[DAO: bafkrei] Metaverse Ceremony and Exhibition Sponsorship

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


This proposal is to ask the DAO funding to be one of sponsors of Metaverse award Ceremony and Exhibition that will be held in August 2022. “Kaleidoverse” is a competition for creators worldwide to design metaverse works. The contest partners are globally renowned design media, crypto media, worldwide designers’ community, student councils top universities. The contest judges are academics from top universities, well-known designers, crypto artists, and crypto funding angels. The media exposure of the competition has been over 5 million. Members of the DCL community can participate together in the award ceremony and exhibition. Talking about the importance of great content creation for the metaverse and its future development expectations.

Grant size

20,000 USD

Beneficiary address



“Kaleidoverse” comes from “kaleidoscope” and “metaverse”, indicating a glimpse of the huge universe from a small space. With a kaleidoscope in hand, some people see the abyss in the sky, while others see nothing in everything. We encourage creators to find their own worlds and to create their own wonderful universe.​
Since its launch, the competition has received a great number of outstanding creators from all over the world. The creators bravely and creatively expressed their own vision of “Kaleidoverse” in their designs. Hundreds of wonderful works have been collected in each track, including future metaverse fashion items, metaverse products with multiple values and innovations, and also delicate space design, exploring the boundaries of space design in the metaverse. We believe that these works represent the expectations of many creators for the future metaverse, and we believe that these works can realize their value and make a contribution to the metaverse. We’d like to help make them visible to more people, giving outstanding creators a chance to make their mark in the metaverse and help add more innovation to the industry.​

Why sponsor this competition?

1. Increase DCL’s exposure and popularity in the design community.
We have collaborated with many art & design communities, media, software, and institutions, which bring excellent entries and a lot of exposure as well. Here we list part of the partners and their media coverage:
If DCL becomes one of the sponsors of this competition, this competition will bring a large number of new users and new content creators to DCL, which would definitely make our DCL’s community more popular and active.

2. Increase DCL’s visibility among the student community (Gen Z) and become their first choice to enter the metaverse.
The competition has partnered with many prestigious art school student associations, including RCA, GSA, UAL, MAU, Pratt, LSE, etc. These schools will be promoting the contest on their social media accounts. If DCL sponsors these activities, it will become known among the art student group.

3. The excellent works in the competition will be exhibited or achieved in DCL on a priority basis. Quality content will help DCL attract more users and facilitate its dissemination.
Any quality metaverse works produced in the competition will have priority to be exhibited or achieved in DCL. For example, excellent clothing works will be made into wearable devices, and excellent space designs will be achieved in the land of DCL.

4. The DCL community will receive some Kaleidoverse Memorial Badge for the competition and will be available at Opensea. (See badge on the contest website below)


The detail of “Kaleidoverse” contest: https://kaleidoverse.beamstudio.pro/

The total cost for the contest is around $50,000. The other sponsors we work with provide us with $30,000, and we hope DCL could provide us with $20,000. The sponsorship money provided by DCL will be used for the prize money for the winners and for the award ceremony and exhibition.



Allen Ding: Founding Partner of Nothing Research and BlockHive, a blockchain fund; Former Chief Analyst at Huobi Group; Former Head of Staking Operations at Huobi Group.

Axel Kilian: Visiting Assistant Professor at the MIT Department of Architecture, former Assistant Professor at Princeton University and at the Delft University of Technology

Dr. John Stevens: Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at Royal College of Art, and core staff member on the Global Innovation Design, a dual master’s program at RCA and Imperial College

Dr. Nicolás Rebolledo: Head of Service Futures Lab and Tutor in Service Design MA at the Royal College of Art. Co-founder of UNIT; independent consultant for clients such as IDB, OECD, British Council, VISA, Amazon and others.

Fabio Novembre: He has been working in various fields related to design for over twenty-five years: architecture, interiors, product and graphic design; he is Artistic Director of Driade and member of the scientific committee of Design Museum Triennale di Milano. http://www.novembre.it/

Jeffrey Anderson: Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, Lecturer at University of Pennsylvania; Architectural Designer, AR/VR Software Developer;

Reva: Algorithmic artist, crypto artist, engineer of computer graphics. Founder of WeirDAO, a decentralized organization for independent crypto artists.WeirDAO - Reva

Yingting Cheng: Chief Operating Officer of Marangoni Institute China

Roadmap and milestones

The award ceremony is to be held on August 6 at Crypto Valley Convention Center, followed by a week-long exhibition at Crypto Valley Art Gallery. And the path to the event will be as follows:

  • July 1: Announcement of the finalists and start the curating process: recreate the finalist entries to make them adaptable to the Decentraland and add more interaction; for the fashion track, discuss with participants the possibility of launching wearable on the DCL market
  • July 15: Media, jury, guest invitations
  • July 31: Promotion through all social media
  • August 6: Award Ceremony at Crypto Valley Convention Center 66,17
  • August 7 to 13: Exhibition at Crypto Valley Art Gallery 52,22
  • August 14: Post-campaign reports

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Welcome to Decentraland! My name is Sinful, I am a community Twitch streamer, Show Host, and Community Builder. I notice the wallet you summited this proposal on is empty and Nameless. So I am assuming you are new to the space. I would personally like to welcome you and the team to speak at the Decentraland Community Building Twitter Space @Canessa and I host every Wednesday @ 12pm EST/ 9am PST , would be a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the Decentraland community(voters) as well as receive some feedback on your proposal. if you would like to confirm your attendance with me please send me a DM on Twitter : https://twitter.com/SinfulMeatStick

Link to Event Page: Decentraland Community Building with Sinful & Canessa | Decentraland Events

We host the space on Twitter and broadcast to both Twitch and Decentrland. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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This space will become the oppurtinity to tell us about your project I am looking forward to hear from you and am willing to vote after the space.

Thanks for your support!

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I find two aspects of this proposal valuable for the community. On the one hand, you are bringing together different investors, turning the project into a point of union between different businesses. At the same time creating value by bringing a large number of new users and new content creators to DCL.

If it happens, it can be a great contribution to form new and meaningful relationships within DCL.

Metaverse Ceremony and Exhibition Sponsorship

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 99% 173,388 VP (13 votes)