[DAO: QmS7JiP] Add VIP Checkmarks for Subscribed members,Devs, & Community leaders

by 0x3f43e5d0a148e440a53ae601ab24c63b06f10e30 (DefiHim#0e30)

The check by our names could potentially be different colors letting others know your status. Would be very cool to provide a monthly subscription for exclusive marketplace items, bonus mana, & Vip club locations.
Vip members could become Community Leaders by gathering new members, answering forum questions, etc.

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Coloured names would be cool, could highlight DCL core team vs voluteers etc, even DG could have a colour

Has the potentional of preventing someone from being scammed… idea needs fleshing out more but could be a cool addition to DCL

Agreed. A fine idea, but the proposal doesn’t need the added complexity of subscriptions or exclusivity beyond that of color-coded identity verification. Your name color could also change when you are on land that you own or operate to show ownership, for example.

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