[DAO:pdjxxr4] Oroboros landing by DCL Season 1 & 2 / Partenership Coordination 4 vote

by 0xbc9fd37929f8c0c215e4f3690c3920e69993f7c4 (Riquitirraun)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


oro blanco

Oroboros is a development for a community-led -social network for collaborative poetry written & spelled. on the funding process now in its first season.

We are asking the community of Dcl to invest in this grant in exchange for the role of partnership coordinator to be assigned by its own community.

The First Goal is to establish a partnership with a crypto/metaverse community to start developing this track with shared better tools and plan the next stages with more accuracy

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The benefits of DCL granting this project:

To strengthen the traffic of new users organically to this metaverse.

Alignment & accessibility of Key Non-web3 Users to this metaverse (Artists, Activists, Students of rural schools, and Spanish-speaking developers) Entangled with partners of crypto communities interested in funding this Community Owned Social Network

& the space of sharing building table with other metaverses / Collectible NFT & Native Tokens for the members of the Partnership Crew


We have the first 3 seasons plan exposed on this repository & this Discord Channel for new integrations.

And we want to start building this on community

Using the Open Source perspective as a guide to develope this protocol open to the best practices for a real Community Owned Org following the public XLS to share and accomplish the agenda.

After the Season 1 goal is accomplished with the celebration of the partnership with a funding DAO, the next task is to plan with the team the Dev Camp Series with the objectives of the Season 2 resulting in:

  • Technical co-whitepaper
  • Org web page
  • Video demo
  • Partnerships Celebrations
  • Next Stage Funding plan

With the objective to integrate a Dao Structure for future developments of the organism in season 3.


The tech & Art Core Team.

Building this organism from the ground the team consists of normal people some with technical experience building hardware and software, and others with a more development perspective in arts and other ones not mentioned giving skills and tools to the community to make it kindly sustain by itself

Currently Orchestra Director & Designer Ricardo

Tech Adviser Stephen

Spanish Community Moderation

Dev camp Spot 1

Dev Camp Spot 2

Dev Camp Spot 3

Dev Camp spot 4

Eco chamber 1

Camp Series Advisor

Roadmap and milestones

:round_pushpin: :birthday: Season 1 / Temporada 1

Partnership with DAO celebration
.8 eth

Deck Scheme
Advisory - Partner & Sponsors connection
Grant proposal to coordinate the Sponsorship season 1 y 2
Strategy with Partnership crew for the Oroboro´s Dev Camp Series

:round_pushpin::fortune_cookie: Season 2 / Temporada 2

1.2 eth

Development Camp Series - Campamentos para el desarrollo colaborativo


  • Camp 1 Collective Vision /
  • Camp 2 Aterrizaje Estético /
  • Camp 3 Planteamiento e integraciones Technicas Especificas /
  • Camp 4 Herramientas para el camino (para el desarrollo continuo)


Activities & Results:


  • 4 Meta events/workshops with specific skills development
  • Core Dev integrations Proposals and core agents
  • Discord activation
  • Video-Demo 2 min
  • Long-term tech plan
  • Crowdfunding / Invest plan for Temporada 3
  • New Partnerships Celebration

:round_pushpin: Season 3 / Temporada 3

Own DAO Release

Giving in exchange a collectible NFT to celebrate the partnership and a drop back for the same amount of USD on the grant to back to the supporting DAO community on $orbs

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If you vote for yes to this proposal join the lab so we can land this better.

If you whale vote for no, share your thought too! :goggles:

I see this is your first post here in the forums and I would like to welcome you to Decentraland.

Have you or any of your team spent time in DCL?
Most of what I’m reading seems to be mainly buzz words and would like a bit more of an explanation as to what the funds would be used for specifically.
It seems like you’re using half the funds to throw a party before doing any development according to your roadmap.

Oroboros landing by DCL Season 1 & 2 / Partenership Coordination 4 vote

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 202 VP (8 votes)
  • No 99% 1,985,727 VP (23 votes)