[DAO:7630b61] Genesis city map, 6-month renewal

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Maintain, update, and improve https://genesis.city/, a top-down view map of Decentraland’s world. This is an extension of the previous grant: Genesis city top-down map website and mapping script, 6-month renewal
We’ll keep maintaining the website, running the mapping script weekly, and improving everything according to community feedback.

Grant size

36,300 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



In February 2022, our community approved a Decentraland DAO grant that enabled us to create, update and make freely available to the community a top-down view map of genesis city. You can read the grant proposal here.

In June 2022, another grant was approved to continue working on features for the map and regularly update the project.

Since getting the second grant, we’ve been updating the map with a weekly cadence (instead of monthly), we’ve worked on an optimized new mapping script with a transversal algorithm that is much more efficient than the old version and we’ve fully automated the zoom layer process by unifying the map zoom layer creation. We’ve also enabled showing extra info on top of LAND by creating a new layering system. We are now showing recently changed tiles and are currently working on showing estate delimitations. We also started saving weekly LAND content changelogs for archival purposes. Lastly, we’ve worked with a graphic designer who did the redesign of our website, getting a brand-fresh new view.

Previous map UI:

New map UI:

We still receive a lot of feedback from the community, with requests to develop new features and things they would like to see. This grant will set up a budget, including salaries and expenses (web hosting, image storage, and domain name renewal, for now), to run this team for the next 6 months of developments and updates. Further grants will be requested by us in the future if the community continues to be happy with our work.


A working version can be found at https://genesis.city/

Site code: GitHub - genesis-city/genesis.city: Decentraland map

We’re using GitHub to host the images, and Netlify to handle deployments and building the website.


Budget: $6,050 USD per month, resulting in a $36,300 USD grant total. This monthly budget includes the following:

  • Team compensation: $6,024/month
  • Operational expenses: $26/month

Roadmap and milestones

We will continue updating a weekly version of the map and creating an NFT on Rarible with the full map once per month. The map’s content will be updated via script every week for 6 months. Once that time has elapsed we will request another grant in order to provide further maintenance and updates.

Here are the things in our roadmap:

  • Add new layers to the map:
    • points of interest
    • colors by owners
    • go-to-marketplace for tiles on sale
    • show districts
  • Allow layers to be additive
  • Add outline/boundaries of estates when hovering over it
  • Add ability to have bookmarks/favorite destinations (similar to POI, but private)
  • Add ability to share bookmarks/favorite destinations with others
  • Implement Permalinks system
    • link to a specific coordinate
    • update URL when moving the map
  • Have historical versions (to see the growth/change of an area over time)
  • Allow the community to report dirty/broken coordinates
  • Allow downloading images from the map centered at specific coordinates

We will continue developing and improving the website and mapping script based on this list and future suggestions by our community. Please let us know which features are the most important to you, so we can prioritize accordingly.

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Easy yes <3 have used the map plenty of times!

will it be implemented in the client ?

Easy yes, and thank you for your service! Is there any possibility of opening this for advertisers to sustain the cost and no longer need DAO funds for sustainability purposes?

I could also see a Freemium model implemented, like if you added a “waze like” user reported airdrop/prize feature. People who pay the monthly subscription would be able to see that layer/info updated in real time.

I’m sure yall got a lot in mind, keep up the great work!

I would like to say yes and already voted yes. However, I hope that :smile:

  1. Could you pls include more in-scene works? For example, asking people inside decentraland can be able to see this map. Maybe start with some basic things, ie an HQ?
  2. And spend more time organizing events to bring this product to the public? The feature is great, but needs massive promotion to let more people to know about it.

One of my favorite DCL projects/grants! Keep up the awesome work!

Genesis city map, 6-month renewal

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 97% 3,159,774 VP (85 votes)
  • No 3% 106,828 VP (3 votes)

Genesis city map, 6-month renewal

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