[DAO: QmPNqUt] Funding for clothing for my next event

by 0x07356b0edf9b934330f41952b09d076c3810c608 (Bet)

Should the following Tier 2: a one-time payment of $1500 - $3000 USD in MANA grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


I’ve done a few events for companies.
Some of you may of remembered the keep network event.
I did a game for atari.
Currently I have the RealFake event deployed @fashion estate

Now I want to do another event with some limited edition clothing.
But that would put my event at a loss…
If I could get some funding that would be great!

(Any additional funds will be used for future events / gas fees)

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



When I do these events I always bring big amounts of people to the game.


Hiroto Kai has some good tuturials!


I do everything myself!

Roadmap and milestones

Probably take me 2 months

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I think more informations are needed.
What kind of wearables? What rarity? How much wearables will you create? How will they be distributed, or will they be sold? If they are sold, do you plan on giving back a part of the profit to the DAO?