[DAO: QmedTj7] Do you think users should be able to edit their claimed names in builder?

by 0x9161d8a046136c6cecbbd24fe71d12922e8606fe (Minted)

I am writing this proposal to address the issue with claimed names with poor character usage. Names are unique NFTs in Decentraland and allow users to identify themselves in the metaverse.

As you know when users claim a name via the builder for 100 Mana (+Gas) that it is a one time transaction and cannot be edited or customised after.

Names can have letters and numbers as well as the option to use upper and lower case characters. I have noticed users will claim a name and not consider the lower and uppercase characters when minting their NFT.

This is not an issue as some users are allowed to to use lower and upper case characters in a variety of ways and combinations that they prefer. However, when users are buying claimed names from Decentraland Marketplace or secondary marketplaces like Opensea then they might find a name they want but the characterisation is messy and not clean. Some users may prefer a capital first letter on a name or just an option to edit it how they want whereas some names have been claimed and minted in all lowercase (Example would be “genisis plaza” and “Genisis Plaza”.

I wanted to ask the community whether they think it would be beneficial to add a feature in builder where users who have claimed names can edit the capitalisation of letters (Upper and Lowercase). NOTE users will not be able to change the names letters and numbers or format (Order).

As a user of decentraland that has invested in name NFTs I think this would be good for those who cant claim a desired name but would like to buy a name and would still be able to edit it to their preference.

Vote in the poll below and if you have any suggestions then feel free to contact me.

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