payment. Some payment gateways even allow us to generate QR codes and make the payment using the cellphone.

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Thank you Tobik, really much appreciate it!

I think that today, brands are building on the metaverse only to have an interest thing to say on social media, its fancy to say that they have presence on the metaverse, we have seen how multiple brands step into decentraland, make a one time event full of people, they get the news coverage, social media posting, and then that scene dies cause there is nothing to do if there isnt an on going event.
I think that with this we can provide a new kind of passive experience for users which is always available, its not just a marketing activation, and the brands at the same time can find a way to monetize what they have built inside the metaverse, giving them the chance to allocate a budget to keep improving their scenes or at the same time updating them frequently!

Hi, thank you for your grant proposal. Have some questions:

  1. Why Post-Launch support is only one month ?

  2. What is the business model ? How project will generate revenue ? Can you show fin plan ?

  3. How much funds would require to maintain the project every month/year ? Are you planning to take money for maintenance from revenue or take a new grant for this in future ?

I’m shocked to see you so ready to support such a toxic member of the community. It makes me question your integrity or if perhaps there is some kind of backroom deal between the two of you, given how quickly you commented on this grant request after it was submitted.

Gabe has a clear history of being abusive and hateful and based on your own standards stated in the past, I do not see a reasonable way for you to continue to be such a vocal supporter of someone who has abused his relationship with DG in the past to mint fake ice wearables into the wallets of people he doesn’t like.

I have no even included photos of Gabe falsely causing people of being registered sex offenders, which is possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen any of the people of DCL do while demonstrating themselves unfit to be part of a community.

As for this project, don’t you still need to deliver a meaningful product after your first grant?

What ROI has the DAO seen from that?

Hi web3nit, thank you for your questions!

  1. Post-launch support is only one month cause we expect that e-commerce integration will be sustainable after this initial phase. The fees generated from each sale should be sufficient to cover ongoing mantenance and support.

  2. Our business model consist on charging a comission on each sale made through the e-commerce integration. The comission-based revenue will allow the project to be self-sustainable and scalable. Its hard to provide an exact number since it will depend on the number of brands and sales volumes. We do expect that this solution will attract enough brands to cover the mantainance costs and more.

  3. For the ongoing mantainance in the future, as mentioned before, we expect the fees generated to cover any ongoing costs, we will not be needing any grants for mantenance support in the future. Our main goal is to create a self-sustainable product that an benefit both DCL DAO and brands without relying on future external fundings.

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So you are asking the DAO to finance your for-profit product? Did I miss the section where you will repay the Treasury for these funds once you are generating revenue?

Reducing friction and barriers to entry for capital coming into Decentraland is a goal I most definitely support. There is a concern I have about the IP of the code for this project.

I don’t see any mention of sharing the code developed to integrate these e-commerce platforms. Will the code that your team develops be released under an Apache, MIT, GNU, or equivalent open source license so that other developers, creators, and vendors can benefit from it and possibly improve it?

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Really love this idea! Great team!
Cant wait for it!

Hello Jar0d,
I take responsibility of my actions and i apologize for my behaviour, i did this already publicly on the governance channel weeks ago.
We had engaged on multiple fights for months on both DG & DCL DAOs and i got carried away because of your constant insults, this doesnt justify my actions, but it explains my motivation behind my behaviour. As i already mentioned you in the governance channel, im not engaging with you anymore, i have faith on the new moderation rules that have been created and hope they will take care of this problem without the need of lowering myself to the same level.

I understand that you are upset cause i voted no on your proposal, i have stated clear reasons of why i made that decisition.

Regarding the toxic behaviour, i hope that you can reconsider how you act too, there is no need to be constantly insulting everyone and i think that if you are able to do that, you have the potential to do great things,
Listen to the feedback the community is giving you about the way you interact with other people,

Here are some examples of interactions that do not contribute to the community at all and i do hope that you can move on from that pattern so that we can create a better community for everyone:


We even moved on from the wearables subject after i apologized for that and now you are bringing it back only because i voted no on your proposal




With that been said, regarding your other question, yes please check the proposal again, there is a plan to give back the investment to the DAO and to provide a new source of revenue for the DAO.

Regarding the previous grant, the product has been shown on the town hall meeting, we are expecting to launch by the end of this month and we are very happy with the results! I hope you can give it a try!

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I think you’ve done a marvelous job of demonstrating your character and inability to actually take accountability for your actions or even understand what those words mean in the context of a disagreement.

Hopefully, you will also make sure to reply to my other question about your past grant and what, if any, ROI has been generated for the DAO.

Not only is your character questionable, but you have also already received funding for a project and should demonstrate what value it has created for the community.

I don’t think you understood my question, perhaps you can highlight the spot you believe answers it.

Why should the DAO fund the creation of a project that will continue to pay you a percentage of future sales?

Hello Scott,
Thank you for your support!
This grant is over the accelerator category which doesnt follow the open source requirements thats why i didnt include any reference to it, but nevertheless we would be more than happy to share the code we will develop to be used inside decentraland and inside the ecommerce for making the integration!

Voted “Yes” because this proposal aligns with my vision.

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You understand this is funding for a private project that will continue to pay him for every transaction that uses it, much like a credit card company, right?