[DAO: QmPZcC1] Wearables Request — Allow Creators to Publish New Items to an Existing Collection

by 0xe58d9940a395d303e691dbe0676710d9c140101a (Archonomous)

Hello, Residents of Decentraland ~

This poll requests the ability for L2 wearables Creators to publish items to an existing wearables collection that they manage. This will allow Creators to expand existing collections within their ‘brand’ without having to plan and create every item within the collection beforehand. Of course, additions to existing collections would still require the same review by the Wearables Committee as any other item would prior to being published to the metaverse.

The reason for suggesting such an improvement is to allow for future expansion to existing collections, as well as to keep the collections within the marketplace and in-game wardrobes relatively organized. There are already Creators with a handful of separate published collections that may be better suited to live all in one collection, if the system allowed to add to existing contracts.

Ease of technological implementation aside, this poll constitutes a community ’ ‘temperature check’ to get the issue out into the world and start discussing quality of life improvements such as these. Thank you for considering this request.

  • Yes, allow Creators to publish new wearables to their existing collections.
  • No, continue to require Creators to make a new collection with each wearables submission.

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