[DAO: Qmf7Zhm] I stream. I want money for coffee to stream longer

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (helpimstreaming)

Should the following Tier 1: up to $1,500 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


I’m a daily stream. Daily coffee and shnacks means I stream longer which in turn makes more awareness for dcl. I actually stream a lot of gameplay. Please, if u strong hand a no I want legit replies as to why.

Grant size

1,260 USD

Beneficiary address



I’m after some money for my stimulants to keep me up and ready for longer. (strong arm emoji)


so when I’m going home to stream I like to buy a coffee so I last well long… although, it is quite spenny. (expensive)


me - stream actual dcl gameplay, like so much but its quite consuming with my funds as i am a living being not just an online entity.

Roadmap and milestones

  • get grant
  • get coffee and shnacks daily
  • stream more
  • stronger streams
  • hold it in longer (maybe tie a knot in it)
  • reach final form of dcl wizard

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If some “Fashion School Graduate” can ask for a 2,500 grant for a crappy bucket hat and very simple 3D model reskins, why can’t helpimstreaming get a 1,500 grant to keep streaming.


i really hope people understand why i put this up. one reason is because i can literally word this differently and upload it tomorrow and the next day and the next. i dont think there should be a vetting system for the dao but maybe just a little bit of moderation? just to stop me voting no/yes on the same stuff over and over again in the span of 1 week. this is not a serious dao post. i am going to stream dcl anyway, that will never stop. but… actually free coffee?? yea maybe this is serious… maybe the dao should pat my head and feed me.

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Voting Yes, you are doing an amazing work!

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Personally, when I vote on the DAO, I think more about the people than the proposal itself, if I think he can bring good things to decentraland with an extra of motivation and support and engage the continuation of his work. Your streams have a good vibe for me and I think is a good content about decentraland to show to the world.

Recently I suddenly saw of a ton of articles with the same title “metaverse is boring”, and I think your streams as well as Kevin, Tobik and others (Sorry for not metioning everyone but those are the main I have been following) are demonstrating the opposite to the s**t some media published and was viral.

It’s clear that decentraland still have to grow to be fully of entertainment, but I really trust this year is going to explode in content like games or any interactivety that makes users spend time in decentraland, and again, I think your stream is a good tool to communicate it to the world.


Voted yes, you right man we have to finance your coffee


Some of these proposals are making a strong case for adding some sort of fee to create proposals


There is a 100 VP minimum to make a proposal… People are very quick to take this troll proposal serious and deny it but the Fashion Graduate proposal passed in less than a week for a grant to make wearables LOL I don’t even know what is a serious proposal anymore after that last one… This seems like a fair reaction to me whether it is petty or not… We should be able to ask the Dao for anything now right?

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LOL if you were a Fashion Graduate that streamed, this would have passed and you would have a shipment of free coffee on its way :rofl:


Or maybe if I was a YouTuber you would vote yes for me too :sob:
Update: will make 1 dcl YouTube vid

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It’s rejected, it needs the threshold to be 1 Million VP (that means the difference between “yes” votes and “no” votes, and it was having around 700K until yesterday)

Thanks for sharing, Im glad it didn’t pass even though it did go past the 1M threshold, maybe someone changed their vote last minute.

Plus if it passed i would no longer vote on the DAO or recommend for people to take the DAO serious because of this account below… Led the YES votes with No reflection in VP… And only a few called it out which is comedy to me.


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I was wrong the threshold is not the difference between yes and no. I changed my vote yesterday. However I would like to support this kind of proposals with more portfolio or knowing the person a bit more and how this person has been involved in decentraland.


Good to see you here @pablo. Thanks for stopping by. Think this post here is a rhetorical poll due to current dao momentum. The person on that post asking for a grant wither they knew it or not threw a massive amount of shade and insult to the community. To step into something new and immediately say they are not doing x , y , or z when most are is why they encountered heavy resistance. As the Spartans would of said choose your words carefully. Most people in this community have open arms and open doors. Greed and So called Woke Culture should have no place in this environment. This platform is global. We should respect all nations , religions, races, genders and creeds. Sure we will all bump heads here and there but from me even after a disagreement im say GM.


I appreciate you sharing Pablo. I agree with your point on supporting more proposals from people who are involved in Decentraland. I believe you value your water when you are the one carrying it… In other words… We should support people who have little resources and genuinely want to grow and help the community… The community has plenty of people within it ready to help anyone with open arms like Tengu said… If the person making the proposal has not even made the effort to go seek out partners or mentors within the community to build with then, i believe they should not be asking the DAO for any money…


i 100% agree there needs to be some kind of moderation at least to stop the same request multiple times. you get you some coffee

I stream. I want money for coffee to stream longer.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 15% 246,763 VP (20 votes)
  • No 85% 1,375,146 VP (23 votes)