[DAO:9586b5c] Metaverzus Season funding

by 0x3deaf8134c9aebf84e9c8870c4ac1dcdb5e37e15 (KingMizoMadeIt)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Meta-Verzus is an event run inside Decentraland where we onboard artists every week through Rap battle events. We have been throwing these events inside Decentral.Games Stronghold #ICE Poker lounge.

We have completed season 1 of the international english league and completed season 1 of the Spanish league

We are an indie movement called $RAP HEADZ who have been getting musicians from the space to DJ and RAP at our weekly events. We have also onboarding over 12 artists on every season of Metaverzus.

We want to pay the artists that we hire from the space, plus pay the hosts for our International league and Spanish leagues. We would also create onboarding videos to make it easy for the Rap community from web2 to join DCL.

Grant size

30,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The funding will go to the following

English league 50%

Spanish league 40%

Wearable acquisition for prizes 10%

The split would go the hosts, the dcl musicians and DJs who participate, the new artist we onboard and the remaining to purchase a variety of DCL creators wearables which will be used as prizes. This is important because the web2 artists will be taught how to open a wallet and connect to DCL to experience their new wearables. We are hoping this makes then get excited and walk down the rabbit whole with all of us


Our events have been running every Tuesday inside DG and the people enjoy it.

We have had more than 60 artists participate in since spring of 2022


Our team consists of members of the $RAP HEADZ community who has deep roots in the culture, white glove onboarding through a creative in since we started this.

We have been blessed to partner with DG as an event space for these events since day 1

Roadmap and milestones

We will continue our work. However Metaverzus season 2 spanish and metaverzus season 3 international/english will be funded by this grant.

Season 2 spanish will start q 1 of 2023 and season 3 english/international will begin right after the spanish season, sometime in Q2 of 2023. Each season runs for about 3 months

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Hi! Can you share some links to social media? (Twitter)

It would be my pleasure. Below are some links, let me know if you would like to see anything else.

https://twitter.com/KingMizoMadeIt - Metaverzus International

https://twitter.com/Pixelia_DCL & https://twitter.com/BroMilito - Metaverzus Español

Venue and streaming partner - https://twitter.com/DecentralGames

$RAP HEADZ community - https://www.raptoken.xyz/

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King Mizo is a staple in DCL and consistently brings in fresh quality content. Would love to see more.

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Thank you so much for your vote of confidence my Friend. We do our best to keep things moving, onboarding musicians in creative ways, however we do need some assistance in making this more appealing to new comers, while paying musicians, DJ’s and wearable creators that are already in web3 and DCL. Everything we do is from our heart. Every drop will be spent with transparency on a public spreadsheet in our discord. Let’s show the world what community can do when we care

I vote YES because I want the people trying to play poker made to listen to rap battles as they try to focus.


hahaha. None the less, thank you for voting YES. Jokes aside, our goal is to onboard through extra incentive, showing web2 artists that we will pay them, it is different here, better than the fiat music industry…while paying the artists already in web3 for their musical participation and buying dcl wearables for giveaways during the season. A web2 artists getting paid, then receiving an NFT Wearable? They usually end up getting a wallet just to be able to receive it and see it. We have a good track record for onboarding community through patience and months of phone calls

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Hey KingMizo,

I don’t have much VP, but it’s a YES from me.
I’ve always loved your passion and commitment to web3 music.


Even if your voting power was ‘0’ - the sentiment is really appreciated. Thank you for recognizing what we have been building and where the heart is focussed. Great words from a great community leader. Love to TRU

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I will vote yes on this with a suggestion to market this event to the DCL community much more.


What does this mean? Can you share everyone, every software and everything you plan to use the money for?

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That is a good suggestion. We def plan on marketing this to the DCL community. The goal is to include more DCL musicians and djs and pay them. Supporting the wearable community is also key. Usually we keep a web2/web3 balance at these events, so some newer folk can be onboarded while the community is there to guide them.

@Tudamoon I appreciate you voting on this proposal. I love honest feedback because that would help us grow in a direction that would resonate with the community. May I ask what we could do different or what you see as an issue with this proposal? You also do not have to answer those questions, I was just curious as we develop. Thank you in advance

I vote ‘No’ until my questions are answered. If all of my questions are answered and satisfactory to me, then I switch my vote to yes. Can you share where the funds are going?

Also Will you commit to sharing all invoices and receipts?

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please check the thread on the original question, I was just busy for a moment. Thank you

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I would love to answer those questions.

First off, a public spreadsheet will be regularly updated on our discord so the community can follow the trail transparently. Including receipt’s and tsx

Rapvote.xyz needs to be updated and secure. We need the dev to be onboard throughout the whole 2 season to make sure the dapp is functioning correctly and safely. We had so many glitches the last 3 seasons, a smooth voting process with focus on wallet safety is priority. That would only be 1000$ a month at 6000$ total. We like to pay people that work for us because we all need to eat, however funding this out of pocket is not working for me in the bear. That is 20% of the 30,000. That 20% is of the 30,000$, this actually included in the English Season Budget, however it will Cover the costs for the full 6 month duration (both English/Spanish leagues)

if you notice, As a founder, I take 0%. This is because the project growth and community is the foundation of what we are building. I don’t need to be paid yet, when this $RAP HEADZ movement is fully built, our community will eat together and I will join with a plate

50% of 30000 = 15000 (3 Month English League)

6000$ Dev for RapVote.xyz (both season, full 6 months)

4000$ for battle participants = 20 artists x 200$ for each artist(3 months English League)

2400$ for rotating DCL DJ’s = 3 months (12 sets) = 200$ for each DJ set

600$ for 30 wearables that cost 30$ and under (if under, we will buy extra wearables from the community to giveaway) the purchased wearables will be given to each participant in season 1

400$ in MANA to the winner

200$ in Mana for 2nd place

100$ in MANA for 3rd place

900$ Streaming for the 3 month season

400$ weekly flyer curation

KING MIZO the host gets paid ZERO

40% of 30000 = 12000 (3 Month Spanish League)

4000$ for battle participants = 20 artists x 200$ for each artist(3 months English League)

2400$ for rotating DCL DJ’s = 3 months (12 sets) = 200$ for each DJ set

600$ for 30 wearables that cost 30$ and under (if under, we will buy extra wearables from the community to giveaway) the purchased wearables will be given to each participant in season 1

400$ in MANA to the winner

200$ in Mana for 2nd place

100$ in MANA for 3rd place

900$ Streaming for the 3 month season

400$ weekly flyer curation

3000$ 2 hosts, stream help, translation for 3 months

10% of 30000 = 3000$ - for Grand Prize Wearable support

We will ask the DCL community to vote on which wearables we will collect for the top 3 winners from each season. Total of 6 winners.

We would love to be able to support the DCL creators, we are not planning on buying a Samsung wearable to give as grand prizes. Only DCL community artist will be able to be nominated.

We hope to get them the most desirable wearables or complete bundles, make the grand prize be a package of MANA & Wearables

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Would of been great if you waited for my response before you voted no, however I respect your decision

I can share with you a link from Twitter involving @kingmizomadeit :innocent:

I will be voting NO on this because this budget doesn’t seem to be broken down properly even though it may not be a lot and may be more of a retroactive payment for the good work done by DG and mizo team for MetaVerzuz…

I was disrespected and threatened by this community member that people are attempting to highlight in this discussion :dove:

Have a great day Decentralanders.


Wow @kingmizomadeit! This is poor. Is this how you treat people? My vote is clearly a ‘No.’ The community doesnt need this.


Firstly, don’t think we should give grant money to anyone actively running NFT projects due to a conflict of interest.

Secondly, over past experience with dealing with him, I personally and professionally don’t think he is qualified to handle these funds due to how he handled himself with past disputes… his behavior and making death threats to active community members in DCL are unacceptable! I will flag this grant and talk to DCL legal myself… - GG …



First of all, you never know what someone is going through & there’s always two sides to a story. I am accountable for my side. I will not let this moment be repeatedly Weaponized against me. I will not let alpha, gold guy and his crew push me into a deep depression again.

People who know me, know where my heart stands. Now let me tell the story with full accountability in hand

Earlier in 2020 I connected to alpha because I like building with people, we had a long conversation on Discord voice chat. We were supposed to build a lot of cool things together. However one day out of nowhere my Twitter feed was blowing up.

Let’s talk about that moment. Gold guy and his team wanted to secure that forever 21 Wearable drop. Instead my team got that contract. I went onto Twitter one morning and saw that gold guys was commenting on public threads that forever 21 was tagged in, stating how they feel the wearables were designed unprofessionally. Since it was an attack on our brand, I asked kindly what was the unprofessionalism that he was speaking of. I wanted it to be pointed out to me. The conversation didn’t end up civil, all I heard was attacks without reason.

The community at large agreed with us. Since that moment, alpha and GG Started attacking me from every angle. I was angry, I was annoyed at being bullied. I didn’t enter DCL to fight with people like children. Alpha and gold guys introduction into the space, has been them attacking different community members and bullying them so they can move their own business forward.

An example of the bullying:

during sinfuls twitch stream where I was interviewed, Alpha talked all nice on the public chat while sending me DMS of a middle finger and laughing emoji.

After being bullied for so long, I sunk to their level and started attacking them in their messages. He constantly told me I need God, So I started telling him he needs God and then I started telling him im the devil. I was basically tired of being trolled, so I started trolling back. I’m not proud of that. That’s something that’ll never happen again with anybody.

One day I was on a Twitter spaces that was called the “ bare knuckle boxing: say it with your chest.” It was just myself and the host. We stared to talk about real life, so my personal family issues came up, and I was literally crying in the spaces talking to him about the pain. Alpha jumped into the conversation, but didnt accept speaker, every time I said something about my pain he would throw up laughing emojis, I would speak about my daughter, he would throw up laughing emojis. I’m a goddamn human. I snapped. I spoke out of character and said so many things that hurt people.

I’m accountable for everything I said, as the bully should be accountable for bullying. How the bully comes to terms with that is up to them, that part is not personal.

Right after this incident I wrote a song dedicated to the people of dcl called “I’m sorry” Explaining the whole thing from both angles.

After I dropped that song on my Twitter feed, I personally messaged so many of you in the community to give you a one on one apology. As I know words could’ve hurt so many people, and it hurts my heart to know that I may have hurt other people.

I did know one thing though, that I must take a little break. Before this Incident I was already burning out, I deal with manic depression and my mental health was spiralling. Being bullied like this for months by these guys, that was the tipping point. I really wish it hadn’t happened.

I left everything for three months, went into the woods, practiced reiki, self reflection and accountability. What I learned during the three months was that nothing is personal. Also every action and reaction is separate from one another when it comes to accountability. I need to come out of this a better human being. I didn’t just take this mistake and ignore it, I was proactive in my accountability.

As I strive to heal and forgive myself, I understand that those who I apologized to through a song or a personal conversation Do not owe me forgiveness. All I can do is be accountable, take my lessons, and strive to do better.

I’ve since been using this audio recording from Alpha in workshops about bullying and accountability. In these workshops we teach people how not to fall in the traps of bullies and rise above it. In these workshops, we show young people what accountability really is and what it looks like. It’s painful, it’s never ending, its healing for the ones you’ve hurt, yet its not healing for the self. The accountability hurts Because I still cant forgive myself.

All I can say is that I will no longer be bullied by you, I will not allow this moment in my life to be Weaponized against me repeatedly, I’m sorry for those who I hurt And I will continue to be accountable, helping people with their mental health breakdowns, helping people deal with bullies, and helping people become accountable for their own actions and words.

Before this breakdown, these people have pushed me into suicidal thoughts. I’m lucky I’m surrounded by people who understand me and love me.

With this being said. Getting this grant Will leave a foul feeling in my heart. I will continue to fund Metaverzus out of my own pocket, and I’ll eventually find a way to pay the artist what they deserve while I continue to onboard people into Web3

I will keep this grant up so this thread is visible to all, so everyone can hear the audio of my meltdown, so everyone can see imperfection, pain and accountability. PLEASE VOTE NO, if the grant somehow goes through I want to publicly decline it in advance.

Alpha and GG. I hope one day you look at yourselves and find out what you need to work on. Thats on you.

However, from my heart I apologize to you again. I know we could co-exist and I Hope one day we will all be able to unify with understanding and forgiveness. God bless the both of you

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