[DAO:18d2d5e] Add Authena - My Phygital Cap to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should Authena - My Phygital Cap be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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The collection we created links physical assets (the caps) to each NFT using the highest industry standard for product authentication (NFC anticounterfeit tech)

The physical caps will be given away during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas (Jan. 5 - 8, 2023- we invite you to stop by Swiss Pavilion at the Eureka Park ex., booth: 61433 - Authena).

Those who receive the physical drop, by using their phone will be able to tap the NFC chip, connect to our dApp and claim the corresponding NFTs. Tokenholders will have the possibility to wear the cap IRL and in Decentraland.

We have minted different collections linking physical and digital worlds: fragances, furniture, sports shirts, wines, whiskies, etc. https://opensea.io/es/Authena.


We want our NFTs to be represented in Decentraland, because we want tokenholders to be able to experience firsthand using a product in the physical world and have their avatar use its digital twin.

Our main expertise has been for years the authentication of physical products through the use of IoT hardware, creating bridges between the physical and digital world. We see the integration with Decentraland as an honest step on any company web3 roadmap.

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No IP involved. 200 NFTs will be given away during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas on January 5 to 8, 2023 (Swiss Pavilion at the Eureka Park ex., booth: 61433 - Authena)

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  • 0x68fbade0913fcac6e84be495a198fa8d9ba11c4b

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  • 0xDE2C419b91B1Ce163768Ac7349672807a1797271

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  • No

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gm, thank you very much for taking the time to evaluate the collection.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome… in short the NFTs we will be ‘physically’ giving them away for free in January at our booth at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas (https://www.ces.tech/ - booth: 61433).

How do we deliver them? We hand out the caps to those who come by, and -once broken the ‘phygital tag’- by using their phone they can tap the NFC chip in the cap and make the claim of the linked-NFT to their wallet.

The idea is to be a gateway for many people who today are alien to Decentraland and perhaps never participated in a fashion week or do not see a concrete benefit in the metaverse hype.

More than happy to meet with anyone who wants to stop by, get a free ‘phygital cap’ (we have 200 of them) and have a beer. :beers:

Many thanks again to the whole community.


Hi Fernando,

You had me at “phygital and beer”! I wish I could make it to the CES in Vegas to see your booth! I’ve seen what the exposure at that conference can do really boost eyes on a project.

Linked wearables are notoriously hard to get approved due to the high vp threshold required. If you are unable to make this threshold, you can also publish this wearable NFT the traditional method, which requires paying a $150 submission fee that goes back to support the DAO. This is how many creators choose to publish their wearables.

I think projects like this can be really helpful in bringing in new users and investors to Decentraland. Best of luck to you in Vegas!


Canessa thank you very much for your reply. This is our second year at CES and the traction and atmosphere of the conference is spectacular. It is a nice place to talk about NFTs, metaverse and gaming, mainly because it is not a crypto conference and there is much less hype/scammers-gurus (at least crypto related :roll_eyes:) and it is possible to see a little bit of added value to final users.

I did the analysis of creating a wereable by the traditional Decentraland method, but to be honest the main thing about the project that we are doing is that it is paired 1:1 with the physical product. We do the connection with the physical product (chip) from our own contract, and with the connection to a dApp that we created for this purpose. We also do everything on the Ethereum network, for security mainly and setting up Polygon is an extra step of complexity for the inexperienced user.

The heart of the web3 projects is what Decentraland proposes with the linked wearables, I don’t know why they need of so much VP for approval. Maybe there is some technical effort that I am not seeing for the developer team, but if the creation of wearables is limited only to Decentraland, an incredible opportunity is lost. One of the biggest differentials of Decentraland vs. Sandbox (and all the new ‘metaverse as a service’ worlds and Readyplayerme) goes exactly in this direction. In every other metaverse project (and I searched a lot) you have to do everything within the closed ecosystem they propose, and they give you a WEB3 framework to sell the hype. If those are going to become the rules of the industry, it’s more fun (and easier) to play an MMO game.

I hope we can reach 4 million VP, if it is necessary to pay some extra fee or do something else please write to me directly, I am open to pay from my pocket. I spent 10 nights sewing chips to the caps, my ego can’t resist to stay half way. Otherwise, if anyone sees another solution that I am not seeing, all ideas are welcome.

Thank you all very much, and happy holidays!

Voting no, imo Linked Wearables is to link wearables to existing NFT collections and not as a way to avoid submission fees or be a lower point of entry for wearables.

Honestly @Crypt_Sannin, that is not what is happening here.

If I have a way of paying the submission fee, I’ll do it without a problem (even looking forward to it, if it makes any difference). The problem is that when we mint our NFTs, we add information of the RFID chips that do the physical pairing to the metadata & we do it on Ethereum. It is impossible to do that with Decentraland minting process.

Hope this change your mind, or at least you can help me with an alternative technical solution I am not able to find myself.


I understand you have it in eth network and dcl wearables are on polygon.

this is what i mean - why would i buy a NFT on eth network of a cap to receive the a dcl wearable on the pic and not just buy the dcl wearable itself without the NFT?

I see linked wearables more for collections like BAYC, Doodles, CryptoPunks, etc. that by holding this NFT then you go into DCL and a wearable of an item these share in common in the collection is attached to them.

By making a Opensea collection specifically for the wearable you want to make you are avoiding the submission fee. I dont agree with this since wearables submissions were brought down from 500 MANA flat rate to 150 USD in MANA at time of publishing for a lower barrier of entry.

Furthermore, DAO votes and pays for the linked wearables and you will sell NFTs to users to receive the cap/hat. How does this provide value to community/DAO?
imo - if dao funds then dao receives for free in cases like this.

I believe the most owners i saw in one of these collections is about 11

All collections are phygital items and owned by our clients (traditional companies, aliens to the ecosystem), most of them are given away or primary sales outside any decentralized marketplace.

I don’t get it @Crypt_Sannin, the added value of this collection it is that is binded to the physical product. Something that we cannot do with standard dcl wearables.

Also it will be given away, so we will not sell anything. If you are around Las Vegas on January, you can stop by, you will receive a PHYSICAL CAP you can use it IRL, with an RFID label. You will be able to tap the chip placed on the cap with your phone, and claim the contained NFT (we cannot do this with dcl wearables).

NFT holder will be able to connect to our landing dApp to get content/benefits/contact/whatever and interact with the physical product by tapping with their phone the chip on the cap (we cannot do this with dcl wearables), and as an extra feature can connect to Decentralnd & wear it.

Sorry, if I extend too much in my answer, but thank you that you have taken the time to review the proposal.

So if community can’t make it to Vegas how does community acquire a cap if community is voting for this?

I’m not sure what do you mean with the physical being tied to the NFT and not being able to do it with DCL wearables. Maybe the methods you are using but I have seen others implement physicals to their DCL wearables.

I can see how it adds value to it, I’m asking how does adding value to your collection adds value in return to DAO/community voting for this?

Ok, I see your point regarding added value to the DAO.

As a specific benefit for the DAO is probably adoption, we will put on the hands of non-necessarily crypto-people the possibility to connect with dcl (and we will explain how to do it).

If we can pay somehow to the DAO/community we will do it for sure (at the moment we don’t have the option). Our purpose at the end is to have a product that adds value to our existing clients, and that we can monetize in the future. As everyone I guess. WAGMI. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you, sorry if i wasnt expressing my concerns correctly.

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Hope we make it :slight_smile:

I love this! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I voted no because to me Linked Wearables are DCL wearable representations of full NFT collections with many holders. I don’t see the overall value for the DAO or the community with 1 Linked Wearable. Regardless if it comes with a physical version or not. As Sannin mentioned, there have been a few phygital use cases within normal wearables. I myself have a pair of ckbubbles Nail Art. I purchased their nail wearable and was entered in a raffle and won them. They were sent pretty quick too and had 0 issues claiming/receiving. I would suggest joining the DCL discord and seeking out support via the channels to find others that are able to help with the vision you are trying to execute. Love the idea of phygitals :slight_smile:


Add Authena - My Phygital Cap to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 69% 861,867 VP (84 votes)