[DAO:ggoryve] Gallery and events space in DCL focused on female creators

by 0xc0eb73cd541bd5d25096f471e047724d0301fcfb (GIRLGANG#fcfb)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


*** Resubmitting based on feedback***

The Girl Gang Gallery will be an extension of the brand Girl Gang and utilizing the audience we’ve built since 2018 to onboard more female creatives to DCL. Our gallery will be a space in DCL to highlight female led projects, artists, and provide free resources to women who want to learn more about DCL and blockchain technology. This will be achieved through curated events, a dedicated website of resources that can be accessed through the gallery space, and strategic partnerships with existing spaces to host large scale events. For Girl Gang, we’ve held events focused on highlighting women in STEM in partnership with Shopify at their Los Angeles location, for example. We’d like to bring these to DCL.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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Our project is focused on solving the problem of the lack of women building and participating in the metaverse. Girl Gang is a great solution to solve this as we have built a community of 70,000 female creative, founders, and innovators (@girlgangthelabel on instagram).

By providing content, community, and events targeted to women interested in the metaverse I think Girl Gang can help onboard more women to DCL.


Creating a website highlighting women building in DCL, highlighting opportunities in DCL, content focused on the basics of blockchain, and a community hub for women to network and connect.

The domain girlgang.io has already been purchased to create this hub. Creating the Girl Gang Gallery in DCL, a gallery for art curation, discovery, and events geared towards women.

Have a dedicated newsletter with exclusive offerings and events for the women in DCL.

Build out content to educate. Reach out to blockchain and IRL companies to get access to discounts and information the Girl Gang community in DCL will find useful. Work with female creators that join the community to help them find resources to build in DCL themselves.


Amy Will

Founder of Girl Gang the Label, Host of Girl Gang the Podcast, and designer of the Girl Gang Decentraland Wearables collection features in Metaverse Fashion Week.

Girl Gang the Label is a female empowerment brand sold online as well as partnerships with Nordstrom, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and retailers across North America. Our line was turned into a wearable collection for Decentraland and featured in Metaverse Fashion Week with a storefront courtesy of Rarible. We have also started working with female creators to launch projects in the metaverse including a collaboration with candle maker Cent.Ldn. This was a physical candle with an NFT attached of a rendering and exclusive music created by Daniel Allan. The Girl Gang X Cent.Ldn candle was highlighted in High Snobiety along with other fashion outlets.

Girl Gang the Podcast is a podcast highlighting female creatives from brands like Uber, Nike, and female founders. The podcast has been featured on Marie Claire for Top Female Podcasts to watch in 2021.

Amy is the author of Launching and Building A Brand For Dummies which is sold at retailers across 100 countries.

Amy was a panelist at the University of Southern California Blockchain Conference in 2021 speaking about how to bring more women to blockchain projects.

She would like to take the audience built and merge it with a need she sees for more women learning, connecting, and building in a place like Decentraland.

Roadmap and milestones

I will share progress updates on the Girl Gang Gallery landing page I will create dedicated to the gallery as well as provide an option email list to be notified when updates occur. Below is a list of timeline goals that outline the launch of the community we are hoping to build in DCL.

2022 Q4

Build out the space in DCL to host events and highlight women in web3.

Create a landing page to capture information and have a space to notify people interested in learning about how to create a profile in Decentraland and visit the gallery.

Book female musicians, artists, and panelists to be featured and participate in the gallery. Provide an events calendar for 2023 Q1.

2023 Q1

Host events in the Girl Gang Gallery and start working with the community of women to make sure we are available to answer questions and incorporate them in building a space to support women.

Launch content streams dedicated to educating women how they can get involved in DCL as well as how everyone can support the next generation of female creators in the metaverse.

2023 Q2

Launch the first Girl Gang Gallery Week highlighting the work we’ve done and community we are building and have a fundraiser focused on providing resources to girls who code.

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Hello GirlGang

I noticed you deleted your Proposal for 40k USD and submitted this one for 3k. I once again would like to refer to you our lovely community member @tangpoko I feel like she will be able to connect you to the right people to achieve your goal ^.^

Hi Amy! Tangpoko here - please do reach out!
Twitter: @tangpoko
Discord: tangpoko #8857

Hi @SinfulMeatStick - I replied to your feedback on the last proposal, hoped you got an alert, and put the disclaimer on the top that I resubmitted based on initial feedback. I’m looking forward to connecting with the people you suggested, I think starting small to get it off of the ground and reaching out to partners can help relieve a huge portion of the budget I originally allocated can help bring this to life. I hope DCL is a partnership to bring the Girl Gang community to life as I really enjoyed being part of the first Metaverse Fashion Week with Rarible and see huge value in having a permanent space. Thank you again and I’m here to answer any direct questions if you change your mind.

Hi @tangpoko looking forward to connecting! I will reach out on discord and here to answer any questions you have. We have a large community IRL through our platform on Instagram @girlgangthelabel and I’m hoping to activate more female members to the DCL community. I had a great experience working with Decentraland to launch our wearables collection, the Support Your Local Girl Gang collection in the marketplace, as part of one of the official partners in Metaverse Fashion Week. I hope to continue to bridge our Web2 company to a creative hub like DCL. Here is also my personal email: amy@girlgangthelabel.com. Thank you and chat soon!

Hey Hi, there are a lot of amazing ladies holding really nice spots in DCL you can contact any one of them, as sinful suggest tangpoko &the baby dolls, U can talk to marayanaDCL Maryana#8533 who has a build and is a CEO of Bverse a Metaverse Consultancy -30,-108 for ur needs and host events and Ladylove LadyLove#0790 who has a Ladies Lounge 7,-47 in Decentraland.

Hi @Dhingia ,

Thank you so much for your feedback. As we’ve hosted a popup in DCL, I see huge value in having a version of our brand permanently in DCL to help onboard more women. I hope the community will see value in dedicating more space and resources to bring females in. I have experience with pop ups IRL as well as DCL and think that both would be beneficial to the community. Girl Gang collaborating with existing spaces in DCL as well as having our own space to collaborate with others and onboard new female users. I’m here to answer any questions if you have any as well! I feel very passionate about bringing our brand to life in a permanent way here.

Hi GirlGang, Welcome to our community!

As a female user in the Decentraland community since 2019, I can assure you the female presence in the Metaverse is alive, well, and growing. I’d love to ask a few more questions so I can better see what direction you’re hoping to go in on your Decentraland journey. You say you want to build an art gallery and event venue, do you already own or rent land in Decentraland? Have you published any wearables outside of fashion week? Do you regularly visit Decentraland and connect with members of our community?

Additionally can you break down your expenses a little further? What will the $3000 be spent on?

I know many women in the space who are doing things similar to what you are proposing, so it would be great if you could connect and see what is already out there.
Thank you! ~Canessa

@Canessa Thank you so much! I own LAND in DCL, the first NFT I purchased in January 2020 was a parcel of LAND in Decentraland so I feel very connected to the project as it was introduction to this sector in blockchain. My main focus would be onboarding new females that are not as familiar with how to navigate this. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two years teaching women how to create wallets, and the basics of blockchain, through this I’ve seen a barrier to entry for some female creatives and I think they would benefit the community and the community would hopefully love seeing what they could create. A project I worked on in a more detailed way was using my brand to create a collaborative NFT project with female candle maker CENT.LDN. This project landed a feature on High Snobiety and created interest in other female creatives to learn about what they could do in the space.

Ultimately, I respect if the Decentraland community feels the female representation is adequate for onboarding new users and I’d be happy to continue collaborating with existing communities as I think everything out there is great. I am a member of the Ladies Lounge Discord group and got to participate in the first Twitter spaces where I spent most of the time chatting about Decentraland with other members, what everyone was building, and think everything out there is amazing!

I feel very confident in my ability to dedicate time, resources, and create something that will bring more women to the space if that is what the community desires, it is how I would love to see Decentraland personally!

We launched a collection of 6 items with Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week in our PopUp in the Rarible Emerging Designers Zone. That is the only collection we have launched, we took our “Support Your Local Girl Gang” hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees, that we sell IRL and created them as wearables. For any wearable products in the future, I see us collaborating with female creatives to launch new items. My brand IRL focuses on this as well. We have our merch line items and have launched 20+ collaborative products with companies like Peanuts, Nordstrom, The Beverly Hills Hotel, ROW DTLA, Shopify, and more. I’d love to see that happen in DCL as well.

For budget breakdown - we will be paying for the design assets to bring the gallery to life and my company will be covering the difference for what is needed beyond the grant. I hope, if this moves forward, and the community sees the offerings we can provide on events and new users, Girl Gang can continue working with the DAO to grow more in the upcoming year.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and I’m happy to answer anything else. I hope you and the community see the value in this so Decentraland can be the place we bring this dream to life.

Thank you!


We do have some amazing woman focused communities such as Tanpoko and Maryanna, CK and Wisher Vodka etc I believe there is room for many more. No single community appeals to everyone’s taste. And each can take things in a unique direction.

I think it is important to allow others to create their versions that aren’t copycats of what is already in existence. What will make your community and offering different?

Do you have a plan to onboard followers for community growth and awareness to DCL?

You mentioned some interesting names. Are they showing interest in getting into DCL or are you hoping to entice them with what you build

I have voted yes and I would love to connect to see how we can be helpful to each other as well. Cheers to the ladies (and the men and anyone else I missed)

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only if I can get a pair of those heels! JK You know KLow loves her heels. I voted yes. the project looks gorgeous

Gallery and events space in DCL focused on female creators

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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