[DAO: QmRSdVT] Museum 2.0: Keep activating international artists to DCL + scaling solutions

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Museum wants to continue onboarding people and teams to its art platform and we want to provide a premium experience for brands to be able to do so. For that we need more devs, 3D modeling help, and mkt and biz dev help.

Our community already holds a fan base of millions of users and we want to continue growing and start to take advantage of this.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Creating cultural relevant activities that help gather the community around different art and social events and pushing forward the experiences that we can do with this. We have been developing experiences for the DOG project of PleasrDAO, the gather of funds for Lajos and others. We want to bring international artist to the space and help the community explore new kinds of digital art with NFTs such as generative art, metaverse sculptures, wearables in an organic and unique way.

We are building up momentum on onboarding international artists and projects to the platform. Our goal is to provide a cool and professional experience to these brands every time, with the best we can provide as a platform, and the engagement we can generate with the right resources.

So facing the challenge of a bigger amount of artists and brands wanting to be in the district, we want to generate memorable assets and also make the museum platform better for brands and be able to execute a bigger scope.

We need resources for platform scaling, new premium artist activations and new artistic projects.


New Artists : Event Production, design + sdk work, Artist wearables, etc

Scaling (front end) : Explore scaling solutions based on location, scene or others

Scaling (back end) : More Admin tools and features, we are currently using VueJS

Biz Dev Support : Support on selecting and creating key business relationships


Nicolas Ruggieri (design, dev)
Marcelo Quinzio (3D)
Damian Trimboli (dev)
Carlos Ripetta (design)
Lucas Palomeque (meme advisor)
Lara Fahler (community mgmt.)

Potential Hires:
Cloe Sierchuk (sdk)
Round 14 - Damian Caruso (Dev Studio)

Roadmap and milestones

Q1 2022

Biz Dev
We aim to close our first investment round during Q1. To do so we are starting our full time biz dev operation during jan and aiming to close between 2 to 3 MM.

Reach 2K followers within our twitter and instagram accounts to start showing more presence in the social media.


We have events confirmed for January and February. Part of the Biz dev efforts would be to set up the agenda for March and April in advance.

Add new features for our front and back end.

Happy to communicate our progress on monthly basis. We want to have all the scaling solutions explored in the first quarter, and make an upgrade to our backend features that is connected to the scaling solutions we use as well. Among other features in the works.

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Museum 2.0: Keep activating international artists to DCL + scaling solutions

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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Museum 2.0: Keep activating international artists to DCL + scaling solutions

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recent updates

more coming soon!


Wow, great job! Good to see this update, Museum District is really cool~

update on our progress.

The last months we activated artists like OG Crystals, Sephora Venites, and Aaron Nachtailer for Venice Basel event. also onboarded brands like Mango and Hyundai. Among other redesigns

next : we are starting to close deals and talks with the next wave of projects, artistic and brands. We are also starting some optimizations for get better loading times

no big challenges yet