[DAO:da0f050] Genesis city map, 6-month renewal

by 0xb3197cad2032899ef2f33bf0e8a26f3ac5b48b03 (seibo)

Should the following $33,600 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Maintain, update, and improve https://genesis.city, a top-down map of Decentraland.

This is an extension of the previous grant:

We’ll continue maintaining the website, running the mapping script weekly, and improving the product.

Grant size

33,600 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



As you may know, we’ve received funding from the Decentraland DAO four times before (1,2,3,4), which has enabled us to keep our project running and growing.
In June 2023, our last grant was approved.

In the past six months, we made significant progress. Here are our main updates:

Genesis City Map Integration to DCL:

We collaborated with the Foundation on our map’s integration to Decentraland. Now you can navigate our map on Decentraland when selecting “Satellite View”.

External Image

Night Mode Layer:

You can explore Genesis City under Night Mode! We will let the image to talk for itself:

External Image

Land Info Modal:

When you click on a parcel it shows if the land is for sale or rent, at what price, a link to the marketplace and it displays the image from the official client’s map.

External Image

Land Sale/Rent Layer:

We created a new layer showing lands available for sale or rent. Clicking on a parcel displays if it’s for sale or rent, the listed price, and a direct link to the marketplace.

External Image

Enhanced Permalink System:

Permalinks now include your selected layers and status so you can share specific map views. E.g. You can now share a link with the Points of Interest layer enabled.

Easy Reporting:

Users can right-click on any broken coordinate, select “Report,” and it will be automatically reported.

External Image

Adjustments to the “Recent Changes” Layer:

We’ve tweaked the “Recent Changes” layer to offer a clearer view. The red markers that show changes are now more transparent so users can still see what is on the land.

Finally, we improved our project’s maintenance processes and stability. We paid off some technical debt, fixed bugs, and improved our database backup system.

We remain committed to engaging with our community and continue to receive valuable feedback from our users, including requests for new features and improvements.

We will request further grants in the future if the community continues to be happy with our work.

Roadmap and milestones

We will update the map weekly for 6 months. Once that time has elapsed we will request another grant.

Here are some of the projects in our roadmap:

  • Land ownership layer.
  • Display weekly events.
  • See what’s nearby a location (eg. display info of events, POIs, etc).
  • Street view.
  • Land rating system.
  • Isometric views.
  • Allow users to upload photos of lands.
  • Staff picks.
  • Layer showing frequency of land updates.
  • Percentage of land development (user feedback).
  • Include missing parts of Aetheria (user feedback).
  • Display the bus routes.
  • Monthly/weekly treasure hunt.
  • Search bar.
  • Bookmarks/favorite destinations.
  • Content age heatmap.
  • Geolocated comments.
  • Historical view of the entire map.
  • Metamask log-in for displaying user-owned lands.
  • Livestream of virtual cameras from certain points in DCL.
  • Design tweaks.
  • Performance improvements (e.g. Estates Layer optimization).

We will continue improving the website and mapping script based on this list and future suggestions by our community. Please let us know which features are the most important to you, so we can prioritize accordingly.

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Hi team,

I would like to congratulate you for the work that has been accomplished with the map during the first four grants. The features are truly astonishing. @maraoz as explained in the last grant you would be reducing your time spent. You have also described your time as “decreased participation” for this grant request. If you are spending less time, why is the team requesting more funds this time?

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Excellent observation and question. You don’t get full time pay for half time work. Will vote once there is a reply.

Hi @DedHeadJ,

Thanks for your recognition of the work we do with Genesis City Map!

Regarding your question: we are requesting more funds this time as we decided to increase Ivan’s salary. He has been working with great dedication, and brings a lot of value to the project.


Hello @seibo and thank you for replying. I am supportive of an increase when someone warrants it so congrats to Ivan. @maraoz can you please clear up whether you are working full time still or have you reduced your time spent based on your projections during the last grant request and also this one? In addition, it sounds like compensation varies amongst the team. Can you please share what each person’s compensation will be?

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That’s too much, especially for still not having a somewhat live map.
Having days of delays between update when this project already received 100k is not possible.

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Hi @DedHeadJ, let me clarify: I’ve never been full-time on this project!

Since the first big grant on June 2022, where I built a team, I’ve been spending <10 hours weekly.
Unfortunately, from the last grant to this one, I have been unable to reduce the amount of hours further (the team still needs my input on strategic/product design/technical topics), and that’s why (combined with Ivan’s increased paycheck), this grant increased the requested amount. Believe me when I say I wish I could delegate 100% and dissappear from this and future grants. However, I still believe my role is required.

Here’s the paycheck breakdown:

  • maraoz: $1,200 DAI /mo
  • seibo: $3,024 DAI /mo
  • Ivan: $1,350 DAI /mo
  • Operational costs: $156 DAI total

Which results in the total of $1,200*6 + $3,024*6+ $1,350*6 + $156 = $33,600

Now, seeing your and the community’s concern on spending on this project: I see 3 alternatives:
(a) the community accepts the current team/budget (which we believe is necessary to continue maintining the project as known and loved).
(b) we drastically reduce the costs & team, leaving only Ivan. This would IMO greatly reduce the work quality, communications, and results, but also the costs to $12,300 per grant ($2,000*6 + $300, increasing Ivan’s paycheck based on increased responsibilities).
(c) the project ends here, and no further money is spent. The website goes offline and is not updated any further.

If this proposal gets rejected, we’ll submit another one with option (b). If that one is rejected, option (c) will occur.

We strongly reccommend going for option (a) at least for 1 more grant period. However, it’s up to the community to decide, of course!

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Thank you @maraoz, I hope you understand that in no way do I diminish what your value and worth is, not at all. I think that you and the team have brought a wonderful and really cool product for the end user.

If this proposal does not pass, then I genuinely hope that you will resubmit but maybe you and also @seibo can consider some compromise between option A and option B.

All the best,

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Genesis city map, 6-month renewal

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 32% 2,225,986 VP (52 votes)
  • No 3% 243,066 VP (12 votes)
  • Abstain 65% 4,437,054 VP (19 votes)