[DAO:uzvj7si] Add House of Fashion - PFP & Digital Fashion Brand to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should House of Fashion - PFP & Digital Fashion Brand be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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House of Fashion is a 10K PFP & Digital Fashion brand created by Artist & Fashion Designer Lisa Camero, artistically known as LCamero. Our vision is to blur the lines between the physical and digital fashion space through experiences that delight users.

“Earth Genesis” is the first phygital drop by House of Fashion

The drop is a limited edition of 50 phygital NFTs

One NFT = Redeemable Matching Physical Piece & Decentraland Wearable

There are 50 NFTs across 5 clothing designs.
Which is 10 phygital NFTS per design are available.

Each DCL wearable is rarity Mythic

There will be future capsule collection drops by House of Fashion some to be exclusively for project holders & others to be available to all

The first IRL & DCL wearable


Fashion & style allows us to express our individuality and who we are. It is how we present ourselves to the world.

Our digital identities is a reflection of that. Users express themselves by customizing their avatars to reflect their personality & style.

Our goal to blur the lines of fashion is taken a step further in bringing your real world style over to the metaverse.

The same clothing you’re wearing IRL is now available in DCL.
Bringing a whole new meaning to digital identity.

Linked wearables is the only way to make the phygital NFT’s offer true representation of its IRL item & DCL wearable.

The NFT drop is being given away for FREE to delight & onboard new users.
Through collabs with spaces in DCL to activate audiences.

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

LCamero is the founder, artist & fashion designer of House of Fashion.
She designed all the clothing items.

Media kit about the designer

Clothing brand Instagram page

House of Fashion project deck

LCamero personal website

All the details about “Earth Genesis” drop

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Want to share the NFT and the wearables which I was not able to add above.

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Rest of the designs.

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 4.15.23 PM

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These wearables look great! They fit well with the existing avatars, and I could see myself wearing them in world. Thank you for making these mythic, this is a good way of retaining value in a wearable over time

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Why did you choose Decentraland to launch your Linked Wearables? Do you own or rent land here? Do you have plans for holding an event to help release these to the community? Or if passed, will they just appear on OpenSea?

Personally I’d like to see brands who want to build and grow Decentraland be added to the Linked Wearables registry. I look forward to hearing your response.

Kindly, Canessa

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Thanks for the kind words Canessa, the response as been overwhelmingly positive for those that have seen the wearables and physical versions. We’re excited to see them out and about IRL and in DCL.

I Henry the co-founder of the project created the DAO proposal, but i’ll give you the TLDR on us both.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Lisa Camero known as LCamero is the artist / founder / fashion designer of House of Fashion.

She been painting since she was a little girl (literally with a paint brush since the age of 5)
Her journey into fashion & art has been one filled with obstacles and determination. She relocated from Puerto Rico to Miami at the age of 22 by herself to pursue a career in fashion. She had no money or safety net of any kind to help her along the way, but she knew she was in the right place for a fresh start on her dreams. The first few years on her own as a struggling artist were tough. She saved her money, worked hard, and crashed on couches while earning her degree in Fashion Design from Miami International University of Art & Design.

Step by step she’s been building her brand in both Fashion & Art.
She’s particpiated in Art Basel, has had art exhibits at different events, and appears in local media.
She founded a clothing line with a full summer collection. This includes t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, windbreakers, bikinis, pants, hats and shoes.

Having experience with physical items and being an artist herself, she’s always looking to blend both her art and fashion in interesting ways.

If you can quickly browse through this article, the pictures alone speak volumes.

As for myself.
I came from the music industry having worked as an A&R and marketing director for a prominent record label. After that I became marketing director for the largest film studio in South Florida, M3 Studios.
I have a deep passion for storytelling, content, multi-media, and technology. Which is why I co-founded House of Fashion, to put to use the experience and knowledge I have acquired from my years in the entertainment industry together with my love for technology.

Why did we choose DCL?

We both have spent time exploring DCL and really loved the experience of discovering the virtual world and its surprises. When we designed them, we were looking for an environment that they would translate well too. A world that would be open to the style and colors. Frequenting DCL we could see that this audience would be receptive and open to these designs. Also, the fact that this virtual world is owned by its users made us want to be a part of it and contribute, which is what we intended to do with the “Earth Genesis” drop.

Do you have plans for holding an event to help release these to the community?

Absolutely! The goal is to give them away through events, collabs and partnerships with other people within the ecosystem. Some to be given away within DCL events others to be given away outside of DCL.

We see this as contributing to the platform in two ways. One giving back to the original community that already is active in DCL. So they receive benefit by being active participants. Secondly, attracting new people and raising curiosity outside of DCL.

As a phygital NFT, which brings matching physical version & DCL wearable. We know that there are some people that would be interested in these NFTs because they want the physical piece, perhaps they’ve never come to DCL or used a wearable before. But the fact that you now have one that you identify with that you are wearing IRL and also can wear virtually, brings a different element into the mix.

Our first event is already scheduled:

Save The Date :reminder_ribbon:

9/18/22 :spiral_calendar:

7:30 PM EST :mantelpiece_clock:

11:30 PM UTC :mantelpiece_clock:

@ Tominoya Casino :slot_machine:

DCL -119,136 :round_pushpin:

Jump into the FREE Play Casino competition where the top 3 winners receive their choice of an Earth Genesis Phygital NFT!

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Also an important reason for wanting it listed in the “Linked Wearables Registry” is that the wearable is not a standalone item it is the in-world representation of the NFT.

and not just a regular NFT but a phygital one.

A phygital NFT that allows you to unlock the physical version & DCL wearable.

Only by possessing the NFT could you redeem the physical version for free the same goes for the DCL wearable.

Having it linked ensures that connection.

This collection rarity ranked is “Mythic” so having the NFT be directly tied to a limited edition phygital NFTs also makes sense.

This is not our last phygital drop, as House of Fashion is not only an art project but a digital fashion brand as well.

Keeping that in mind, we believe the value of this original genesis collection will rise overtime as we continue delivering fashion designs and wearables to marketplace. Having them linked in the registry would add more value and benefit to the DCL community to whom they are being given away too.

very low quality preview of the NFT to be able to post here:

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PS to everyone who is voting!

I messed up in the collection images in the DAO proposal.

Since the proposal asked for the OpenSea link, I used the collection image to showcase promotional posts that we created and the IRL lifestyle images with the clothing. Those are NOT the NFTS.

Excuse the confusion, I would delete and re-submit the proposal but theres been good questions by @Canessa that we do not want to lose.

The NFTs look like this but are animated. FYI!

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Thank you SO much for your thorough reply! I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. I love that you have already lined up an event, and this is the type of engagement I want to see from brands entering DCL with linked wearables. You have my YES vote, and I will probably buy one of your phygital items too if/when they are released!


@Canessa Great to hear, thanks for your vote of confidence. Also appreciate you taking the time to engage with us before voting.

Here to answer any questions or concerns. We are very transparent.

Do you think I should delete the proposal and re-submit with the correct collection images in the top gallery?

I see that there could be some confusion with the images currently in the “collection images” section, as those are NOT the NFTs, they are just promo posts that were created.

To be frank, I am a bit confused on those who have voted no, and can only come up with they might confuse the collection images as being the NFTs for the linked wearables which they did not like.

I have read the original governance proposal for the “linked wearables registry” and believe we line up with the ethos of its intention.

Also I find that the fact that this NFT is a phygital item that exist IRL & in DCL to me is SUPER COOOL.

I mean we’re expressing digital identity in a whole new way. Taking something you can be photographed and wear in the real world and also wear it in DCL to me is super interesting. Which I have not seen any brand/project do yet.

Let alone an indie project that is fully building utilizing web3 and its technology to create some unique experiences.

pss. Come join us Sunday at the event, you can win one yourself.
Remember we’re giving these out through events, partnerships and community collabs!

I think the images make sense. With the Linked Wearables that we’ve seen come through already it’s obvious that the NFT you purchase with it is usually something different than just the promo pictures. Many Linked Wearable submissions do not even post what the DCL counterpart will look like.

I can’t speak for those who voted no, but I know that Linked Wearables are relatively new, and some of us are still formulating our opinions on them. I personally want to see brands that will come in and create value in our community by engaging with users, buying or renting land, or otherwise giving back to our Decentraland ecosystem. As you know, the Linked Wearables option also is a way to bypass traditional curation fee costs that would go directly to our DAO. So this is something that can be seen as a downside and liability to some. Some people also might want to see larger collections be accepted instead of smaller collections (like a pfp project with 10,000+ users), or large named brands like Dolce & Gabbana. The threshold for passing this is steep, so if you are unable to pass it now, I would suggest you continue to connect with our community and try again after a short duration. Best of luck to you!

As an owner of several dozen linked wearables, the fact that this proposal and the comments has so much transparency is fantastic. To reiterate what I said on Canessa/Sinful’s Twitter space, the designs are such that I can feel fully confident that the designs in the screenshots will be an accurate representation of the end product. In other collections, that’s often not the case, and “how heavily will the 3D work be downgraded?” is a question that casts its shadow over most linked wearables projects.

I felt strongly enough about this proposal that, even though I delegate my VP to Canessa, I made a point of voting on it myself just to burn my support into the record. If you’re a creator who is thinking of doing a linked wearable proposal in the future, this one’s your textbook example, regardless of whether it passes or not.

Appreciate you taking the time to post, I understand it’s a lot easier for people to vote without giving additional input.

:sweat_smile: Here I thought I was doing the governance proposal wrong, which made me want to overshare to remove any doubt about our intention, who we are, and what we’re working on for the future.

We’ve worked very hard to produce the most matching wearable to not only the 3d NFT design but the actual physical version. LCamero the artist and fashion designer is a perfectionist sometimes to a fault as she will work over and over until it is right in her eyes. She constantly stressed how she wanted the wearable to match as possible within the poly count we could work with.

The reason we asked for a linked wearable is that the wearable was never designed or envisioned to be a standalone item. It is directly tied to the phygital NFT, it is the in-world representation of that item that both exist in the real world and in the digital and as a 3D design in the NFT.

We believe that link is extremely important and will benefit the DCL community in the future, because only those that hold the phygital NFT will receive additional benefits as they amass a collection of other phygital NFTs released by the House of Fashion.

This is a well thought out project with sick IRL and DCL components. I, for one, am excited about this and look forward to more from House of Fashion.

I would love for some of the naysayers to provide feedback. I don’t see the downside to adding more linked wearables to the space, especially brands that have partered with DecentralGames for their launch.

The DCL wearable is not a standalone item. It is the in-world representation of the phygital NFT

A phygital NFT that allows you to unlock the physical version & DCL wearable

Only by possessing the NFT could you redeem both IRL physical & DCL wearable

The value of the original genesis collection will rise over time as we continue delivering fashion designs & wearables to the marketplace.

We believe the registry link is extremely important and will benefit the DCL community in the long run. Holders will receive additional benefits as they collect additional phygital NFTs from the House of Fashion.

Collect more = More rewards

Both physical & digital versions look sweet! Don’t you think?

Add House of Fashion - PFP & Digital Fashion Brand to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 52% 679,373 VP (26 votes)
  • No 48% 648,333 VP (13 votes)