[DAO: QmUG89s] MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art: Public Exhibitions Program 2022

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Founded in April 2019, The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) has always been a self-funded venture, whose goal is to bring digital art to the public, by working with emerging and established creatives. Since joining Decentraland University district in 2019, we shared its social and cultural potential by inviting artists to present their works in a virtual and decentralised environment. Through hosting special events, we seek to interact with curators, creatives, and experts, as well as to open our exhibition program to the public for their enjoyment, education, and collective experience. Thanks to the DAO support, we aim to continue curating and offering digital art exhibitions until January 2023.

Grant size

35,000 USD

Beneficiary address



The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) is a museum platform founded in 2019. We seek to support the digital art category by documenting, collecting and advancing the position of digital art in a global context through unique curatorial insight and education.

Our team features experienced curators who share the ambition of providing many exciting opportunities to learn about the creative potential of digital tools, including the metaverse. In the past two years, we curated international art shows around the world including New York, London, Istanbul and Venice. MoCDA hosted many special events aimed at presenting and discussing what makes digital culture and art unique.
We bring our expertise in opening IRL exhibitions to the metaverse by experimenting with unique features that Decentraland offers to curators and artists alike. We are always seeking innovative ways to diversify and expand the platform.

We have organised several special exhibitions at the University District in Decentraland over the past two years, welcoming thousands of visitors. Three of the most recent exhibitions we opened:
“Digital Embodiments And Interventions: The Sculptural World of Marjan Moghaddam” (4th June-10th September 2021), solo show featuring a selection of works by pioneering artist Marjan Moghaddam
“Memento Minti - If you stop contributing, you will be forgotten” (8th January-27th March 2022), group show featuring Jisu Choe, Dancevatar, Silvio Lorusso, Nicolas Sassoon and Sasha Stiles
“(Do Not) Touch” (8th April-2nd July 2022), group show featuring Sasha Katz, Baron Lanteigne and Martina Menegon
These exhibitions attracted thousands of visitors. For example, “Memento Minti”’s POAP was collected 1600+ times in the first two days and “(Do Not) Touch” collected 1200+ times within the first hour.
The work of our dedicated team for each Decentraland exhibition involves preliminary research, installation planning and curatorial strategies.

Our curators will always plan at least three special events associated with each exhibition. This will enable more opportunities for visitors to visit the show and take full advantage of Decentraland’s space as a social environment, where people from diverse backgrounds can gather to enjoy art and interact with one another.

To learn more about the upcoming exhibitions, please visit this link: Museum of Contemporary Digital Art Exhibitions Program 2022/2023 - Google Docs

Website & Social Media Links:

Feel free to get in touch with us by DM or email at info@mocda.org


The funds from DAO will allow us to design and install exhibitions in our building located within Decentraland University, the educational district. We have been collaborating with the Decentraland University team since 2019, creating high-standard exhibition displays.


Serena Tabacchi: Co-founder/Director

Filippo Lorenzin: Artistic Director

Bruno Pitzalis: Art Innovation, Brand Awareness

Dominic Perini: Co-Founder, Tech Advisor

Tom Van Avermaet: Co-founder/Curator

Marie Chatel: Curator

Chiara Braidotti: Curator

Anastasia Pineschi: Curator

Manuela Della Monica: Social Media Manager

Roadmap and milestones

June-8th July 2022: MoCDA Digital Summer Show 2022 is installed

9 July 2022: Public opening of the exhibition during the Decentraland Art Week followed by a curatorial tour hosted by MoCDA with the selected students

25th July: Public opening of “Edge Studies”, the solo show of National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey

26th September: Public opening of the Permanent Collection display

7th October: Public opening of the group show “Not Only RGB”

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I don’t see how you will use the Funds exactly?

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Thanks for asking, we are sorry if it isn’t clear. The funds will be primarily used to cover the cost of setting up the exhibitions with the help of the Decentraland University team and provide fees to the artists involved.

You need 35K for 3 exhibitions to put up NFTs in a frame?

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Each exhibition takes months of work for a number of professionals, including curators, artists and of course the developers. Our mission is to critically present art and offer as many opportunities of dialogue as possible to the public, an approach that demands careful thinking and planning. Beyond the three exhibitions, among which there is a project developed with the specific purpose of supporting art students from around the world (Cuba, Italy, UK, India, Austria, USA, the Netherlands) who want to learn about new ways to present their works in Decentraland, we will continue hosting events and talks aimed at both Decentraland members and the general public. Furthermore, we will open the Permanent Collection display in September that will be updated on a monthly basis.

Regarding the nature of the works, most of those we have exhibited so far weren’t NFTs; we believe in not excluding any artists, no matter whether they mint or not.

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Are you able to list all expenses?

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Yes, thanks for checking. The following concern only the special exhibitions, not the Permanent Collection display and the update of the building:

  • The fee for the developers setting up a single exhibition is $5000
  • Every project is curated by two curators whose fees will be $1000 each
  • The fees for the 5+ artists featured in the October exhibition will be $600 each
  • Each exhibition is accompanied by no less than three events involving 2+ external experts. The fee will be 200 each.
    In total it is $27,600.

As mentioned, we will open the Permanent Collection display in September that will need to be updated often because it will welcome new works on a monthly basis. There will be an up-front cost of $5000 for the setting up of the display and then the fees for the speakers attending the special events in Decentraland.


Hello @FilippoLorenzinMoCDA

Good Morning hope you are having a good one! I like the idea of bridging the gap between IRL and Meta, personally am not too informed about your project or your past events so I have a few of questions.

  1. Have you gotten DAO funds for previous events?
  2. Are any of your team members actively engaging with the Decentraland community
  3. Are your names claimed? ( I noticed the wallet you submitted the proposal with does not have a claimed name)
  4. Any way you could provide Land analytics for your events rather then POAP numbers? POAPs get botted a lot so POAP claims are not accurate numbers, Judging by the dates when Memento Minti and (dont not) touch they were held pretty much at the height of the bull market more population = more potential bots (in my opinion).
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@SinfulMeatStick I would just like to add a couple of responses in to your very valid questions as I am the one who first introduced MoCDA to Decentraland in 2020.

1- MoCDA have been doing exhibitions in Decentraland for over 2 years and never applied for DAO funding.
2- They are engaged with us - Decentraland University District - a community of contributors established in December 2017. Aside from their gallery in the University district, in the very early days of Decentraland, the founder of MoCDA used to do a regular, and pretty high profile live stream into the KO Gallery that was created and hosted by Decentraland. It was a great support to this community in the early days of DCL when the numbers were a fraction of what they are today.
3- Not sure why this is relevant. But if it helps, I first brought them into Decentraland in 2020 and showed them around and I am sure the 2 founders did register names because back then you couldn’t type a guest name and I remember them having their names - but that is their business imo.
4- No they cannot because the scene is not coded to collect analytics. Decentraland have gone to great measures to implement anti-botting measures for the POAP system and that was used for the last event and will be used for the next. In events since the POAP changes, POAP numbers have tightly correlated with other analytics collected in scenes so we have no reason to think the same wouldn’t be true in the MoCDA building. Analytics can easily be rolled out by utilising the logging that was used in the recent Career Fair that was hosted in the University District.

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MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art: Public Exhibitions Program 2022

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 59% 2,453,561 VP (46 votes)
  • No 41% 1,741,956 VP (9 votes)
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Hi @FilippoLorenzinMoCDA ,

Congratulations on receiving a Grant to contribute to Decentraland! Our mission is to support grantees to update their progress and achieve their goals, and thus contribute to the growth of this great community that is Decentraland.

Here is some information that will be helpful for you:

  • Your Grant TIER is 4, your current status is PASSED. The DAO Committee is working on your Vesting Contract, which will be available in a few days. You can check in your Proposal Page to see when your Grant turns into ENACTED.

  • It’s very important to share your progress with the community. Inside your grant proposal -in the Decentraland governance platform- you will find a Project Update Section to publish updates once a month for transparency purposes.

  • Here you can find FAQS answered that might help you.

  • We invite you to join the Decentraland DAO monthly town hall -on the 2nd Thursday of each month 05:30pm to 06:30pm (UTC-3)-, which is a great way to share your updates with the community.

  • We will also create a dedicated Discord channel (inside the DAO Discord server **on the Grants Database section) for your grant, to easily stay in touch with the community.

  • Here you can find the Terms & conditions of the grant program.

Do you use Discord? It is where the DCL community “lives”. Please let us know your address so we can reach out.

If you have any inquiries please drop us a line at pablo.lewin@decentraland.org / Discord: Palewin#9757

Have a good journey!

The Grant Support Squad

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MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art: Public Exhibitions Program 2022

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x02d2c06c5e28630fde8baa08fbb39c3261f33b02
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Hi @FilippoLorenzinMoCDA !
Have you seen this message? Would you send us an email or a message on Discord to onboard you as a grantee? This is your dedicated Discord Channel.
Thanks in advance!

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Hello! Yes, thank you for your help and confirmation. Here’s my Discord: Filippo Lorenzin#4698

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Hello everyone, here’s the new updates:

  • After the successful opening of the Digital Summer Show 2022, a group show featuring 30 works by international art students, we hosted a live event to present the project and meet the students on July 16th
  • We are currently working hard on the planning of the future public events of the Digital Summer Show aimed at letting the students present their works and practices. These are amazing opportunities for the public to learn about talented emerging creatives that show art in Decentraland for the first time
  • Our team is designing the layout of the ground floor of our building so that we can open smaller scale exhibitions and host talks natively in Decentraland using the voice chat function. We are focusing on projects that bring education and engagement opportunities to the Decentraland community
  • Our curators have selected the artists for the show opening in early October and will meet the Decentraland University team very soon to start planning the layout and check with the artists how the works will be displayed
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