[DAO:7a5ce47] Advice from experts to prevent false urban sprawl

by 0x7a582b51f09bafbb8fa5d02fb1e033d80bcbbe7c (MetaverseCAC)

Should the following $36,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Hello, as the Metaverse Chief Architects Community team, we have been creating various projects for the Decentraland platform for 2 years and we continue to do so. Our team consists of professional architects, interior designers, designers, and programmers. We have provided services to many different corporate firms in different countries around the world, and we have convinced many companies to create a project on the Decentraland platform. So far, we have been involved in 100 different projects and we have realized all of them on the Decentraland platform. You can visit our website to see our projects: www.metaversecac.com.

Grant size

36,000 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



While designing the projects, we noticed that the Genesis City map was published in a very complex way. There are attached buildings and it is impossible to pass through these buildings. We detected many circulation errors within the map. Avatars can get stuck between buildings while passing through. These bugs can cause players to get bored and leave the game or decrease their time spent in the game. We have found a solution to this problem.

We want to reshape the genesis map with professional architects in our team and an urban planner to include in our team. The most important factor we will consider when replanning the map is that the map is in a comfortable circulation. In this way, avatars will be able to navigate freely between the plots and we will avoid many bugs. There are 3 different maps that we are currently planning. All three maps have different advantages within themselves. Instead of a plain standard and boring map, making a map where many different experiences can turn into an advantage will also excite the landowners. so we can stand out more than other metaverse platforms and open up existing lands to new customers. We can publish the maps we have designed after receiving the payment, and then start voting for the maps. so that the map with the most votes can be started to be published. We will make a fun, trouble-free map that will excite the players, increase circulation.

Roadmap and milestones

  1. Month

• All the problems of the current map will be analyzed.

• The problems found will be listed in order.

• Solutions will be sought on the problems found.

• The solutions found will be listed and work will be started.

• The Genesis map will be redesigned with minimal changes.

  1. Month

• A map will be designed as an alternative to the Genesis map.

• The map will be designed very differently from the physical world.

• Black holes will be added at some points of the map. (Details will be shared after the grant is approved.)

• All the technical drawings of the map will be completed and shared with the Technical team in the form of a dwg file.

  1. Month

• A new map will be designed using architectural techniques.

• The map will technically have a design similar to the city of barcelona.

• It will look very neat in the bird’s eye view

• Different experiences will be available within each divided area.

• It will arouse curiosity in the players.

You will be able to follow all the progress on our website. www.metaversecac.com

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would be cool to see some mockups of what kind of style you image you would pursue.

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how do you propose to change the map?


As a person with an architecture background, I totally get where this proposal comes from. However, such change will create both technical (i.e who will pay and execute the plan? The foundation will not easily do that) and land economic challenges(i.e if you add more circulation space, then maybe some of the lands cannot be put together into an estate and affect their value), and tbh they are more important than planning-related considerations at the moment. It makes more sense if you say you are researching and exploring the future genesis city or a Decentraland parallel metaverse by proposing a new map, than to say you really want to implement it. If you really want to implement it on the current gensis city, you will have to need to prepare a lot lot lot more evidence and be ready to persuade the whole community to take it.

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Voting no for the following reasons.

  1. Month
    • All the problems of the current map will be analyzed.

I feel this should be done beforehand to determine how big of an issue, if at all, it really is before asking for money. How are you able to determine the budget if the entire scope isn’t even created?

avatars will be able to navigate freely between the plots and we will avoid many bugs.

How do you see this being different and how do you envision this working for estates vs parcels?

We can publish the maps we have designed after receiving the payment,

What if the community doesn’t like the maps after you’ve received payments?

All and all this proposal isn’t very clear and doesn’t provide nearly enough information. There was more information about the portfolio of the team builds than there was actual information about the scope of the project.

I think there are far more important and critical issues that need to be addressed aside from the Genesis Map. I personally have never had any issues navigating around parcels. I don’t think there are enough deployments for this to even be an issue. In most populated areas this isn’t an issue. Even if every single parcel was deployed, wouldn’t an easier & cheaper fix be to just add a .5 meter gap in between every scene deployed to act as a “sidewalk” rather than reinventing the wheel?


Im gonna support Nikki on this one, further development of the proposal is needed

Thank you for your comment. We rearranged all 90 thousand parcels through the autocad program. It is debatable in terms of design, but I can guarantee that the avatar will pass through the scenes comfortably and that there will be no bugs. We did not share the design and idea that we are going to show because it could be stolen, but when we get the first prepayment of the grant, we will show all the work and develop it taking into account the criticisms received.

Thank you for your comment. We will edit 1 existing genesis map and alternatively we will design 2 maps. We think that the metaverse map should not be like the world. We will design a map with completely different rules from the world, we need to get a prepayment from the grant before I can share the details.

First of all, thank you very much for your comment. As you know, some large parcels can leave small parcels inside when combined. that is, it swallows small parcels. therefore, access to small parcels lost in large parcels becomes impossible. Avatars do not see them while walking on stage, even if they see them on the map, they cannot reach them by walking directly with their avatar. Our idea is to classify each land according to the number of parcels. To provide more details, the grant must be approved, otherwise we are concerned that our idea will be stolen by someone else.

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i guess what i’m asking is how are you proposing to rearrange the map when it’s made of individually owned parcels? i don’t really see how this is possible without buy-in from the vast majority of landowners - and even then i really don’t see how it would be done

maybe better to spend your resources on developing your own client?

I think you haven’t fully understood the problem that exists. I will share an image with you. Look carefully at the parcel at position -27, -120. If all the lands around it are closed and buildings are built on the lands around it, it will be impossible to reach this land. Now put yourself in the place of the landlord. Would you buy this land? Or would you like to rent? Nobody wants to buy a land that nobody will come to. there are many examples like this. There will be no room for such mistakes in our planning. each land, front, back or right, left will be accessible.

There are lots of problems like this. The main reason for this problem is that the map is not planned. If it is not regulated now, bigger problems will arise due to the denser buildings in the coming days.

Thank you for your comment. First of all, we have explained some problems of the existing map in the description section, you will understand the problem more clearly with the images below this article. These are the problems we have found for now, if the funding is accepted we will pay an expert surveyor and do a very detailed study of the map for a week. At the end of this period, we may encounter different problems.

Here, our priority is to prevent bugs on the map. map circulation and preventing mistakes is our priority. It is very natural that the map is not liked aesthetically, if it is not aesthetically pleasing, we can revise the map 3 times.

remember, no player will waste time on a crashed map. You should consider these to increase the number of players. There are many corporate brands in Decentrland and I think this business should be evaluated more seriously.

I do understand what you mean, but (1) you can teleport to any parcel which makes this a (somewhat) moot point, although i do agree it’s not the best for exploration and (2) you haven’t addressed the biggest issue - these lands are NFTs held by multiple independent parties, i don’t understand what you can do to change the map as it exists in the reference client, ie “mainworld DCL”

so once again, i think it’s better to spend time making your own client with a fresh map

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I am going to vote no for the same reasons that others have mentioned but I have to tell you that Chufy building is one of the most beautiful buildings I have visited in Decentraland!!!

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Thanks for the reply. I understand this specific issue, but I guess my point is: Is this a big issue right now? How many parcels that are deployed right now have this problem? What is the foot traffic for those areas? How does the “architecture skills” come into play here? Wouldn’t this be more of a spacing constraint on the backend rather than an architecture issue? The proposal as a whole is very confusing and not very thorough. I’m not sure how you’re able to budget $36k without knowing the full scope of the project. :pray:

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This is satire, right? You show up to the world’s first decentralized, immutable, uncensorable metaverse and propose centralized changes? Similar to meat space, scenes are not static but dynamic and in a constant state of change, at a faster rate than in the real world given the ease of deploying code over bricks. The moment you’ve reorganized the map, someone can just deploy barriers or coal plants or other blocking items thereby nullifying the work your team did and nobody can stop them without compromising the integrity of the platform. Should probably think about your audience and the value proposition that brought the community here in the first place.

That being said, if you want to roll your own version of Genesis City you can use a worlds server to rearrange the map however you see fit and host your own version of Decentraland. That matches the community ethos a bit better and I’d encourage you to explore that.


Thank you very much for your comment. We do our best to get the best brands to open stores in decentraland.

Thank you for your questions.

  1. We agree that there is a problem right now. We are aware that this problem is a small problem right now, but we think it will be a big problem in the coming years, and if this problem is not dealt with immediately, we can be sure that it will come up with larger budgets in the coming years.

  2. Currently, there are similar problems in over 20 lands that we have identified, but as we have written everywhere, these problems will increase further and cause unfair value losses if these problems are not intervened. and we will see unhappy landowners because of it.

  3. Architects are supported while planning the city in real life, because architects are a professional group that has received various trainings to distribute the density of the city and to distribute the circulation of the areas in a balanced way. Of course, our team will include not only architects, but also city planners and software developers.

  4. You may have seen the grant proposal a lot, but in the long run, it will return a lot to the decentrland platform.

Finally, if the grant is not approved, maybe we can re-evaluate it with a smaller team and a smaller budget in the future.


Thank you for your comment, but without giving details of our plans, how did you think it would be void?