[DAO:8197977] Emotional support with help from retail therapy

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (helpimstreaming)

Should the following $1,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


The DAO is kinda rocky and the daily discussions are depressing and toxic. I want to slowly buy decent items from the marketplace on stream to give away and rep. I believe we would all be happy with a bit of giving back to the people that are watching and pushing the Decentraland category on streaming sites be it straight up or winning events/games.

This wasn’t meant to be serious at all but now after writing it, I don’t see why it cant be serious. This is for using a very very small portion of DAO funds over a long period of time and spreading community and DAO love.

Grant size

1,000 USD in MANA

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



Fun and the opposite of boring.
This could hinder our sadness (poor us) and lighten the views of the DAO. Just think getting an item on stream which is actually from the DAO. They will have to love the DAO then!
“Thanks DAO” could be the future comments from citizens.

This will give back to the community be it by the creators I slowly splurge on or the citizens that gain a free (good quality) item.
I have a lot planned without the DAO, this would just make the participation more worth while, while also spreading the message that the DAO is a positive and fun thing and it is merely just personal human strife that gets in the way.

From day 1 I have always given value back, be it ‘WinMyFit’ on X/twitter, tournaments that span up to 12 weeks long, my 12 published wearables used for giving to viewers or to winners of games, or given to other streamers to incentivise viewer retention and more.

I would literally play non stop to get enough supplies to just give away.

You can now also get my wearables for free in GolfCraft.

I am a known member of decentraland, I even have my name on a GolfCraft wearable because of my prowess of golf and I think more so because of my commitment to dcl.

I also sometimes smell bad so I’m probably the most relatable dcl streaming citizen. I am apart of no group or clique by design.

I am Helpimstreaming xxx

Roadmap and milestones

This is very open and loose as it will be a down to a per stream basis. Some streams nothing may even get minted. I will make sure that the most is made out of it by making it last and by planning and playing games/events on stream that relate to Decentraland hosted outside of Decentraland on streaming services.
I believe I can make this last many months if not a whole year +.
The idea that you can get a (good quality) item is more powerful than getting one, but don’t be mistaken. I aint gonna sit there baiting it to do nothing.
I have and always have had loads of good ideas that will always be used in Decentraland with or without the DAO, this will just make it more worthwhile and more like its the DAO that is caring for pushing the dcl category on streaming sites.

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Regardless of your intentions, I think you should seriously look into writing a real proposal, start small like this and stream the F out of DCL. I’ve heard of you, good things, and streaming on youtube can be some excellent marketing. I think we need to incentivise our streamers a bit more in some way, similar to this idea you have. You do need to have the followers and views. For marketing DCL in return DCL should also do it’s best to market the streamers as well as reward them. Think about it.

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This would not help me stream the F out of DCL as I still have a job and life to lead outside of DCL but what it would do is help a major amount with what I do already with my streams, games inside of streams and content outside of streaming. All dcl related of course as helpimstreaming is a DCL born citizan.

In an ideal world I would love for dcl to fund me going back to streaming under the decentraland catagory for 240 hours a month again but that would be too much of an ask and not seen as worthwhile for the dao imo.
Well, I see it as worthwhile for sure but from my perspective of people in the dao perspective maybe not.

I have always mainly streamed on twitch with a total streaming hours being higher than a stoney eye session. I have streamed on kick once and never on YouTube as you can only use one platform with a streaming provider and I had to download a different provider to stream anywhere else. But, with the dao funding a small amount for viewship rewards and them being hand picked by me or the viewer, it will create a better experience and good attitude towards the decentraland eco system and dao and I would have no choice but to stream on YouTube and host things on each platform seperatly. My main goal is capturing and retaining dcl lifers. One of us one of us.

Right now I do believe YouTube would be the best option for gaining people but more so with funny shorts and clips of the stream being archived.

Spreading myself doing different streams on different sites is something I was about to do especially now the days are getting shorter. This would just be that extra incentive for retaining and gaining viewership and gaining decentraland citizens.

You all remember your first wearable you got, imagine if it was from the DAO and not out of a citizens backpack. Well, the DAO is the citizens but I know you get what I’m saying :slight_smile:

Would this make me stream more? For sure, I’ll feel like i have a duty handed to me by the DAO which I believe I am the best candidate for.

Would this require me to stream more? No, this is something that if I don’t stream for a week or so (everyone needs time out sometimes especially when it’s not a job) I can come back and nothing would of changed. As this is only for what I stated in the request, not for my services. I’m all about making this last as long as possible. Like I said the idea of maybe getting a really good quality wearable is more powerful than me just giving whatever out all the time.

Also I’ve never really played on the fact I’m giving anything away to promote my stream. I believe the patience I have always practiced with not selling myself out plays well into proving the fact that this is going to be a very long lasting thing for the dao to do and that whatever unserious dumb streamer vibe I may seem to be I am actually a responsible level headed asset to decentraland.

(taken from dao discord)
Anyone that publishes a wearable has a chance to be picked at any given moment. I believe if you have published a wearable you have a right to be chosen because of the commitment that shows to dcl.
but… peoples preferences and their own choice at that time when the option to choose is given is what makes it more powerful. it is a live experience.
there are also other factors like what i deem as a good quality wearable, price and also if it relates to the event or the day (real worldly events like valentines, Christmas ect)
Although I understand my opinions on wearables are subjective so my choice wouldn’t be the be all and end all. Different mechanics can happen for different events relating to the event or time of the event (polls/asking participants or striaght up asking the winner or viewer)
I think the fact I have zero relations to any wearable creator plays into this well too. I am not biased on any one in decentraland.

Heya, have a few clarifying questions:

1.) Can we see some stream stats/analytics? I looked at your twitch but not seeing any recent streams on there, there is a schedule but it hasn’t been upkept.
2.) Is all $1000 going towards buying wearables? Or would you be pocketing most of this?
3.) Do you think there is a way this could be formed to give more equal access to all streamers for giveaways, i.e. a giveaway system that streamers can sign up for to share with their viewers?
4.) The vesting schedule is 1 month, but it sounds like the intention is for the streaming to go on for an indefinite amount of time, can we have some more concrete timeframes here?

I know you’ve been around a long time and it’s always great to have you as a part of the community, however I’m a little skeptical of content creators that ask for funds/grants as opposed to relying on their own content creation income.


  1. The schedule was made 2 years ago and not updated (which i should update) but I stream as and when my time allows me. I took a little break due to work and have been back on streaming almost daily. and been streaming dcl for 2 years. I dont save VODS because im some times playing music and daily streams being saved when those streams are 3+ hours long aint gonna bring anyone in, i dont give any technical incite im just the #1 metaverse chiller and I cant post the vod when theres an event on with copywrited music.
  2. None of it will be pocketed, as mentioned this is only for what I stated and not for my services because I stream dcl anyway.
  3. I’d rather not be responsible for other people or make it so someone who might never have streamed before be incentivised to stream because of some gain they think they will get from this. If someone wanted help from me for their stream (if this passes or not) I would be inclined to listen to help but theres nothing stopping anyone else asking the same of the dao and then its up to the citizens to vote if they think they are respected enough.
  4. Yes indefinite, there could be a month where not much is minted or going on. I believe this ask and loose time frame is the only way it can be done without the fun being taken out of it. I cant say well ill only use x amount per month or week as its more about creating better value and relationship with the newer users and the events/games/comps/content I create. Streaming and being a streamer is spontaneous and holds a lot of character.

I rely on my job and my own funds have ALWAYS been a one way thing, never coming out from the dcl ecosystem and only in.

I really do understand being skeptical but this is how it has to be as my brand is being me and relating to the everyday user. I cant write up more info on when and how long it will last. This is a one time ask that i want to make the most out of. You might just have to judge my character and take a risk.

sorry i really rushed this reply as on break but i will go over it again later.

I know you will def put the system in place and actully get some people smiling while they enjoy playing and learning about decentraland! I still have one of my first NFT wearables and it came from you in a stream you had when i first played almost 2 years ago! if not longer
:pray: :fist_right: :muscle: :mechanical_arm:

I’ve only ever streamed dcl other than a few games of switch sports and I completed sonic adventure battle 2 again which was ez. But I had Decentrland on the screen during that time too.
99% of this is dcl and it was in the span of Dec 2021 to right this day. This also includes times where I would take upwards to a month off but I was always here.

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Can you try and buy from as many different “active” wearable creators as possible? (Active meaning they are still in Decentraland and showing activity). I like the idea of injecting some capital into the wearables market, I like that you’ll be able to spread some wearables to listeners, and I think this is a very small amount of $ to do something good with. Thanks for what you do :slight_smile:

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For sure! This has all been considered and makes sense to do this. One thing I’m struggling on is if 2nd hand market is a good idea. I think its not, but maybe in some cases it is okay? One case is for actual none dcl native brands like Penguin or Tommy I’d rather only mint from individual creators or people building inside dcl, but if I see them ridiculously cheap on 2nd maybe that’s okay as a one off?
My own opinion is no it’s not okay and I would just do that out of my own pocket to not sully this.

Another case is something only minted from a game on second that may not be available anymore, I believe if this is a one off or kept at >5% and not focused on one game then it’s okay. Still has to be a really good price and not from me or the same person or me with a hat on.

Either way I am going to keep a Doc of how much, who to, what day ect… until the whole thing is gone. (could be a very long time) It will also have on it if it was an item bought out of my pocket too. (that’s just for my knowledge but it’s better for me to have them both together)

Since posting this proposal I have streamed 65 hours. I wish I had time to do more as I really am my true self. Thank you everyone for voting and sharing your opinions.

The fact that your passive-aggressive, sarcastic, grant is going to pass is silly. It’d be more absurd, but there wasn’t more money in budget for you to request.

I’m sorry you read it as passive-aggressive and sarcastic. Hope you can learn to understand brand recognition.

Also this is 0% for me, if you feel it’s my grant and not just me providing a service for free from the dao then I’ll happily share the Doc with you in monthly intervals and discuss at length what is going on.

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It would be hard to have not read this as sarcastic, given the other proposals you submitted around the same time.

I’m not mad at you; I just think it’s silly.

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Bad timing and foresight I guess. We are all on a continuous path of learning and knowledge.
If its not just the delivery of the grant but the grant itself you find silly then I’d love to have feedback!

I have no qualms with the Dao paying the most active streamer promoting Decentraland $1k USD to support wearable creators and reward the community watching his content.

even if it turns out you aren’t the “most active” (which I think you are right now) It still seems like a good way to go.

I do generally agree with @esteban that “100 people getting 5k is better than 5 people getting 100k”

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Thank you, I will always be (or try to be) the most active streamer and I am doing everything I can to put my whole life here.

Emotional support with help from retail therapy.

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 77% 3,604,483 VP (93 votes)
  • No 22% 1,031,636 VP (15 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 2,948 VP (6 votes)

Emotional support with help from retail therapy.

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