[DAO: QmcKpGL] Request to implement 24 hour timeout on Edit Price function

by 0x6d873a14a470dd969d7c76a2e088169ab2a1d7ae (DOCTORdripp)

Lately we’ve seen some aggressive price changing on items in a way that may be perceived as deceptive. Specifically, listing free items and quickly swapping prices in order to quickly net sales on items which were otherwise not selling.

It is fair to add limitations of one price edit per 24 hours.

The goal is to keep our marketplace clean of deceptive and unfair sales tactics, which might only worsen if not addressed.

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Says the guy fishing to steal mana… Your the reason this proposal was put into place. “Think about it”


Nobody is controlling anyone’s NFT’s. This is aimed towards reducing the amount of spam in our marketplace. It is for the DCL marketplace only, not OpenSea or free trading. We’ll let the votes decide.

If you like giving free NFT’s you should consider airdropping. Have you heard of nftrobots.net?


bruh ur a goof, everyone has had enough of scammers like you, if you price something for free you dont change it in middle while people are getting that item so you charge them the mana when u are listing it for free and they are thinking they are getting a free item… again GOOF


We need to protect the community for shady practices and stealing money from people in sneaky scams…


Mr Mookie, just be glad you aint banned yet for that stunt / manipulation you made :slight_smile:
there is streamers that caught you in the act…


I See Mookie Is Trying To Protect His Scam , I will Vote Yes For the 24 hour Price Change Cool Down


I got scammed out of 10 mana also. I priced a crown for 10 mana to get my money back but MrMookie blocked me.


I mean thanks to you I could grab like 20 items for free but yeah we need to protect DCL fams from scammers like you…


seem smart for him to comment…lol i’ll gladly spend 10 mana so he cant scam the same way again…he may try another way though


true community member right here!!! he didnt lose anything but is as upset as those who did…


Voting yes to this. It isnt right that sellers are changing prices up and down quickly especially in an active market.


I no longer change the price I just turn it on and off. I don’t have to scam anyone I am doing way too well in life to do that. All I was trying to do was trying to stop one person from minting the entire collection. Yall some haters and y’all can’t touch me. Mad because I’m giving away my hard work for free. How lame can you really be. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are such a loser.

It’s not even possible to steal mana if it were no one would be on this site. I love all thew hate though please keep crying about like little girls.

I’m never upset I hope this gets approved too. I did nothing wrong y’all know the real reason you all are hating on a real King. I’m just here because all of this is hilarious to me. I gave away thousands of free NFTs and y’all think it’s a scam. Like come on let’s get for real here. I have 16 PUBLISHED collections. (1600 mana) But somehow by giving away NFTs for free I scammed my way pass that 1600 mana I spend? Makes no sense whatsoever. The math just doesn’t add up. I changed the price because I didn’t know what I was doing anyone saying otherwise is a lie. It’s very funny that people actually think I went through all that hard work of making an NFT for a scam. Give me a break. Everyone Knows Scammers are worst then ever but this is not a scam. Y’all take that word and just run with it. Changing the price on My NFT is not a scam. My only error was not knowing to turn the collection on and off to prevent people like you who don’t know how to slow down when clicking buy just because you think something is free. You messed up not me. I was going to refund your mana but you started to disrespect me of the bat and call me a scammer @PeterParker420

This will never pass waste of time. Meanwhile I’m still selling NFTs on here for life

send the mana back then, and you might sell a lot and you might not like the last one who screwed the community…

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I’m not sending anything back until I get public apology for the defamation of my character for YOUR mistake!!! @PeterParker420 I did screw anyone. You spend 10 mana on my NFT then demanded a refund WTF who does that? Never in the history of NFTs has anyone got a refund. You made a Mistake, and you convinced your friends it was my fault you messed up. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Get your money up before you come for me you Bum

Caught me in the act changing the price on my NFTs wow didn’t know that was a crime let’s hope no one else ever changes the price of their NFTs. You sound really dumb.

if you made a mistake and took a few peoples money by accident its easy fix…if you fix what you did I would have no problem to apologize…im a man and know how to work with people…

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Dude I work my ass off I’m a single father of two small boys I don’t have time for these games I’m trying to make an honest living and still get accused of being a scammer. @PeterParker420 drop your address