[DAO: QmQDThG] Enhance flexibility for wearables creators in collections

by 0x5a659a97dfbd423a8824d472c879135b7e6c2227 (deadstock)

As it stands today, wearables creators must publish the entirety of their collection at once. There is no ability to add to it after it’s originally been published. For any creator trying to bring new items to market on a regular rhythm - versus all at once at the beginning - this leads to a bad consumer experience, as the newer wearables must be created, approved and published in a new collection with a different name.

Creators should have the ability to flow newness into their existing collection over the course of a year, thus creating excitement with avatars/players and a reason to revisit a shop/marketplace. Imagine: sneaker drops from your favorite creator 4x/year or apparel creators launching t-shirts and jackets on a seasonal basis, all under a single, easy to shop collection taxonomy. In other metaverses, the artist has the ability to do this.

This proposal specifically is to enable artists to manage their collection by adding items over time instead of the collection being locked in upon the initial mints. To be clear, the proposal calls for the same DAO item-level approval as happens now. This is decidedly NOT a proposal asking the DAO to grant approval on the first items and then carte blanche ability for the artist to do whatever they want in the later ones. The DAO will still maintain approval at the item level, and artists will revert back to the DAO when ready to extend their lines of product. This change would simply allow artists to choose whether to publish in a separate collection or to add to their existing, likely master, collection.

Ultimately, it is DCL players that benefit as they will be able to more clearly track newness and shop from artist collections they prefer. Plus, the marketplace browsing will be less cluttered. As it stands today, many artists have multiple collections - upwards of 10 - and to scroll through these takes time for the shopper. Allowing an option of a single master collection will streamline browsing and buying for DCL consumers.

  • Allow wearables creators to add new items to existing collections, assuming DAO item approval
  • Do not allow any new items to be added to existing collections, even if DAO has approved the item
  • Invalid question/options

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