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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


This project is to create a mascot that can represent the common identity and spiritual core of the DCL DAO. We believe that a high-quality mascot can play a significant role in the development of the DCL community as it will not only be a unique IP for Decentraland DAO but also make Decentraland the first of the four major metaverse platforms to have its own community symbol.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



BEAM studio is a globally-based studio. We are committed to exploring brand-new ways digital natives interact with information, space, and each other, as our name suggests, Build Exciting Adventures in Metaverse. Meanwhile, we aim to bring together global creators to create various experiences to promote the process of metaverse construction and build virtual worlds beyond imagination.​

We propose creating a mascot that can represent the common identity and spiritual core of the DCL DAO, which will help the DCL community to stand out on the metaverse platforms since this creation will be the first significant symbolic representation within the four major metaverse platforms. We believe that Web3.0 will enable the mascot to work even more functionally. The reasons are as follows.​

First and foremost, a DCL DAO Mascot is a powerful marketing tool as it makes it easier for DCL DAO to create a physical and emotional connection with every member. We think that because Web3.0 community members are from all over the world and in most cases, they don’t have the opportunity to meet each other face to face, it has become harder for them to generate a sense of belonging. However, with the help of a mascot and more varied promo campaigns, DCL DAO can easily bring the whole community together. For example, mascot costumes can be designed for DAO members to wear in metaverse events, which will go a long way to making DCL members stand out and feel proud of their identities.​

What’s more, the mascot will give DCL DAO a competitive advantage on social media as followers are more likely to engage with the digital mascot. From Twitter pages to DCL experiences, a mascot can appear on various platforms. Mascot memes can also be created for DCL DAO members to use on every platform.​

Last but not least, the DCL DAO Mascot will be a memorable IP.​

The BEAM Studio Team and any additional designers will work closely together to develop a first-of-its-kind DAO Mascot with a unique personality, interactivity, and emotional support.


To begin this project, we will create a survey to collect DCL community members’ opinions about the mascot and analyze the common traits within the community to decide on a mascot form that will perfectly represent the spiritual core of the community. This grant is not just a means of ensuring the whole project can kick-off, but also an opportunity for the community to highlight what they stand for.​

One key part of this project is to design the virtual character of the mascot. We will use AI, C4D, AE, and other design tools to produce digital work. If it’s a human or animal mascot, we will design its facial expressions, clothing, colour schemes, etc. If it’s an object mascot, we will focus on how to convey the community spirits through this item with a combination of visuals and metaphors.​

Before finalizing the design for the mascot, we will make sure that it goes well with all of these platform assets like logos, default fonts, and colour schemes. We plan to design mascot-related memes and motions in the future and plan to release these memes and motions on our discord server. The avatars of the community administrators will all be replaced by mascots, and information about the mascot will be posted in the server’s announcement. We promise that we will promote Mascot not only on our Discord server but also on our other official social media accounts, such as WeChat, Twitter, etc. Through our vigorous promotion, people will greatly increase their awareness of the mascot, and the image of DCL’s mascot will be deeply rooted in their hearts. When people see the mascot, they will think that it represents DCL DAO.​

Finally, the launch of the DCL DAO Mascot could be coupled with a marketing project, as we want to ensure we bring as many eyes to Decentraland as possible with this mascot. This will bring the potential impact of DCL DAO on the metaverse, with the aim of further encouraging the adoption of Decentraland, highlighting how it brings the community together and enables DCL users to fund projects that they have faith in.


The proposed team of the Decentraland DAO Mascot is the following:​
Crypto artist, senior visual designer & freelance illustrator. Rich experiences in co-branding projects in multinational companies. Extremely passionate about the crypto world and pioneer in NFT creation.​
Project Experiences: Coca-Cola summer full line packaging Invited Designer; CONVERSE Chrunk Taylor All star 1970s Artist Collaboration Invited Artist; Kidrobot Global Artist Collaboration Invited Artist; Uniqlo x Designer Limited Edition; Kappa x Designer Limited Edition.​
Senior industrial & CMF designer with expertise in intelligent mobility and digital communication industry; rich cross-cultural studying and working experiences to combine the viewpoints of different disciplines and industries.​
Project experiences: Geely Geometry+, Geometry A car design, future conceptual vehicle design of Renault, OPPO flagship model design, Huawei P10 design; Minecraft architecture enthuasit; MA in Industry Design, University of the Arts London.​
Mori and Grant are core designers of BEAM Studio.
Their portfolio link:

Roadmap and milestones

This project will take 6 weeks to develop and can be broken down into weekly deliverables:​
Week 1: Conceptualization: Create a survey to analyze the DCL DAO common identity, and determine the mascot form depending on members’ preference; Start designing the mascot form;​
Week 2: Create features such as facial expressions and clothing of the mascot which can develop alive character;​
Week 3: Personalization: Establish a connection by aligning the mascot with DCL DAO;​
Week 4: Motion: Design three standard motions for the mascot;​
Week 5: Align the Mascot with DCL DAO visual identity; Before finalizing the design for the mascot, we will make sure that it goes well with all of these platform assets like logos, default fonts, and colour schemes;​
Week 6: Launch the DCL DAO Mascot to the community.

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Hey BEAM crew. Love y’all wanting to take the initiative to help progress DCL, we need more of this!

But I will say, I’m a bit confused on why the DAO itself would need a mascot to, I assume, speak to the general population of the DAO? It doesn’t seem to me, to make much sense why you’d create a character to speak internally.

It would make the most sense to use a mascot for DCL as a whole platform/brand, not just one aspect of it. But then again, if that were the case, I’d need to know more insights into the target demo for this type of creative. Mascots can be an easy way to add personality to a brand yes, but usually there is much more research into why specifically this would benefit DCL for the user base you’d be speaking to. Not everyone is going to get notability with mascots like a brand like Geico, and sometimes they can even cheapen a brand because of it.

Then on top of all that, I ask what is the mascot saying about the brand? If we’re letting everyone decide, then how do you say and show that diversity in one character? For me at this stage there are too many questions to vote yes on this.


Well said, ckbubbles. I am also aligned with your sentiments and questions. I’m personally a sucker for all mascots, so was super stoked to see this thoughtful and creative proposal! Mascots are very prevalent to consumer product brands especially, and depending on where you’re from/live - culturally relevant too (take Japan for instance, everything has a mascot even their prefectures!). It helps “humanize”, like an ambassador of sorts, giving further emphasis on emotion, personality, etc, of whatever the mascot is representing.

Clarity on the DAO mention would be excellent, along with how this Mascot will be used (it was mentioned vaguely but I didn’t fully understand), and if you are creating Mascots for other Metaverse worlds and/or web3 products and projects. I also think whatever is created/concepted should be shown and voted on by the DCL Community at large.