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by 0x87b895f37a93e76cf1c27ed68b38d77fee0f7867 (Mease)

Should the problem/opportunity outlined be refined and taken to the next level?

Problem Statement

Does DCL need a games category for grants? It seems odd having existing projects and games taking $50k from the Platforms for basic upgrades, while taking away from actual proposals benefitting the “Platform.”

Proposed Solution

add a NEW Games category for grants. If a proposal has over 50% of the funds asked for gamification or adding/editing an existing game, then it should be in the “Games” category. If people think DCL doesn’t need its own “Games” category, then why is DCL paying for grants to build or perform basic upgrades to existing games?

Target Audience/Customer Base

Anyone with a pulse and common sense that actually has DCL’s interests as a platform at heart

Why is this relevant now?

The DAO processes seem to be inefficient and unable to properly vet grants, stagnating the platform while further enabling and encouraging people to siphon funds while adding little to no value in return.

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I think games are supposed to go under “In-World Content” category (Grants Program | Decentraland Documentation)

But unfortunately RobL spent all of the in world content budget for this quarter in the first two weeks, so now people are trying to abuse platform category.


Thank you so much Shiny! I was confused when I saw games in the Platform category after seeing some of the recent grants that have passed. It even came from someone who had another proposal wanting to educate the DCL community for specific categories before being able to vote with user owned assets.

Would be good to have it seperately from in- world tbh!

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I think this proposal should go from Poll to Governance stage, not using Bidding and Tendering Flow.

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I agree!! It would be very “defined” and then the “Games” proposals would go there an nowhere else. This would allow for in-world to be focused on things other than games completely.

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thank you for your support on this!!

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I have to vote no for this because this is not a Bidding and tendering proposal, but yes, I agree that we should spend way less on games, and a lot more on platform improvements, which is the #1 complaint amongst users and last on our list of priorities for years. I can reach back to CBD twitter spaces from last year, where I have expressed frustration that we are inviting people to play games on a broken platform that no one can barely stay on for more than 5 minutes without crashing. I am not a gamer, but I have been hearing large sentiment from the community that DCL games are not good, too expensive for what they bring to the platform, unsustainable and in need of constant funding to stay alive.
I would support a separate category and budget for games, and would not fund any game that is not already completed, and showing that they can both bring in new users and retain them.

Agree that there should be a Games Category.

Disagree for all new game Grants.