[DAO: QmNhYY3] (Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (12 to 24 hour)

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Every Wednesday there will be a 12 to 24 hour live stream broadcast in the Decentraland game for everyone free to participate in an amazing race style game across the entire Decentraland world. 4 to 9 Waifumon players will be hidden across Decentraland in different people’s properties (different every week) and give people clues on how to find the other hidden Waifumon. Depending on the property owners there may or may not be obstacles as well such as parkours, quizzes, mazes etc

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Weekly Prizes Every Week
(NEW ONE EVERY WEEK) Every Contestant will get a FREE New Waifumon NFT every week
(NEW ONE EVER WEEK) Every Contestant will get a FREE Decentraland Wearable
(NEW ONE EVERY WEEK) Every Contestant will get a FREE POAP
(optional) Other creator’s wearables will also be given to other participants in a raffle style to also promote other creators’ wearables weekly.
1st place gets $690 (every week) (exclusive 1st place wearable and custom waifumon)
2nd place $420 (ever week)
3rd place $100 (every week)



Host and Executive Producer

Potential Location Partners
MetaZoo: https://twitter.com/metazooxyz
Altcoin Radio: https://twitter.com/RadioAltcoin
Decentral Games: https://twitter.com/DecentralGames
BitBears: https://twitter.com/BitBears
JTV: https://twitter.com/JTV____
KevinOnEarth999 DCL Report: https://twitter.com/kevinonearth999
Roustan: https://twitter.com/RoustanNFT
The Aquarium Casino: https://twitter.com/TheAquariumdcl
Holyones HQ: https://twitter.com/NotTheholyones
Parcel Party: https://twitter.com/PARCELPARTIES
Cromulon: https://twitter.com/Cromulonmusic
Last Slice HQ: https://twitter.com/LastSliceCo
Xetaplex: https://twitter.com/XetaDcl
Chang Gang: https://twitter.com/ChangGangHQ
MetaDojo: https://twitter.com/MetaDojo
Hourglass Sessions: https://twitter.com/HourglassSesh
WaifuToken HQ: https://twitter.com/WaifuToken
And more!!!

Roadmap and milestones

Our goal is simple it’s to positively benefit all levels of current Decentraland land owners, land developers, players, content creators, wearable creators and everything metaverse as well as continue to grow the community.

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Very interesting! :eyes: @AaronLeupp What kind of projects are you doing Fan Art on? Because I have a few Non-Fungible Aliens ( https://nonfungiblealiens.com/ ) And I would love to see an Alien Waifumon! :fire: :alien:

vote for @AaronLeupp its amazing work so inspirational


How does @ines have over 100k votepower and it not reflected in his profile.


I agree! He has 1k MANA (ETH) and 4 names… this doesn’t add up at all…


Who’s the butt with 100k+ VP that voted no? Seems suss/not genuine.


Is there a legit explanation for Ines 103k VP? People can obviously vote how they please, but looks like that profile accounts for only 1,400 VP.


How do I get a higher VP? I don’t have any friends with high VP but I f**king need that Lava Pet !! xD

I’ve done everything I could to spread the word in my circle @AaronLeupp! Hope you will consider giving me a Lava Walking Dine even though there might be people with higher VP than me :pray:

yes I too agree it is sad lots of peoples votes don’t count due to lack of VP. However I still am happy you all are still voting. I could be wrong but I think we even now have more votes then any passed grant proposal in Decentraland history. It shows even though a majority of us have low or no VP power they still have a voice on what the community wants. And in numbers it speaks to me in volumes. So am I am very thankful and appreciative for all the DMs and votes on this. We will keep campaigning in hopes it works. thanks again everyone!

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@AaronLeupp Yo!!! Let’s see this Happen …
I’d like to be a part of this!


thanks a ton bro. you campaigning means the world to us all. yes if this passes as we stated we plan to give a variety of running pets every week to all participants including you. also working on like a special gold one for first pace winners as well. fingers crossed this gets passed. either way thanks again!

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yesss thanks bro means a ton. my dream when we do edits of this show is have all you epic streamers as contestants too and will be great for the weekly edits! thanks again either way bro for helping spread the cause!

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thanks a ton! we all hope this passes we all can’t wait! either way thanks again.

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(Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (12 to 24 hour)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 105,886 VP (133 votes)
  • No 9% 787,266 VP (22 votes)
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