[DAO:c3eb0e6] Should we promote dcl names as an alternative cryptocurrency wallet addresses?

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Ballerina)

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should we promote decentraland names as an alternative cryptocurrency human readable wallet addresses?


Should we promote dcl names as an alternative cryptocurrency wallet addresses?


I have been playing around with the ENS APP (https://app.ens.domains/) and with their latest update the app shows various information on Decentraland names. By using the app’s set resolver function it has become extremely simple & easy to set any Decentraland name as the primary name. What this means is Decentraland names can be used to send & receive cryptocurrency/nft’s to all wallets & all networks. For test purposes I have successfully set one of my name, Burrito.dcl.eth as the primary name. I have also sent eth to this name which was successfully delivered & can be seen on etherscan. PFP image upload function also worked.


There are many advantages for using Decentraland names as a human readable cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

  • No yearly renewal fees

  • 2,3,4 or 5+ Letter or Digit are all capped at 100 Mana initial mint price

  • In-game Avatar Names

  • In-game link/location URL’s

  • 100Mb of Free Decentraland Worlds Space

This unique aspect of promoting/marketing dcl names as human readable crypto wallet addresses could help assist many existing & new users in web3 & other metaverse’s to step into Decentraland eco system for the first time. Resulting in mass adoption from wider communities.

Currently 3 letter/digit ens names cost $640 per year, 4 letter/digit ens names cost $160 per year. We can use this to our advantage for promoting/marketing dcl names.

Please Vote; Yes or No


I highly suggest & recommend some of the basic functions of ENS App to be developed, designed, built & integrated into Decentraland Builder App. This way users don’t need to leave Decentraland website and go to https://app.ens.domains/ to set resolver, primary wallet address etc… Since most of the work is already completed and Builder App is operating smoothly, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement the changes that are required.

Here’s what the new dcl builder app must have

  • Ability to upload PFP’s
  • Ability to set resolver & primary wallet address
  • Multi chain support including, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum , Solana and others
  • Send & Receive cryptocurrency & nft functions
  • Link to tracking scanner for every chain like Etherscan etc…
  • Incentives for using DCL names; Promotions, rewards, marketing etc…


As you all know, DCL Names are ENS Subdomains and with the latest ENS App https://app.ens.domains/ it is now possible to set DCL names as primary wallet addresses that are human readable. Having the option to set DCL names for sending & receiving cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet but not just for Ethereum network is a golden opportunity. With ENS App, DCL names can be used for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, Matic (Polygon) and many others. This proposal represents a great alternative to ENS & Unstoppable domains by lowering the costs alongside lifetime ownership without any maintenance or yearly renewal fees. Overall it is an excellent opportunity to bring/involve new & existing Web3 (Metaverse) users into Decentraland eco-system. I have not mentioned Unstoppable pricing because they have multiple extensions & very confusing pricing structure based on character length etc…

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There are other advantages as to why someone may decide to buy & use Decentraland names beside the fact all names being the same price & no yearly renewal fees.

1 - Option of having two digit letter/number names. Which is not available on ENS
2 - In-game Avatar name. Which means they do not need to purchase an additional name for DCL
3 - Free 100 Mb storage to build their own Dream Space. Feature as we all know it called is Worlds
4 - DCL names are Web3 URL’s within the Decentraland eco-system. Personal Web3 Spaces?
5 - Because ENS is the most integrated Web3 naming system with other DApps, wherever ENS works, DCL works too. Including, Metamask, Opensea, Rarible, Uniswap etc…

One thing I may have forgot to mention is Web3 Landing Pages. Because we already have 100 Mb storage why can’t any of this storage be used for a Website or Landing Pages? This will be good for teams, businesses & individuals to tell others who they are, what project’s they’re involved with etc…

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I like the premise, but am currently wondering about the Marketplace problem I’ve been hearing about. I’m gonna vote yes, but that better get cleared up as it is not a feature it’s an issue as far as I know that should be resolved.

What is the Marketplace problem?

It’s resolved Im told. Had to do with people being able to dispaly any name they wanted to with out #s behind it like they owned it as well. After 24 hrs of more than one Yemel, i guess they decided it was not a feature.

Should we promote dcl names as an alternative cryptocurrency wallet addresses?

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 82% 4,644,081 VP (77 votes)
  • No 1% 1,804 VP (4 votes)
  • Abstain 17% 1,013,529 VP (24 votes)