[DAO: QmVpGwN] Build SkillProfile for Metaverse - Skills owned by the person, not the employer

by 0xecaf4d16c3579f92ef441ac6ae35249fcecaabf1 (kronoschick#abf1)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Competencies are attributes of people and they should be owned, managed, controlled by the people who grow and develop these attributes. SkillProfile is currently a mobile app that lets people gather feedback from friends and colleagues and puts it together in a SkillProfile that can be shared (or not) by the individual requesting. Like a 360 review but for everyone and controlled by the individual, not the employer.
We are submitting this grant to build out an experience to help people in the metaverse build their SkillProfile(s) and use it to gain employment (or just have fun) in Decentraland. We are 3 founders (2 in Silicon valley, 1 on US East coast) with deep experience in tech. www.skillprofile.com

Grant size

20,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The metaverse world is just beginning and we believe it will change the way people interact. Skillprofile is the brainchild of Kris Lundin, a woman with deep experience in tech as a product leader for startups and large companies. She is joined by Owen Davis a technologist with deep experience building world class software with over 20 years experience and a passion for new technology. Our COO is Noah Jacobson who is a trained lawyer and operational leader. We’ve built our mobile app and just launched it this year in the Play and App stores and are gaining traction.
SkillProfile lets people create profiles made up of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Competencies and then request anonymous feedback from their friends and colleagues and see the aggregate rating and comments.
It’s like a 360 review but controlled by the individual and not limited to traditional employment or executives. It democratizes HR and Talent practices and puts it in the hands and control of the people themselves. It can also be extended to non-traditional employment and even game profiles (are you a good teammate, do you tilt under pressure, etc).

We would like to bring Skillprofile to the metaverse by creating a skills-based game and allows people to own their own profiles and then develop a place where people can share those profiles with others and expand the way we communicate and find employment or other like minded individuals in the metaverse.

Our second phase would include the build out of a job board where users can share their SkillProfiles and potential employers or teammates can identify individuals who might be good candidates to either participate in their games, act as hosts, or do other necessary tasks to maintain the metaverse. Of course as Decentraland develops the way in which people interact could evolve in new and exciting ways so I hesitate to call it traditional employment but more like a place people can learn about themselves, develop their attributes and use them to create a life and experience they want.
I believe we can create a place where what you bring to the table is verified, owned and is uniquely the individual and where others can find those people.


SkillProfile the app is already live in the Google Play store and the Apple App store and can be downloaded. It is fully functional, built on React Native uses a Google Cloud Platform back end based on Firebase. We would be extending the SkillProfile to be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and to be able to be shared with others in Decentraland. We will also be creating an interactive experience or game to engage new users to claim theirs and start gathering feedback from people they interact with both in game and out.
With the grant we would purchase some land in Decentraland to create our scene and will be using Unity to develop an in world game/destination where participants can play, learn about skills. We have not fully fleshed out the game mechanics yet but we know it will relate to Knowlege Skills, Attitudes and Competencies and will help users flesh out their own personal Skillprofiles. Below is a walkthrough of the app we created already and is the foundation for our idea.


Kristin Lundin, CEO SkillProfile - She is a product leader with about 20 years of experience in HR and Martech industries. She has built world class software her entire career at companies like Kronos, Fidelity Investments and Salary.com and most recently serves as the VP of Platform Solutions at TapClicks (a leading martech company in silicon valley)
Owen Davis, CTO SkillProfile - He is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in Financial Services, Martech and others. He is a full architect with several full enterprise class projects. He also has experience leading development teams to deliver great projects. He is currently the Senior Director of Software Engineering at TapClicks as well.
We have several contractor relationships for UI/UX and other development support both onshore US and offshore for React and Unity.
Noah Jacobson - COO SkillProfile - He is a business leader who has helped create several startups and he helps us to navigate the business landscape and negotiate contracts and helps with finance, legal and funding discussions.

Roadmap and milestones

If we are funded - we will begin the process of purchasing the required land and development of the specifications needed to build out the experience.
Milestones would be:

a) Land is purchased for SkillProfile (due 2 weeks after funding)
b) Game Design brief (due 2 weeks after funding)
c) Ethereum Blockchain integration with existing Skillprofile infrastructure (due at 1 month cliff) - Share individual’s SP to Blockchain wallet and necessary APIs for management of transactions
d) Scene completion with game/interaction wireframe/prototype due at 1 month cliff. User testing and iteration will begin
e) Game/interaction full launch at 3 months
f) Skill Sharing and Search launched at 6 months with users able to find others (if people make their profiles public) to connect and share.

For instance: if a person wants to play a multiplayer game that needs teamwork they could create a listing for someone with the required skills and find people who have chosen to share their profile. Same - if someone needs a volunteer coordinator for a new casino in Decentraland they could find someone who has the knowledge of running a casino along with the needed organizational skills and customer service attitudes.
If a person needed a creative designer to skin a new NFT for their next in-world concert launch they could post/find a designer to work with them on the project, all from within Decentraland.

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i believe you should rent* land and show an actual working use case for your idea - the DAO shouldn’t be responsible for buying land for you and your project

That makes sense. I wasn’t aware that you can rent space as well. I may be able to go that route as we get traction. Although I would like a permanent presence since I am making a commitment to help build a useful application that will grow adoption. Was the issue with just the land buy?
We have a working, usable application in the real world that has real and now that people are beginning to start to work in the metaverse I think the time for this type of project.

Is there a way you would recommend I reform the grant request to gain your support?

will msg you in discord :slight_smile:

Build SkillProfile for Metaverse - Skills owned by the person, not the employer

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 10% 213,422 VP (11 votes)