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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Gladio-Digital is building a comprehensive DEFI, crypto, and NFT art education platform based on Polygon with the goal of on-boarding an additional 100,000 metaverse players within 3 years. We seek to create a gamified education program within Decentraland and on Polygon, allowing new users an easy way to learn and create within the Decentraland ecosystem. We are a team of 5, including a professional artist, coding devs, education content developers, and DEFI/Crypto educator.

Ultimately, we seek to create an entire sub-world within decentraland that quickly onboards and educates non-native crypto users, and then exposes them to the rest of the amazing opportunities that Decentraland provides. Duc in Altum!

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Gladio-Digital needs 3000$ to begin basic bootstrapping, initial code/content development, as well as to aid in initial marketing campaign.
3000$ for education content development
1000$ for basic marketing
1000$ for initial avatar/NFT art creation examples


The team will primarily coordinate via TEAMS and DISCORD. The entire project will be built on Decentraland via the Polygon blockchain to minimize fees and ease onboard of new users. Art will be made using Blender and the native Decentraland tools. Most of this project is still in the draft phase, and the current plan is to push hard beginning Jan, when the entire team will be available, and (hopefully) the grant money ready for use. The team will also be publishing content on substack, youtube, and driving marketing via twitter, linked-in (i know, normies, but we need them too!), intsagram, and even facebook (need to get as many people away from Meta as possible!!)


Shannon McGurk: China futurist, AI and Robotics educator.
Anonymous Developers (2): Former Special Forces Cyber defense specialists with a combined 20 years of cyber security and coding in C++, Java, Python, DEFI (since 2019), and crypto.
Anonymous Artist: 21 years of painting professionally, internationally recognized
Anonymous Community manager: professional educator with more than 2 decades of teaching experience all over the world, specializing in communications, SE Asia, and Virtual Reality as education disruptor.

Roadmap and milestones

6 month project. assuming funding is approved by end of Dec, and project starts in January 2022.
31 Jan22: Initial Decentraland plot of land bought and first substack educational content released.
28 Feb22: DEFI/Crypto/NFT platform is fully developed with weekly content.
31 March22: Initial marketing campaign fully developed and released.
31 April22: Initial NFT avatars/wearables and decentraland building in open Beta
31May22: Gladio-Digital has onboarded 500 unique users to decentraland.
31June22: Gladio-Digital continues work on decentraland platform, and has onboarded an additional 300 unique users to Decentraland ecosystem.

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Gladio-Digital Metaverse education platform

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