[DAO: QmRKVJX] P2E (Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (Attempt 2)

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


P2E Every Wednesday there will be a weekly new course game for everyone free to participate in a weekly new amazing parkour, quizzes, obstacles maze, temple style race. Only 1 person each week can win the 1st place Decentraland NFT wearable we already submitted, and every one else that completes the course will also win a Waifumon NFT each based on the weekly theme of each course. Live streamed!

Past Waifumon Events In Decentraland:

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



We got 133 Yes votes on our last one! We took all the feedback from the small few that voted no and cut out a ton of things to hopefully it gets passed this time around. Here is that one for reference. Thank you! (Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (12 to 24 hour)

Each week the course will be different and they can be completed anytime since the course will be up for the entire week. Also as we make a new course each week they will continued to be recycled through out the week that way as new people join the weekly races they will still have a chance to do past courses and win past Waifumon NFTs from before. Also the more Waifumon NFTs people collect for completing the courses they will also be able to use them to redeem other Decentraland Wearable NFTs can be seen here:


Environment Blender Test:


Aaron Leupp and the entire Waifumon and Castle Crew team as well as all other Decentraland collaborators we look forward to working with!


Our Teams Blender/Dev Skills:

Roadmap and milestones

Our goal is simple it’s to positively benefit all levels of current Decentraland players, content creators, land owners, wearable creators, and everything metaverse as well as continue to grow the community. We have grown from just couple hundred followers to now almost 10,000 followers on twitter and 80,000 Waifumon NFT holders. We would like to continue to help grow Decentraland community by every week encouraging our community to participate in our P2E courses through our social medias and community. Ever since I had my birthday party last May 1 year ago can be seen here: Aaron Leupp Live at Decenterland Bday Party / NFT launch party Waifumon - YouTube Everyone knows that Waifumon, Web3 and Decentraland has been mine and my teams whole life and this has project has been 1 year in the making! Thanks again!

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Excited to see this come to fruition. Aaron and the Waifumon team have done a lot for the DCL community already. This will be another step in the right direction for community engagement and retention. Good luck!


I am really excited for this! Now we can have weekly activities on DCL and as a bonus we can earn NFTs and wearables.


@lastraum damn man id thought you had more vp think first time i seen the number


I Voted Yes.
I am excited to see this in DCL
and support this proposal.

Aoww Aoww


Bruh am I just stupid because I can’t figure out how to vote

Cant wait for this! :fire: :fire:

You got my vote Aaron Just keep sending those Waifumon :wink:

Thank you so much. It means a ton coming from you the epic Metaverse DJ of our time!

Thank you so much that means a ton!

Thanks as always @TheCryptoTengu for voting. Means a ton!

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vote vote vote vote voted!

@yemel I hope you been good! I am campaigning to get votes on our 2nd attempt at this grant in Decentraland. We have 124 yes votes so far! let me know what I can pitch you to convince to vote. If not all good too thanks again for your support and all you do for the community!

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P2E (Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (Attempt 2)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 62% 2,038,512 VP (136 votes)
  • No 38% 1,261,414 VP (8 votes)

P2E (Weekly Decentraland Amazing Race) Every Waifumon Wednesday (Attempt 2)

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I am still not sure where we post updates on our progress so I am just going to post some here if anyone cares lol. Nothing here is final. All rough and will be updated upon release.

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For those that don’t know how to check out progress in the discord, or follow me on twitter or the URL above here is latest update! Here is the past 3 live stream launches of 3 different courses we have done so far. Has been way bigger attendance rate than I expected and each video getting hundreds of views. Every week when we do another one it seems to increase. Very blessed and thank you everyone for all your help and support. Stay tuned tomorrow for this weeks at 1PM PST as always for this weeks course!


Been an amazing experince! Instead of constantly posting in comments here can see all the live events here! Everyweek has been tons of fun with each new course level and biggest one so far was the First Latina Princess 3D Red-Carpet event! All can be seen here thanks again!

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