[DAO: QmU6qC4] Wearables Request — Allow Creator to Publish a Variation of a Similar Item?

by 0xe58d9940a395d303e691dbe0676710d9c140101a (Archonomous)

Hello DCL Community~

I am a creator of wearables, among other 3D assets, and have recently submitted this two-Mythic-item collection for review :

Upon submitting, I learned of similar items (halos) that were submitted for review about a week prior by user @DaddyChang :

While the symbol of a ‘halo’ in gaming and elsewhere is quite common, here is why I believe both collections should be able to have their designs approved:

  1. In both collections, the halos are Mythic, meaning that there will still be a very low supply of these within Decentraland overall

  2. The scale, glow color, and placement on the Avatar is different for each collection (click the Forum link below to see a side-by-side comparison)

  3. The item naming is different enough as to not be confusing on the marketplace (“Halo of Light” & “Archangel’s Halo”)

The question is, are both items unique enough to be individually approved for the metaverse of Decentraland?

Thank you for your participation.

  • Yes, both items are unique.
  • No, both items are too conceptually similar.

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This is comical because I too was working on a horns and halos collection… :sweat_smile:

But to chime in on what you’re talking about - I completely agree with you on this. I believe new collections with items similar to those that already exist should be accepted on the grounds of individual differences in the design, as you’ve pointed out.

Allow the market to decide which is the more appealing product.


I think, at some point, everyone considered halos and devil horns. I’m sure wings are next.

Anyway, this could go one of two ways:

  1. We end up destroying the integrity of the wearables program with hundreds of unoriginal counterfeits with “10% variation!!!” (BAD)
  2. We end up with legit variations on a theme (GOOD)

Ultimately, though, I feel like wearables creators are forming brands for themselves, and customers will decide which ‘brand’ of a particular look they like the best. I don’t think it’s exactly fair to nix a creator submitting something that theyve been working on for weeks just because someone beat them to the punch by a few hours.

At the same time, allowing variations will require more careful review to prevent counterfeiting/copycat submissions. It’s a slippery slope, honestly.

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@Ecto Oh wow, comical indeed - I suppose we all went for the same fruit, which isn’t surprising considering how common of a symbol the halo is for avatars in general.

@arnj_joe “wearables creators are forming brands for themselves” - I couldn’t agree more with you on this, but with the current system of having to create a new unique collection name every time a creator publishes a set of items (instead of adding to an existing collection), the marketplace will eventually become flooded with collection names which will ultimately hurt consistent brand-building for creators (this is getting into the weeds a bit, but is still relevant - it’s already getting challenging navigating the wardrobe in-game).

I also agree that it’s a slippery slope and a lot of time-intensive work to maintain a high level of item integrity and quality in the marketplace. Creators also should not be limited by another creator beating them to the punch as you said.

As my small wearable collection is under review at the moment, it was recommended that I publish this DAO poll as a part of the process - I’m curious if that will be requested of all derivative wearable submissions moving forward, or if there’ll be another solution for handling these matters.

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I agree, but didn’t realize this was part of this conversation. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. So many collections with one single item in it, dozens and dozens of collections to scroll through, and not only that, have you seen the market place recently? It’s flooded with hundreds of copies of the same wearable that must be scrolled through page after page after page in order to get to something else. It’s a real mess.

We’re in a situation with the wearables market where everyone is just rushing to put out content right now (presumably to be “first”) and this rush causes the quality of items released to drop compared to what they could be if more time was spent perfecting them before submission.

EDIT to include: I’ve personally been working on an object for a while on the back burner, and I recently saw that someone has submitted something that’s beat me to the punch. If I can make an objectively “better” wearable, should that wearable be thrown in the garbage can just because someone else pushed out something simple and beat me to it?
I don’t know. I don’t want to open the door to thousands of copycat items, but I don’t think that a creator should be barred from submitting their creations just because someone else took a shortcut on a similar wearable and won the ‘race’.