[DAO:251f412] Should DAO Implement the New Branding Created by a Grant Proposal?

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike)


This proposal aims to gauge Community opinion on whether the Decentraland DAO should implement the branding project that was developed following the approval of a grant proposal.


The proposed branding intends to enhance the visual representation of Decentraland DAO, fostering a sense of Community identity, and ensuring that our DAO is easily recognized.

Please share your thoughts related to this proposal in the DAO Discord or comments (forum post).


YES: Implement the new Branding.

NO: Leave as it is.

  • YES
  • NO
  • Invalid question/options

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I am all for this since we paid for it however, it is written in the terms of use "The Decentraland Foundation is the registered owner of the Decentraland name and logo, acting for the benefit of the DAO. This is because currently the DAO lacks formal legal status. I am not sure what the legality concerns are but I think it needs some review first before we do this. You can find that statement from the link below and it is Item #2.
Terms of Use for Decentraland's Logo and Name

Thank you for this comment. I have read this terms already several times before.

And there is stated:

Other uses of the Decentraland logo and name require the express approval of the Decentraland Foundation or the DAO.

Decentraland is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (the “DAO”). For further
information please see https://dao.decentraland.org.

The Foundation does not own or control Decentraland, as ownership and governance is decentralized in the community through the DAO.

The Decentraland Foundation acts for the benefit of the DAO and for it to do it, Foundation needs to know what DAO wants, thats why I started this voting.

Its not problem that DCL DAO logo IPs will be held by Foundation as well as IP rights on governance Dapp and we can use new logo just as we use DAO Gov DAPP.

IMO we just need as DAO first decide DO WE LIKE NEW LOGO ?

I do kind of like them and i posted them in the CBD discord at one time with some positive comments

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Should DAO Implement the New Branding Created by a Grant Proposal ?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 68% 1,084,372 VP (52 votes)
  • No 31% 503,529 VP (8 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 4,272 VP (1 votes)

Should DAO Implement the New Branding Created by a Grant Proposal ?

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