[DAO:87bdb7f] First Filipino DCL Community-Web3PH Summit 2022 IRL+URL

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


We are building the first Filipino community in Decentraland & bridging physical events into digital mainly in DCL.

There will be a real-life event in the Philippines this coming Oct 28-29 by https://www.web3phsummit.com/ and I will represent DCL as one of the metaverse panelist and will share about my experience & opportunities in the space as a builder.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Our goal is to onboard artist, builders, & investors into the space that resides in the Philippines, it is estimated that nearly 7 million Filipinos, 6.13% of the total population, own cryptocurrency and growing. One of the best examples was the success of axie infinity & Cryptoblades due to amount of hype pinoys brought.

We want to establish metaverse presence in real life event in our country and bring them over to the metaverse, this event is a perfect way to bring awareness and share possible opportunities that Decentraland has to offer to other builders, artists, developers or investors.

I will join the metaverse panelist and will share what I have experience specifically in DCL metaverse. by funding this grant, we will build a DCL representation of the physical venue of the event. we will host, document & stream the said event in our DCL HQ -150,18.


We will document the event by video recording, host & stream it in our DCL plot. As the main builder, I will be using blender on creating the metaverse representation of the physical event and deploy it in our 1x1 plot, we will also be using photoshop or other editing software if necessary.

sample of past irl-metaverse event: Salsa Time! Bissap Baobab SF Grand Opening presented by 1-800-WEB3 & the Temple | Decentraland Events Step Inside Big Baobab, the Mission’s Massive New Senegalese Restaurant and Event Space - Eater SF

dasddas — ImgBB Feg-N9p-UYAE5-KLk — ImgBB Feg-NUO8-UAAA8h-m — ImgBB


Lead Artist: Cayel Bernardo (https://twitter.com/zBrightlight) I finished a degree in Information Technology major in Digital Arts and I’ve been building in Decetraland for almost 2 years now from 3D architectural, environments, mini games, character design, wearables or animations.

Team Manager : RJ Moscardon (https://twitter.com/yungfafo) is in charge of the stream hosting, also the project manager of Philippines rap group Bawal Clan.

Bawal Clan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRAbx50VyqKOFvbnf1Sdaew https://twitter.com/TheTemple_RIP https://1800web3.onuniverse.com/

Roadmap and milestones

Budget Breakdown/Roadmap:

$2500 USD- 3D development/Host/Stream this will be deployable 3-7days after the event and will be listing as official DCL event.

$500- Decentraland Merch (shirt) to be given away in the event.

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Let me know if you have any questions!

Easy Yes, there’s huge potential in scaling the platform and organically attracting quality users to the platform by attending these events.

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Also, all .glb files will be uploaded in github

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In support and looking forward to seeing the content and hearing about the success you have in sharing Decentraland with the Filipino community and empowering their creativty!


Thatscool is the artist manager of bawal clan and I kid you not, he can connect all the popular artist in the country!

This would be a boost start for onboarding Filipino users and introduce new talents into the community. This is just a small piece on what we’re trying to accomplish.

Thank you @KevinOnEarth @friskybumblebee for having the eyes of value, and to everyone that votes yes!

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Voting yes because I think this is a good investment for a grant this size. Out of all my Ice Poker delegates, the majority came from the Philippines. I’d love to see Decentraland have exposure in this area which seems very crypto/P2E friendly. Good luck!


Hey there! Many have asked for small grants to sponsor or activate at various conferences around the globe. I love to see this kind of representation in the Philippines now.

I really love that you’ll recreate the actual conference and let us explore it through your experience. I’d say the only thing I’m missing is a live component, but still look forward to what you’ll create!

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Hi! I appreciate that you lend me your trust, thank you for looking through my proposal, just to clarify, it will be deployed on a 1x1 parcel so we are barely limited to recreate the whole conference though, I will not fail on recreating the soul & heart of the said place, stream the videos provided by the lead of program of the event, host it in our plot and list it on DCL event page. for live streaming, I think 3k is a little bit too small if I have my own camera team doing the setup and not to mention the editing, I am suppose to speak in Tagalog and share what i experienced in DCL to the attendees as a 3D artist and also the opportunities that I had in DCL for them to be inspired! once again, thank you!

Edit: they will not provide video coverage, so I will bring someone to do it, Thanks!

For transparency:

Venue: https://www.draperstartuphouse.ph/

This summit is not a joke.

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First Filipino DCL Community-Web3PH Summit 2022 IRL+URL

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 76% 928,253 VP (122 votes)
  • No 24% 302,071 VP (15 votes)

First Filipino DCL Community-Web3PH Summit 2022 IRL+URL

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Hi @zCayel !,
Hope you’re doing great.
We’ve tried to reach you out by email (Grant Support Squad)… have you received it?
We’d like to meet you soon.


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