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Angels & Demons I

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Archangel’s Halo

Archdemon’s Horns

Hello, perhaps this sprite would stand out a bit better against the white background —


got a competitor on a Halo lol, wut color is urs?

Collection 'Daddy Chang's Mythic Relics 00' created by DaddyChang is ready for review! - #3 by DaddyChang hope urs ain’t yellow too cuz we gon have to compete fo da price lol

Lol I feel like items like halos are gonna be replicated and created by many artists in the future, it’s such a stupidly common thing

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@Xeta, this was my feeling as well.
@DaddyChang, I saw your halos as I was wrapping this collection up and thought about that very question. I feel that since we are both publishing them as mythic and since the scale and placement is quite different on the avatar, it shouldn’t be too competitive, but I’d also like to hear what others think.

Other sprite has been updated, as well —

yea i hope so too, cuz size n distance different fo sure, if they got different gears they wanna match with one might go better wit da other! i’m just thinking on buyer’s perspective if two them da same colour prolly wanna get da cheaper one since both mythics lol. yea be cool if we don’t gotta compete da price fo sure

Hi @Archonomous, thanks for your submission

It seems you are using the skin material for the horn, if you want to have a consistent color please rename it.

Screenshot 2021-07-13 122111Screenshot 2021-07-13 122134

Please adjust your thumbnails to be 512x512 px ,

The horn surface is not smooth, do you want to adjust that?.

Screenshot 2021-07-13 123812

Regarding halo been duplicated or not , you may want to send a proposal to the DAO to let the community decide.

Thank you!!

  • Halo of Light on the left
  • Archangel’s Halo on the right
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Thank you for your in-depth feedback, @vrglitch ~

  • I will revisit the horn mesh to see about smoothing it more, but in-game you don’t notice the subtle triangulation as there is a 30% glow on the material which washes out all shading on the the item - is this okay?

EDIT 2, I updated the .GLB model in the editor, it should now be smoother.

  • For the skin material on the horn, that was intentional and I’d like to keep it that way if possible. I want the horns to be dynamic and seem as if they are a part of the character, so I thought it’d be a neat idea to add a bit of glow to the natural avatar skintone for the horns.
  • For the halo variation, I will create a post on the DAO for this and will copy the link here once that is live — I appreciate the suggestion.

EDIT 1, here’s the link: Wearables Request — Allow Creator to Publish a Variation of a Similar Item?

  • Lastly, I will update the thumbnails for each item

EDIT 3, done.

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Hello @vrglitch, just checking in with this to see what the progress is — do we need to wait until the end of the month for the DAO poll to complete before progressing? Thank you!

Thanks for your patience. Your collection has been approved!

Thanks so much! I appreciate all of your help, @vrglitch.

Hello @vrglitch, I noticed a couple of flipped normals on the halo mesh and I’d like to update the GLB. Is it possible to reject the collection so that I may upload the edited file? I will alert you again here once the fixed files are uploaded. Thanks in advance!

Hello, a quick bump to see about re-opening this collection for edits, as I have the GLBs tested and ready to go - thank you, @vrglitch !

You should be able to make the update, let me know when you are ready.
Thank you.

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Collection is updated, tested, and good to go! Much appreciated.

Oops, forgot to tag you @vrglitch

Collection approved. Thank you

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