[DAO: QmSpp6X] Decentral Comedy presents STREAM-X - 4 DAYS/96 HOURS of COMEDY in DECENTRALAND!

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Comedy is becoming a staple in Decentraland and the users absolutely LOVE IT! As a self funded start-up, 10 months ago we set out to prove that comedy has a platform in the virtual world. With over 15 successful shows including the first Comedy in the metaverse, MIC DROP; we are back with a brand-new festival comedy concept STREAM-X - The First Metaverse Podcast Festival.

Over the past 10 months Decentral Comedy has been testing the comedy concept in the virtual world through various types of shows and experiences, including MIC DROP - Feb. 23-26. 2022

We have focused on homing in on the best comedy experience possible a user can have by taking the 20 years of comedy experience our team has in the real world and testing in DCL.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



In Feb. 2022, Decentral Comedy took the Metaverse by storm with the world’s first ever Metaverse Comedy Festival, MIC DROP headlined by comedy superstar Gilbert Gottfried.
Decentral Comedy’s motto is “In it For the Laughs” and we want to bring these experiences to users of Decentraland for free and our next big project:

INTRODUCING STREAM-X - 96 HOURS of continuous content, accompanied with other interactive experiences such as AMA’s in Discord, Avatar “Meet & Greets”, special NFT wearable and NFT giveaways and more!

Comics such as Andrew Schulz, Artie Lange, Dan Soder, Shane Gillis, Tyler Morrison and so many more!!

May 25th-28th, 2022

Decentral Comedy Club, the brand new “DC podcast studio”, Decentral Games locations (casinos and more), any other partners that would love to be involved!

The Users in Decentraland will experience 96 continuous hours of comedy podcasts over the course of the 4 days. This format is made to appeal to ALL DCL users around the world, being able to tune in at any point in the day for comedy content! Users will have access to special shows such as interactive experiences such as AMA’s in Discord, Avatar “Meet & Greets”, special NFT wearable and NFT giveaways plus more!
STREAM - X will allow Decentral Comedy to introduce DCL as a platform to new comedians and be an opportunity to onboard top comedians into the space through a medium they are familiar with - podcasts.

Comedians are not known to be very tech savvy, so they too need a proven concept to see the potential. Our programming helps bridge the gap between what Zoom shows lacked in audience engagement but to onboard comedians to this platform they need to be shown that what we do isn’t just your average Zoom show - it truly is an interactive production!
STREAM - X will create a resident podcast studio in our Decentral Comedy club for USERS to access and have an opportunity to use the space. This will also be a space for comedians to use freely for future podcasts/events use once they fall in love with the DCL experience.
This festival will also serve as the launch pad for Decentral Comedy’s new original show/content combining comedy and the metaverse called Metaversus Mike, featuring one of the most poplar comics at the Mic Drop festival – MIKE WILMOT – shows images and feedback about MIKE. This will be a Pilot project with 7 original episodes, the first of which debuting at the Stream-X Festival. (See attached document below)

To date Decentral Comedy has been a self-funded start-up wanting to prove to the users of Decentraland that WE ARE comedy in the Metaverse. Delivering content at the highest level we are aiming to enhance the user experience to DCL through this new flagship Decentral Comedy project.

From supporting our grant application Decentraland users, landowners, mana holders and developers will see:
• An amazing and fun experience for the community itself
• Promotion and onboarding of new comics and through these comics, we will be able to tap into their massive engaged fanbases to generate new users
• Development of our podcast studio
• Development of pilot episode of Metaversus Mike
• Development of onboarding tools such as video step by step guide
• Website/Marketing/Promotion
• The genesis of consistent comedy content regularly streaming into Decentraland

Please see: FULL PROPOSAL ATTACHED: DCL DAO_Grant Application_Decentral Comedy.pdf - Google Drive


The Decentral Comedy team will be utilizing our in real life relationships that we have built in the industry to onboard top tier talent with large, dedicated followings into the metaverse. We will be working with our video/audio production partners to create simple, easy to follow instructional material for talent to be able to participate not just in this event but in the future whether that be a simulcast of their content or in avatar form. Our aim is to bring influential people into the space so that they continue to develop within this new way connecting with comedy fans. We will be strategically onboarding talent who have a large heavily engaged fanbase that we can educated and convert into users. This talent also serves as the marketing due to their podcasts being major platforms. As we are very in tune with this part of the industry, we are confident that we can make it work two-fold not just in terms of getting big names into the space but having them become spokespeople for the project.

We will be employing experienced developers to create the space for the Stream-X events so that it is the optimal user experience for viewing/listening as well as interacting with festival talent. The studio space will then serve as a legacy space for the Decentral Comedy project to stream continuous content for users in Decentraland to enjoy and interact with. We will be working with DCL Connect to produce uninterrupted high-quality streams of the content that way users have the best possible entertainment without buffering and resolution issues.

We will be working with talent, writers, and productions teams to create customized original content for the festival and beyond that is relatable and fun for the Decentraland Community.


Our team has over 20+ years hosting comedy festivals and producing shows with top-tier comedy talent from across North America. DC has established itself as the premium comedy entertainment provider throughout Decentraland since June of 2021. We have developed a strong network of comedians, comedy clubs, recording labels, studios, and live IRL venues to attract talent in to DCL and proven we can do it.
Our team:
Tyler Morrison - 20 years of standup comedy and performance/production to the organization. Access to premier talent are international having produced over 100 comedians and is a two-time Juno nominated producer and social media rainmaker.
Jade Sebek – First and foremost a massive comedy fan! A 15-year veteran in events sales and production, working with some of the largest events companies and conferences in the world.
Tim Morrison – A 20 year manager of operations for the fortune 500 company Unilock, and a key co-founder of DC.
Danny Mendlow - A developer in Film, Television and Digital projects and a Digital Marketing Strategist.
Ricky Letovsky - A writer and art, a dynamic content creator with experience providing production design and marketing collateral for print and social for prestigious clients the likes of Just For Laughs and the Producers Guild of America. A strong focus on the Crypto and NFT community for the past 15 months.
Our key DCL partners Decentral Games and Patrick/@blockchainpat/patmacs#8139 - our biggest supporters and friends!

Roadmap and milestones

Stream-X Milestones

April 2022
• Development of Podcast Space
• Onboarding of new comics/podcasts
• Production of original series Metaverse Mike
• Website update with new onboarding system
• Weekly promotional events leading up to STREAM-X
• Marketing and promotion of STREAM-X

May 2022
• Podcast Space deployed
• New partnerships with venues for STREAM-X
• Promotion of Decentraland and STREAM-X through comics/talent/influencers
• Website update with new onboarding system
• Weekly promotional events leading up to STREAM-X
• STREAM-X - May 25-28th, 2022

POST STREAM – X (which plans to be a re-occurring event) Decentral Comedy will continue utilizing the podcast space created within the DCL community + for podcasts that would like to continue streaming there shows into DCL post festival.
If received well, we will continue in the production of Metaversus Mike = more original content for DCL.

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very solid proposal, best of luck!

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Thank you very much!! And thank you to all that voted! Very excited to have your support and the one thing we can promise, this event will be a lot of fun! :stuck_out_tongue: :fire: :metal:

Decentral Comedy presents STREAM-X - 4 DAYS/96 HOURS of COMEDY in DECENTRALAND!

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Decentral Comedy presents STREAM-X - 4 DAYS/96 HOURS of COMEDY in DECENTRALAND!

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