[DAO:3oiaifq] Decentral Comedy Promo at Skankfest Vegas/Backstage Access to Skankfest for DCL

by 0xeb0b44525df3de89c7d915d6728c6404e65253e9 (ComedyMatriX#53e9)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Skankfest is a multi-day, nonstop comedy marathon, one of comedy’s largest in-person festivals, 150 top comedians/5000 dedicated fans from around the world.

With this grant we plan to:

  1. Market Decentraland as the ONLY Hub for Comedy in the Metaverse.

  2. Decentral Comedy will have behind the scenes access with our very own film crew (including a VR cameraman) to capture a behind the scenes experience to be streamed as content into Decentraland - The Decentraland Backstage Pass.

  3. An onboarding station for both comics and fans to personally walk them through the experience of what Decentraland has to offer.

Please see attached PPT for additional information:

Grant size

88,500 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



They say comedy and laughter bring people together, and we strongly believe that! With this grant funding we plan to create memorable content to share and enjoy within the Decentraland community, but mainly to utilize this unique platform to create a surge of new users coming into DECNTRLAND because of COMEDY!

This one-of-a-kind experience will bring the sold-out festival to a large, global audience and mainly bring fans and comics into DECENTRLAND.

Full festival lineup can be found here:

Our vison is, we want Decentraland to be the Hub for Comedy in the Metaverse.

Acquiring funding through the DAO will make it possible for Decentral Comedy to engage in a one-of-a-kind promotion to promote Decentraland directly to top comics and their fans alike.

Skankfest features a full lineup of over 150 talented acts across 6 stages, over a three-day period. Decentral Comedy is planning a full marketing campaign utilizing the Gas Digital Network and the SOLD-OUT comedy festival, Skankfest to promote Decentraland in a never-before-seen marketing play to onboard new comics and in turn their fans alike.

The marketing play we are proposing is more then just impressions and having a banner on websites, its personally being able to onboard and introduce the world of DCL to 150 top level comics (which will include their fanbase) and 5000 live fans, sending the message that Decentraland is where comedy lives and thrives in the Metaverse.


Skankfest GOLD Sponsorship Package + Attendance + onsite costs + additional promotion activities to onboard new users (wallet promo): $65,000

Decentral Comedy will plan and implement the full marketing campaign utilizing the Gas Digital network to promote DCL as the hub for comedy in the Metaverse the tailor made package for our unique set of needs includes:

● 3 Full Days Oct 14-16,2022 + Thursday night Opening Party - backstage access for exclusive content for DCL.
● A 12m. sq. booth located in the greenroom promoting DCL as “The Hub for Comedy in the Metaverse”. The booth will include a podcast station to record exclusive content with comics for the metaverse and onboarding stations for our staff to walk comics through the benefits of bringing their content (and in turn fan base) into this new world called Decentraland. We plan to work directly with the DCL Foundation on marketing efforts and we want to market DCL first and foremost at the festival and DC as the partner to ease the comics into the space.
● A campaign to directly onboard new fans with a portion of the grant funding going to NEW USERS that will set up a meta mask wallet on the spot and enter DCL for the first time = the ability to track.
● Logo will appear on all promotional material. Digital Footprint of Skankfest Vegas is expected to eclipse 30 million Impressions – Decentraland/DC will be included as a main sponsor on all of that.
● Video Footage and Pictures will feature your logo and team in live social media postings
● In-person attendance by the Decentral Comedy team for onboarding comics/fans
● Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes areas to generate awareness amongst comedians and attendees that the content will be accessible on an ongoing basis in DCL.
● 4 all access passes to do a giveaway in DCL or on social media these passes are worth $500 USD per ticket and the festival is sold out – cross promote comedy fans and DCL.
● Decentraland Green Room Podcast Station – first of its kind.
● Post Festival Email to all attendees featuring an exclusive promoting Decentraland as the Hub of Comedy in the Metaverse.

Content Streaming + Video Capture: $23,500
We will have a full team onsite to capture content exclusively for Decentraland capturing content (which in turn will encourage the attendee and GAS digital fans to find and try DCL to access that footage) we will also be capturing content with a 3D camera for future use once DCL introduces VR capabilities.
Our team will then be executing all postproduction which includes editing, mixing/mastering, and color correction to debut the exclusive content in DCL.

Please see ppt for further information: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


DC has been operation in DCL for over a year now working predominantly self funding our operations, investing our own content into this space because we believe this is where the future of comedy lies. Our team has over 20+ years hosting comedy festivals and producing shows with top-tier comedy talent from across North America. We have developed a strong network of comedians, comedy clubs, recording labels, studios, and live IRL venues to attract talent in to DCL and proven we can do it.

Our team:

Tyler Morrison - 20 years of stand-up comedy and performance/production to the organization. Access to premier international talent having produced over 100 comedians and is a two-time Juno nominated producer and social media rainmaker and co-owner of Cottage Comedy.

Jade Sebek – First and foremost a massive comedy fan! A 15-year veteran in event, planning (specifically trade shows and conferences), events sales and production, with some of the largest events companies and conferences in the world.
Tim Morrison – A 20-year manager of operations for the fortune 500 company Unilock, and a key co-founder of DC and co co-owner of Cottage Comedy.

Danny Mendlow - A developer in Film, Television and Digital projects and a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Tyler Shazma - A 2x Juno nominated producer and owner of Silver Drop Media who has worked on several major television productions most notably the new series This is The Thing! on Bell FIBE TV currently going into its second season.

Roadmap and milestones

This project will take 6 months to develop and can be broken down into monthly deliverables:

Month 1: Logistical and planning aspects are confirmed. Our aggressive marketing strategy begins. Creating the Decentraland booth/experience for Skankfest in Vegas.

Month 2: Attendance at Skankfest, full promotion of DCL and Decentral Comedy in full effect. Onboarding of comics + Fans = New users. Exclusive content to be created and filmed at Skankfest for DCL.

Month 3: DC following up and onboarding comics directly into the new world. Creating a database of comedy content which other venues will be able to use (as we already provide comedy content to other spaces in the world regularly). Taking all the raw footage shot at the festival, editing, and producing it into a best of the fest experience that we will be promoting to fans to attend.

Month 4: The Skankfest DCL Experience launches in Early November 2022 in our Decentral Comedy Club. Continue to follow up and onboard new comics and fans.

Month 5: Continue to follow up and onboard new comics and fans.

Month 6: Onboard new comics and fans. Full report to the DAO on new users were introduced to DCL through this promotion = comics were onboarded + how many fans from the festival itself (which we will track through a metamask promo at the festival) + how many fans (NEW USERS) directly came into the world to see their favorite comic – still working on a way to track this with DCL itself.

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot

I see that you are resubmitting this proposal. I will ask the same questions as I asked before, can you please break down the following cost in your proposal:

You list activities that you are going to do with this grant, but I wish you had clear costs associated with each. Certainly there is a rental fee for the 12m. sq. booth you are going to get, or a cost for the logos that will appear on promotional material? Including those specific fees and communicating them to us would make it more clear to see that you’ve done your research.

You are asking for $88,500, but I do not see this event providing $88,500 worth of benefits for Decentraland. I’d rather see that sum of money spent directly onboarding new users at an NFT convention, or paying for advertising somewhere. If a portion of the proceeds are going to help new users open MetaMask wallets, does that mean you are giving out free mana from this grant? What is that amount? $100? $1000? I think this needs to be clearly itemized for this proposal.

Honestly, I’m voting no because I feel that we need a more transparent breakdown of the price, but also because of the manner in which the first grant was auto-passed. While I appreciate the communication since then, I cannot in good conscience vote for this proposal at this time.


With the previous dishonesty of this proposal aside, I’m voting no on the grounds that I do not think this helps the community.

I would also prefer to see this size of grant proposal submitted from an account that does not have 0 VP and at the very least owns a DCL name.


Hello, I’ve voted no based on previous proposal dilemma with the votes and budget breakdown is not that clear.

However, Its come to my attention the personnel on the proposal has changed from the previous one.

Would you mind elaborating a bit on concerns/questions from @Canessa above?
I believe a bit of transparency with these would certaintly give a chance to rethink decision for this second proposition.

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Dear DCL DAO and the entire DCL community,

We understand some of you are reluctant to support this grant and we would like to address a few things so that there is more clarity.

Decentral Comedy selected Decentraland as our Metaverse of choice because we strongly believe this decentralized environment that the community has created, and comedy go hand in hand. After a year of testing different shows and experiences for comics and fans, we knew we wanted to make Decentraland the HUB OF COMEDY in the METAVERSE and have been encouraged by many in the community to continue evolving our Decentraland presence.

With the funds from this grant, we have the opportunity to make Decentraland a viable option for comics to extend their brand into the metaverse and in turn open our world to a whole new user base – I have explained why DCL is the perfect place for comedy in the attachments.

Comedy is bound to go into the metaverse, it already is slowly in fragments… (JFL just announced a partnership with Horizon Worlds/Meta) but who will be the hub of comedy in the Metaverse? That is still yet to be known, and we know it should be DECENTRLAND.

I’m sure everyone has noticed, the number of users in DCL has dropped significantly. Scrolling through the grants will show you that they currently focus mainly on tech improvements and play to earn games, but rarely are there grants that focus on the much-needed onboarding new users into this world.

What we are proposing above is to go to one of the biggest comedy festivals in the world and directly, in person sell and explain the opportunity comics can have in DCL + promote the platform + capture behind the scenes footage that can ONLY be seen in DCL… THIS ALL MEANS NEW USERS TO THE PLATFORM.

As an example, we took the top 25 comics from the line up and they have a reach of 30+ MIL fans! Again, please see my attachments in the grant.

This comedy festival has comics attending such as:

Tim Dillon – a huge promoter of the metaverse/crypto/NFTs – the highest comic with followers on Patreon and a platform that DCL can tap into.

You have Mark Normard, Ari Shaffir and Shane Gillis (all will be at the festival) who now do a regular show with Joe Rogan – “Protect our Parks” – to have any of these comics come to the platform and see the potential and promote DCL on a show like Rogan, not sure you can even pay for that advertising
These comics have CONTENT: Podcasts, standup specials, youtube shows… we need to explain to them face to face how they can extend what they are doing into DCL with customized experiences for their fans and for the DCL community.

We as Decentral Comedy have been transparent from the beginning of this process despite what some of our detractors are trying to imply and have heard that you would like to see a breakdown of the budget, so please see below:

Cost of 65K broken down for SKANKFEST Promo

Skankfest Sponsorship package $31,500
TEAM at Skankfest - Flight/Accommodation - 5 days
Jade $1500
Tyler $1500
John $1500
Tim $1500
Wade $1500
Total $7500

12m sq. booth/podcast studio $6,200
AV/TECH on site - onboarding stations $2,450
F&B on booth $4,500
Print and Promo materials $1,650
MANA Giveaway promo $2,500
Décor $500
DC time to prep the program/social media/PR etc. $8,200

TOTAL $65,000 USD

Content Streaming + Video Capture: $23,500
Silver Top Media –
October 14th - 16th + 2 travel days (13th - 17th)
Technical Producers : Tyler Shazma, Jordan Flanagin (podcast) $4500

Camera Operators : Tyler Shazma, JP Borchardt $3000

Location Sound with gear: $2000

Editing / Colour: Tyler Shazma $1000

Gear : Camera - Sony fs7
Lenses - sigma cines
Tripods - handheld

Podcast Equipment $2000

VR Camera man – DC in the City
Labor: 8 hours X $150 = $1200 X 3 days = $3600
360 VR Recording Equipment (incl. camera, SD cards, Batteries): $1000
Basic Edit, Render, Deliver Hard Copy: 4 hours X $100 = $400
Total= $5000
Travel for film crew – 4 People = $6000
Total: $23,500

Our team plans to be at the festival in person promoting Decentraland as the Hub for Comedy in the Metaverse, creating customized programs for comics to come in and work with all of you and along side that, directly onboarding the 5000 fans over the course of the weekend. This will mean tons of new content for our world + a fanbase that can be tapped into that even if we get to a fraction, it will still make a difference!

Decentral Comedy has been committed to bringing entertainment to Decentraland for over a year, working with the entire community. I hope you reconsider your votes and if not, I would like to ask you, why you are voting no on this opportunity?

I would also love to answer any question you may have; you can reach me on discord @ComedyMatriX#5012

Thank you and we welcome your feedback and appreciate your support,


Appreciate the response on the concerns shared above.

Although, I believe the main reason for users to stay making onboarding successful is finding different things they can do inside DCL. You are right, onboarding is definitely an important factor.

Would love for DCL to be the leading platform for Metaverse Comedy! Changing my vote to yes :+1:

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Thank you very much! And thank you for seeing our vision! Very much appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

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Also, the way you put it… “Decentraland, the leading platform for Metaverse Comedy” is way better then the “Hub of Comedy in the Metaverse”… thank you, will rework that in our marketing materials. :slight_smile:

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Sounds really cool. We need comedy in Decentraland. Great job breaking down the timeline and other aspects of this proposal. Sometimes you can get TOO detailed which could make it difficult to meet expectations - flexibility is a good thing for something like this.

It would be hard to find someone else in the community to match the industry experience and connections as well as the passion for this endeavor. Good luck to you on it!

Hopefully some of those who voted no will change their minds :slight_smile:

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Gross… do not support


Gross indeed… Do not support :face_vomiting:


We are really going to have to change the way that grant proposals work just to stop you from abusing your VP power, huh?


I had changed my vote to yes under the impression personnel had changed from previous proposal.

Looks like it has not:

The idea was cool, even though there’s no actual development in DCL for it.
Changed to No again because I feel community should have a say if a proposal passes or not, and if not then it should not be enforced by lobbying the votes in your favor. GL!



The personnel HAS changed from the previous grant, MetaArchs has nothing to do with this resubmitted project and nothing to gain. We took into consideration the comments of the community, pulled the last grant, we made the changes, removed the build component completely, reduced the amount from the original 120K to what Decentral Comedy needed for the marketing program and resubmitted.

Does he, just like everyone else not have the right to vote for the project?

They do, yet having the right to and doing the right thing for the community is different. 3 yes votes (MetaArchs, Dougnftworld and mine) would’ve passed this proposal even though the majority of community voted no. Would’ve been different if more people would have changed their minds before a 3.8M vote pushed this proposal up the threshold on its last day with a few hours to end. It may not be but it seems somewhat shady to me.


We have been in DCL for over a year now, providing free content to the community and have free content lined up until the end of the year - scheduled. The delegation of VP is currently being addressed with the DAO committee, there are VP whales that have exercised there right to vote against us!

The main point here is, IS this project right for DCL? We feel strongly that it is - we have addressed all the issues the community put forward, have shown the potential of new users we can onboard and at this point I can say, we are right here out in the open, happy to talk to anyone who is willing to chat.

Jade Sebek


Decentral Comedy Promo at Skankfest Vegas/Backstage Access to Skankfest for DCL

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 51% 4,227,976 VP (37 votes)
  • No 49% 4,225,848 VP (66 votes)

Votes should be cast based on the merits of the proposal itself. I do see the concern with how top heavy the votes are on this proposal, but keep in mind proposals getting passed or not based on whale votes is a result of the DAO voting mechanism and not the fault of the proposal author.


But do you see the ethical problems with the MetaArchs business model, which appears to be to almost single-handedly pass DAO proposals on behalf of its own clients so that they can make a bag? What’s the point of even pretending we have a say in anything, if some whale can pass their own proposals and force Daddy DAO to pay for at least some of their overhead? Why don’t “NO” votes negate “YES” votes, like in any proper real world election? That would make the sort of blatant inside dealing that was called out by others a lot harder to pull off.

I’ve remained quiet on most of the degrading and obtuse comments made about Metaverse Architects thus far, however, @ZESTYBEAM you summarized some people’s sentiments/assumptions quite well, so if I may, I’d like to address this point. Zesty, please keep in mind that this reply isn’t solely directed towards you, but is rather an open and general reply to all the comments made in similar fashion, over multiple threads and spaces.

Between January 2022 and 14th September 2022, we have engaged with, and serviced over 30 different clients in Decentraland alone. All our clients come from extremely diverse backgrounds, and our team of 18 brilliant and enthusiastic individuals work around the clock in trying to meet our clients high expectations and tight deadlines on a daily basis.

As a company, we have been involved in two non-profit grants thus far, being: Uncensored Library (Press Freedom) and Mind Easy (Mental Health).

These two initiatives have been conducted with partners, and not clients, and are social initiatives which we believe can advance an entire use-case in the space.

Anyone who has done their due diligence would know that our average client would not require any form of supplementary funding to build out their experiences.

On the topic of Decentral Comedy, one must understand that we have long supported Decentral Comedy and their work. It was an easy yes on our end when their team approached us before the grant application to support them in building out the experience.

Baselessly stating that our business model depends on ‘whaling’ DAO votes to generate revenue is not only false, but unfair on those team members who work diligently to bring new organizations and entities to Decentraland every single day, whilst simultaneously undermining the brilliant development work our architects have been deploying to the platform for the last eight months.

If our wallet had significantly less voting power, I highly doubt anyone would have questioned the fact that we were very openly supportive of Decentral Comedy’s project. Herein lays the problem that @Doug-NFTWorld has already pointed out; the system needs revising, as currently, large voting powers are, fundamentally, decisive voting powers. Once again, should the statements on Metaverse Architects’ business model & intent be correct, I find it extremely far fetched to imagine us being vocal and active in the attempts to find tangible solutions for the system’s current shortcomings.

I do agree that voting for a grant which you will be a beneficiary of is unethical, irrespective of the size of your voting power, which is why we retracted our support of the initial grant proposal which had us as beneficiaries.

However, I do not see an ethical problem with supporting a grant that we feel will make Decentraland more competitive in a specific niche.

Moreover, I do implore you to question the ethics of consistently throwing baseless, unfair remarks about a team and their intent, without even taking the time to do some due diligence first. Anyone with experience in a corporate environment would know that our level of clientele requires us to consistently go through rigorous KYC, AML and compliance checks, whilst simultaneously having to ensure our accounting is pristine, especially when overlapping regulatory grey areas in audit.

Please be mindful before casually making statements such as these, especially when many members of our team (which I have the privilege of working with) have long been part of Decentraland’s ecosystem, and have dedicated a substantial amount of time, energy and effort in innovating in the space.