[DAO:ox4r43u] Decentraland IRL Meetup at MCON 2022

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


This proposal is seeking DAO funding to organize, participate and host a Decentraland DAO IRL Meetup at MCON 2022, to be held in Denver Colorado from Sept. 6-10th. https://www.mcon.fun/

MNCON is a 4-day conference bringing together the crypto community for learning, fun, and experimental growth all about DAOS. Hosting a Decentraland DAO sponsored side event would be a great opportunity for us to promote and bring more awareness to what the DAO has been doing to a very receptive community of web3 enthusiasts.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



There is nothing quite like an IRL event full of degen crypto-loving peeps to get creative ideas rolling. We feel it’s important for Decentraland to have more presence at IRL events to help encourage, educate and connect with builders and devs from across a wide range of communities. It’s a great way to attract new contributing members to our community,
showcase the pioneering progress of Decentraland DAO and its contributors, and get together to enjoy some good moments.

We are currently working with MCON conference organizers to secure a partnership with a larger event at the conference. Once we confirm the venue we will be sharing it here with the community. (Due to the condensed time frame we will be updating in the Discord channel and the forum as well)



We firmly believe that it is beneficial for Decentraland DAO to be involved in events + IRL conversations about the potential of the metaverse, specifically open-source and decentralized projects. Decentraland DAO is a leader in the space and has one of the largest treasuries in terms of assets under management, however, because of the distributed nature of our operations, we do not have a significant IRL event presence. This event is the perfect opportunity to engage in such conversations with the community attending and increase the visibility of our DAO and its contributors. Our goal is to educate and attract new builders, deves, community members and more.


Fractilians (Decentraland DAO Facilitator) and Gino (Decentraland Governance Squad Product Lead) will both be attending the conference and will be hosts for the Decentraland DAO Meetup Event. Fractilians is also a contributor to IRLArt based out of Denver About Us – IRL art. IRLArt crew were previously recipients of a Decentraland DAO grant
IRL.LAND - ETHDenver 2022 and Beyond!,
So there already is a strong community of Decentraland DAO supporters that will be in attendance at MCON

Roadmap and milestones


Fractilians will be documenting the event and will feature it on her DCL Reporter sream the following week → Twitch
This stream will also be shared on the Decentraland DAO twitter, discord and YouTube.

Budget Break Down

$2,000 USD - Food and Drinks - This will be our contribution to the event we partner with

$1,000 USD - Working on Merch to giveaway during the event - Stickers, Beanies or Tote Bags - We will update the community when those designs are finalized and will share specific costs once we get confirmation.

*This grant is only to support the hosting of a Decentraland DAO gathering at the MCON conference. All DAO representatives will already be in attendance at the conference, and paying their own way, or cover costs through other means.

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Please feel free to drop any questions or feedback in the comments:)


This seems like an exciting event, and a very low cost to spread the word about Decentraland. Easy yes vote for me.


Yes please! We need Decentraland to be more present in IRL events!


Thank you, Canessa for taking the time to read and vote on our proposal:) Last years conference was excellent and I’m super excited to be able to attend again this year:)


Thank you for voting Vaporizador! We totally agree more Decentraland at IRL events is needed:)


Agreed with all the commenters! I was just telling Gino how great it is to see DCL DAO friends at conferences speaking and share this wonderful world and DAO. I think the cost you’d laid out is a great focus of low cost funds to host and share more of DCL.

I would suggest if possible (not sure the internet vibes or event placements), but letting us “attend” virtually for the talks our DCL DAO committee/squad friends will speak in. I’d love to be able to see if happen in DCL as well!!

But regardless I will vote YES on this!


Congratz on this Proposal Passing just pushed it over the VP threshold. Have fun at MCON everyone!!!


Thank you so much for your comment, I so appreciate all you do for the community and love the CBD discord :slight_smile: Neither of us will be speaking at this event, but I do believe that MCON will be streaming it. I will totally keep you posted on that.I sososo wish you could attend! It’s going to be an EPIC DAO conference:)


Thank you ssosos much!! We will keep you all posted on our progress and super stoked for MCON


Awesome idea :fire: Love it

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Love this and hope to see more low cost but really community focused proposals come through!
This should be a good bench mark for people looking to arrange real life events or spaces in upcoming metaverse or crypto conventions!


Thank you Michi! Really appreciate your feedback and we are hoping for the same thing:)

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wohoo:) thank you for your support:)

Decentraland IRL Meetup at MCON 2022

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 2,396,264 VP (77 votes)
  • No 1% 6 VP (2 votes)
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Decentraland IRL Meetup at MCON 2022

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