[DAO: QmbTn6u] In DCL, should we make name plates better and larger?

by 0x29519122d08771ca4c83c8e3fa981df18721f76d (DCLRealEstate)

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In Decentraland, should we make name plates 25% larger and name text 25% larger and yellow for minted Decentraland Names, so that they are more visible than the non-minted names?


Hello, i found this old pre-proposal… Let’s vote!

Would like to have longer DCL names.
Proposed 20-25 letters total


For those that have minted a Decentraland Name, I believe that the name plate in Decentraland should be more visible than the non-minted names. If we make the text a different color such as yellow and make the name plate and text slightly larger, it would make the minted names stand out more from the non-minted generic names.

Many of us have invested MANA into minting names and I believe that this would help to showcase our NFT Decentraland Names.


Motivation: More DCL names would be minted, and more revenue to DCL + more people flexing their new names.

Many last names are longer, than currently allowed. Would be awesome to have this extra feature.


Rest can be found in pre-proposal


Let’s get longer names

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Na i hate yellow. Voting no also cause you vote no on everyone elses proposals.

That’s a good way to develop the Decentraland community haha.
But fair enough my friend!

Don’t take my votes personally - I don’t vote no on everyone’s proposal - only the one’s who i don’t view DCL’s best interest, example grant’s of 100k+ usd to youtubers… etc.

This proposal wasn’t made by me, i just forwarded the pre-proposal. But if you wanna vote no because of me creating it, that’s your right!

In DCL, should we make name plates better and larger?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 97% 48,581 VP (14 votes)
  • No 3% 1,831 VP (3 votes)