[DAO:56bc30a] Add Actual 3D Punks to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0xdd6714db8ebeeb41160df4bb3589a0bef3c09fd3 (Ant28)

Should Actual 3D Punks be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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Hello! :wave:

My name is Anthony Liardo. Here’s more info about my project:


This proposal is for Actual 3D Punks to become a linked wearable in DCL. It’s a good example of a collection that the linked wearable system was made for in the first place. As is clear, anyone can create a DCL wearable, but the point of the linked wearables is to wear the more-official/more-rare NFTs that only holders of the NFT can wear.
Actual 3D Punks are only going to the owners of the legitimate CryptoPunk. I have had 29 CryptoPunks holders claim their 3D punks so far, and the number is growing.


I’ve had multiple punk owners ask about wearing the NFT in CV. However, CV has no plans to implement .glb 3D NFTs into their world, but I know DCL uses .glb. This is why I’m making my 1st official proposal for linking these NFTs with your metaverse.
I really believe it would be beneficial to everyone to link this project as a wearable, as it would get CryptoPunks owners who haven’t tried your metaverse to begin exploring. This could obviously lead to more revenue for DCL and the DAO as the potential 3,600 punk-owners each have a probability of buying a parcel or doing other marketplace activity (if they aren’t already).

I would love to discuss this more with members of the community in the comments!

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Intellectual Property


I, Anthony Liardo, do not own the intellectual property of punks, but I am withholding the 3D version of punk NFTs for the rightful owner of the IP. The blockchain verifies that the tokens transferred out of the deployer address (except to 0xf7dEe…) have gone to wallets associated with the original punk.
These 3D versions of CryptoPunks will only go to the owner of the IP unless explicitly written that they may be used otherwise.

Smart Contract Address

  • 0xE55eF44bE672Ff4557931Eb9ef91A42d8C9A0d6C

Manager Address

  • 0xdd6714db8ebeeb41160df4bb3589a0bef3c09fd3

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


Here’s the full link (not shortened) to my manifesto:

As mentioned there, I used BlendMyNFTs by Torrin Leonard! I also wrote some Python scripts to work with the metadata/NFTs. Here’s a Github of the scripts I wrote (very basic, but I’ve made it in an effort to show my work in the long-term):

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For any community members on the fence about your vote, I’d love to answer any questions

It seems like the linked wearables should be attached to the punks contract and NFT’s itself, not another collection with separate token.

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While I agree the CryptoPunks NFTs are clearly the most legitimate NFT to link in this situation, I’ve spoken to lots of punks and most punk holders do not want to connect their vault/punk wallet to any contracts. On top of that, the CryptoPunks NFTs are 2D hashes/images. It would be weird to have a wearable that is a flat 2D image in a 3D metaverse/virtual world.

Close to 100 Actual 3D Punks have been claimed by their respective CryptoPunks owner. Examples of the community supporting the tokens:

Hi @Actual3DPunks

Would you link the original NFT with the 3D assets? That’s what the linked wearables proposal was created for. One NFT, multiple representations.

I voted yes in support of linking this, but I think that the collection to be linked should be the original CryptoPunk NFTs.

Could you elaborate on this? It makes sense that, given how valuable these NFTs are, they wouldn’t use them in a “hot” wallet. Maybe we should work on a “lending” system, similar to operator rights, to allow another wallet to use a wearable they don’t own…

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Hi Esteban

As Actual 3D Punks is not officially connected to CryptoPunks/Yuga Labs, the original NFTs cannot be linked with the 3D NFTs. Thank you for your vote, but I don’t think linking the original CryptoPunks contract would work, as those token holders (by wallet address) don’t all hold Actual 3D Punks. Actual 3D Punks are only being claimed by legit CryptoPunks holders (unless I have explicit writing that I can use the 3D version of their punk for whatever I want) but they are mostly using separate wallets that don’t hold CryptoPunks to claim their 3D punks.

While I agree a delegate system could work for having holders verify another wallet address to use the 3D NFT, in my opinion it’s another step that’s not needed since only verified 2D holders hold the 3D punks and already own the 3D punks in the hot wallet they’d likely use for Decentraland. It would also likely take a significant amount of time to work on this lending/delegate system for Decentraland. Decentraland’s linked wearables is so holders of non-DCL 3D NFTs can bring their 3D NFTs into your world. Actual 3D Punks is a non-DCL 3D NFT, so this proposal would allow holders to use the community-supported 3D version of their punks in Decentraland.

There is no such restriction; the linked wearable can be a 3D representation of a 2D NFT (or any other NFT, for that matter). For example, BabyDoge is a 10k collection that has only 1 3D NFT representation Add Baby Doge Coin to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Ahh, after reading that I’m assuming the third party curator is the one responsible for turning a 2D NFT into a 3D one?
And then the third party’s 3D representations are the ones that actually get imported into DCL?

If my understanding is correct, then I will just point out that I still think the community should vote yes because my collection is already complete and CryptoPunks holders are already adopting it as the 3D version. If a 3rd party were to re-create 3D versions of punks, it would take time (and possibly more of the DAO’s money to the 3rd party) and create confusion over which 3D version of punks is the NFT they should use (my 3D version already links to some virtual worlds like Oncyber).

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This collection seems to be a good candidate for linked wearables as 3d model are already generated (they will still need to be mapped on the DCL avatar skeleton though), but I really don’t think this make sense to approve yet until the collection gain in popularity.
Anthony said that Actual 3D Punks are not connected to CryptoPunks others than CryptoPunks holders being able to claim Actual 3D Punks, it’s then two separate projects, this proposal is to have Actual 3D Punks as wearables, not CryptoPunks.

Curations cost for this collection will be 5000 USD (from the DAO to pay to the curators) for a collection that currently has 32 holders. I do not think it’s wise to approve that collection in the current state of the project.

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$5,000 is a significant amount of money, but it is still 0.03% of the treasury. Spending $5,000 when the treasury is ~$17.4million is proportionally like having $1,740 and spending 2 quarters $0.50 on a one-time investment. I grew this Twitter page from ~8 followers at launch (November 15) to 155 followers today (~1 month later) with around half of those as actual holders (1837% growth at small scale). This investment will never need to be made again, and will HELP the collection gain even more in popularity.

Yes, these are two separate projects. However, ONLY CryptoPunks holders will claim their 3D punks (aside from explicit permission to giveaway specific 3D punks) so it is still the CryptoPunks community claiming and owning these NFTs. My project has provenance for a complete set of punks in the 3D NFT world and I have been completely transparent. I’m under the assumption Decentraland believes interoperability is a good thing, and this proposal would grow that function.

Great to see such high voter turnout on this proposal :slight_smile:

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Would you be open to linking both the original “CryptoPunks” and “Actual 3D Punks”? In that way, CryptoPunk users that are not aware of Actual 3D Punks would benefit anyways.

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+1 that original punks should also be linked. If we are already doing this collection, linking the original collection as well would be just a tiny change on the linked wearable endpoint. Having already all the 3D assets ready would be a shame not to use them as well for the original punks. Actual 3D Punks holders would still get the wearable too.

Yes I’m open to it; however, I do not own a punk so I can’t really represent the community for their collection to go through that process. My interpretation is that Yuga Labs would have to make that proposal?

Thank you for the feedback. Could you explain exactly what that would look like? You say it’s a tiny change in the linked wearable endpoint, so would CryptoPunk token-holder wallets AND Actual 3D Punk token-holder wallets be able to wear the Actual 3D Punk NFTs? Or would there be 2 copies of the linked wearable collection: CryptoPunks and Actual 3D Punks, but they’re the same 3D files?

I 100% agree it would be a shame for the 3D assets not to be used, especially because the community is continuing to support the project (2 more holders claimed today including 1 original claimer). Since these NFTs are only available to original punk holders, the original CryptoPunks holders can always claim their 3D punks.

+1 Having both available to unlock the wearable seems like a good compromise, if a user buys a punk but the 3D punk is already claimed, it feels unfair for the actual punk owner to not get their linked punk wearable.

This way both projects get to benefit from each other, interoperability for the win! :smiley:

Add Actual 3D Punks to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 78% 5,147,440 VP (125 votes)
  • No 22% 1,481,630 VP (24 votes)

So in order for the 3D punk to be claimed, the owner of the corresponding 2D punk has to claim it. So a punk holder would have to claim the 3D punk, THEN sell the 2D punk to someone and NOT sell the 3D punk for that hypothetical situation to happen.
Seeing as most punk holders are collectors and not traders, this won’t happen very often. Also, a new punk holder who is just getting their first punk could ask for a bundle of the 2D punk AND the 3D punk if their 3D punk was claimed from this collection by the seller.

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AFAIK the linked wearable collection needs to provide a server/endpoint that the explorer will hit with the user’s address, and it needs to return which wearables that address owns. This server can potentially perform any logic. Usually it would do something like go look on the blockchain if that address owns NFTs from a particular collection, and if so, return the wearables that correspond to those NFTs. But in practice the server can do any arbitrary logic, like checking against several blockchains, or a database, or it could check against nothing and always return for every address that it owns a particular wearble (that would be like a free airdropped wearable for everybody), it can even return more than a single wearable (ie. you could make it so holding one NFT grants you two wearables). As long as the server does the job of receiving an address and returning a list of wearables, it would work. So in this case, what the endpoint could do is check if the address owns an Actual3DPunk OR a regular CryptoPunk, and if so, return the wearble corresponding to the NFT they own. This way, both holders of both collections would get the linked wearable.