[DAO: QmXrEgG] Decentraland Creators Collective

by 0x9a25760dcdcf828264afc5989869298e1288fc4b (GucciToe)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


The team is made up of a duo of passionate Decentraland (DCL) community members, musicians and developers with a strong desire to share knowledge and provide a decentralized learning space to uplift and grow the DCL community. We plan to enhance the community’s knowledge base in digital art, music production, Web3 development and business on the blockchain.

Our vision is to create a place to share knowledge and experience in ways to merge Web3 and the visual arts/music industry while growing the user base and community of DCL. Executing our vision will create a space to share knowledge and make room to grow the talent pool in Decentraland. We place high value on free, open-source knowledge and growing Web3 through the Metaverse.

Grant size

50,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our vision is to offer a hub for musicians, performers and other artists to learn, share knowledge and expand and elevate the DCL community. It will be a community-driven venue for artists and musicians to perform in and launch their metaverse careers. The backbone will be learning through the sharing of knowledge. This project will offer a place for musicians to grow their skills, learn how to leverage Web3 in business and grow their careers.

We plan to re-stream archived programming between Live knowledge presentations with a long term goal to sell video ad space for branded content and also renting out the venue to raise funds to sustain the growth of the collective once the grant funds are exhausted.

The team is made up of two founders who have dedicated many hours of time performing, developing and being a core part of the DCL community. Our experience is very well rounded in visual art, music and Web3 development. Complimenting each other’s skills and knowledge, we have a wide range of knowledge to share and skill building curriculum.

All of our knowledge sharing programming is free to all DCL users.

We have participated and performed in NFT openings, DJ parties, Art Heists, The Metaverse Music Festival and more. We are continuously on our quest to learn and share knowledge. We intend to do so with the following:

  • Establish DCL Creator’s Collective to-
    • Provide live streamed educational programming for musicians and artists
    • Mixing and mastering, music industry navigation, and more
    • DJ mixing, turntablism, recording tutorials, etc.
    • Metaverse live streaming setup and optimization tutorials
    • How to tokenize your services as a performer creating redeemable NFTs
    • Earn POAPs for completion of courses and other achievements
  • Provide community event space and venue to promote knowledge sharing
    • Giving the community of learners a space to hone their craft and promote their art
    • Live programming each week
  • Plan events attracting and retaining new DCL community members
  • Host resource board in parcel for gigs

How the entire DCL community will reap the benefit of Creator Collective’s growth :

  • Providing knowledge sharing and learning opportunities for the DCL community
  • All programming is free
  • Attracting new, fresh talent to the space
  • More events for newcomers to explore increasing growth via the network effect
  • New businesses and organizations establishing their presence
  • A way for artists to enter the space equitably with financial stability


Path to execute the vision.

  • Purchase a 1x1 parcel in a desireable, roadside location

  • Architectural Design

    • Contract Decentraland community member and DAO member for SDK consulting and architectural developer

    • Plans for a multi-level building - the first floor being a space for event postings, talent wanted postings and info display, where we would show off our schedule and events. The second floor will be for classes, tutorials, and talks, the third floor, a club to host events and provide low-cost - free for active community members - promotion services and venue.

  • SDK Development

    • Contract Decentraland community member and DAO member for SDK consulting and architectural developer
  • Website development and smart contract deployment

  • Streaming service to provide high-bandwidth live streaming

  • Marketing, community and social media to promote the space to existing and potential DCL newcomers


Core team and founding knowledge experts:

DJ GucciToe- DJGucciToe.xyz - DJ/musician, $DJGT NFT, Knowledge expert on DJing, Live streaming and brand building in the Metaverse

Collie Pixels- ColliePixels.com - Lead Developer, Solidity, NFT creator, Knowledge expert on smart contracts, tokenization of services, web3 development

Additional knowledge experts will be sourced from the DCL community as the project grows. We maintain a diverse network of skilled community members that will participate as knowledge experts.

Roadmap and milestones

Phase01 (4.29.22–6.29.22)- start building awareness, identify and recruit additional knowledge experts from the DCL community, develop curriculum, finalize schedule, etc…

Phase02 (6.29.22–9.28.22)- acquire 1x1 plot, build venue, acquire map POI, inaugural event/ribbon cutting event, start live programming, build awareness and community, finalize framework for POAPs or NEAT

Phase03 (9.28.22–11.28.22)- host weekly parties with rotating talent, recruit more knowledge experts, rent space to outside entities, grow presence in DCL through in-world ads and giveaways (wearables, NFTs and other perks), play archived programming between Live knowledge presentations eventually selling ad space to sustain the collective.

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Excited to resubmit this proposal for the DCL Creators Collective. We have made a few changes to the proposal, including reducing the grant amount from $60,000 to $50,000.

The beneficiary wallet address is a 2/2 multi-sig wallet shared by @ColliePixels and myself.

We are excited to bring value to the DCL community through knowledge sharing with a focus on art, music and Web3 technology. This is truly a community-focused project. We are happy to answer any questions about the project.


This is awesome @GucciToe!! :fire: :fire: :fire: I totally support this!


I think this sounds like a great idea. I 100% support this!!


Big thanks to the community for showing support for this initiative. We are getting there!

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Thanks for showing support yall!

Decentraland Creators Collective

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 38% 772,722 VP (66 votes)
  • No 1% 12,533 VP (2 votes)