DAO Strategy and Roadmap

The DAO is now mature and capable enough to identify its key areas of focus, set clear goals and achieve them. Strategy and Roadmap can help increase DAO its autonomy and efficiency. Some of the elements which can be considered:

  1. DAO must have a clear and transparent governance structure that clearly defines how decisions are made, how voting is conducted, and how members can participate in the decision-making process. The governance mechanism should ensure that decisions are made in a fair, transparent, and democratic manner.

  2. Financial sustainability. DAO can explore new income flows that can cover its costs and ensure long-term viability. This requires a well-designed economic model that aligns the interests of members and stakeholders with the overall goals of the DAO. The DAO should explore ways to incentivize participation and contributions from members, such as through the distribution of profits or other financial benefits. A robust economic model is crucial for the success and longevity of the DAO.

  3. Focus on building a community of active and engaged members who are passionate about the DAO’s mission and are willing to contribute to its growth and success.

  4. Well-designed technical infrastructure that can support its operations and growth. The infrastructure should be scalable, secure, and able to handle large volumes of transactions and data.

  5. The DAO should be transparent in its operations and decision-making, and should be accountable to its members and stakeholders. This includes providing regular updates and reports on the DAO’s activities, finances, and performance.

Please share your ideas in the comments below about whether a DAO should have a strategy and what elements should be included in it.