[DAO: QmZUa5w] Should we be actively seeking developers for game design?

by 0x4ea05169e85a37b5882ea140b166c6f9988845fb (Walter#45fb)

I must say that I want to see Mario Party, Mario Kart and Goldeneye type games and communities in DCL asap. No need for licensing. We all know what they look like and now one holds IP over those style of games. So please do not think I mean these actual games. I am merely using them as examples. Each land or parcel could host different boards, levels and tracks. We could build stadiums where we congregate to watch. DCL members could form leagues, for example Tuesday night Goldeneye league where teams of 4 have already paid their league fee, say 100 mana for 8 weeks where the teams compete for prizes (NFTS, crypto) . Audience members can wager on the outcomes. Additionally individual users can wager crypto against each other whenever leagues aren’t active. High scores can be dominantly displayed for bragging rights but also as a challenge to others. I also believe that this will lead to a NFT explosion as they would give you an actual perk/powerup in the game. for example say a skull shifter on your kart in the race that give you a banana every lap. this makes a very prominent USE case for NFTS beyond looking cool. I want to see a DAO proposal that funds paying developers and artists to build exactly this. Do you?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No, I hate having fun

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