[DAO: QmbvEqa] IRL Events Including Terminals and Decentraland Speakers

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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


At ETHAnglia we are committed to developing a community to progress the understanding, adoption, utilisation and furthering of web3.

Over two events covering the MetaVerse, firstly, NorDevCon - the East of Englands biggest tech conference(17th June ) and our Gaming and the Metaverse event (21st June) event.

Our team have experience of organising, managing and running events, we are looking for support from Decentraland to create a bank of heavily marketed (a banner above the bank of computers) terminals to “dive in”, as well as support confirmed speakers to attend our events.

You can view our ETHAnglia events page here - ETHAnglia and see the NorDevCon landing page here https://www.nordevcon.com/

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our project is a community building project, allowing us to build the interest, understanding and adoption of Decentraland in the East of England and beyond. It will allow individuals to experience Decentraland for themselves, as well as hear talks on the project at our community events.

Through the funding, this will allow us to bring Decentraland “live” to an event with an estimated 500 developers in attendance, as well as another event with 100 individuls (of all walks of life). This will cover Decentraland as part of the ETHAnglia community of events, including venue hire, getting our confirmed speakers to attend including travel (including @ahoiMalloy) and having heavily marketed Decentraland terminals to experience the metaverse in person.

We appreciate that the communities will only utilise the “terminals” for events (we plan to integrate Metaverse into future events, but this is something we are still planning, we wanted to be explicit with our deliverables for this application). To further the technology utilisation, will ensure these are put to good use by being used by scholars of our web3 academy when not in use by the events (ETHAnglia)


The project will fall into three major catagories:

Confirming Venues and Speakers

The venue for NorDevCon is already confirmed and a preliminary speaker list including a number of high profile speakers is in the works. We have a confirmed meetup date for Gaming and Metaverse venue on the 21st June, which will feature a streamed to YouTube “fireside chat” on Gaming and the Metaverse with speakers such as @AhoiMalloy. We are able to support international speakers for the meetup (21st June) via Zoom for the fireside chat, but would love more in person speakers.

Preperation for Events

Event preperation is already underway due to the scale of NorDevCon. We have full use of the room used for the web3 track on the Friday and should we be succesful, this will include the Decentraland terminals, as well as live interviews for content creation.

During this phase, we would need to spec and purchase the computers for free use at the events on Decentraland. Decide what activities, if any, we promote to engage within the Metaverse. Create banners to sit above the Decentraland area promoting what is happening. In previous years at NorDevCon, high score events on driving simulators have gained huge traction. We would love similar to occur for the Decentraland, with MANA being a prize.

For the 21st July event, we will need to source a venue (in discussions for ITFC in Ipswich), arrange food and drinks, arrange ticketing (both Meetup and via Unlock Protocol).


Sounds simple, but the delivery portion will make sure that members of the team are manning, organising and reviewing the use of the areas and making sure the maximum number of people are getting a good overview and use of the computers. Managing speakers, ensuring that tech is working etc.


James Adams

James has been supporting ETHAnglia since its inception. James is the community manager for ETHAnglia, has organised a number of events including the recent Tech and Beer event at FUEL Studios (Inaugural Tech and Beer Norwich – Event Roundup - the probable venue for the 21st). James supports with the ETHAnglia Twitter, Discord., etc.

James is the founder of Akcela, an incubator in Norwich City that supports companies (including web3) to develop, and grow (Startup business incubator offering support and space in Norwich)


Dom Davis

Dom has been involved in startups and scale up tech companies and is an alumni of TechStars. Dom is a founding member of NorDev, has been a keynote speaker for a number of years and an experienced events director, having supported the creation and devlivery of NorDevCon through the years.


Dom is also a NED and career supporter with TechEducators a full stack and web3 bootcamp, based in the Akcela incubator.


Tim Smith

Tim is a founding member of ETHAnglia and an expierienced developer. Tim brings years of development experience, and an understanding of the bootcamp process from both sides of the table and is finding his way in running and supporting events alongside the team.


The core team will be supported by the wider ETHAnglia committee.

Roadmap and milestones

Milestone 1: Now - March 11th - Confirming Venues and Speakers

Deliverables to the team will be venue confirmation, invoice production for event venue and arrange travel for confirmed speakers for each event (we are looking to add to our lineup). This will include the topics to be covered and duration.

Milestone 2: March 11th - May 31st - Preperation for Events

Deliverables for this will be the outline of how the events will run as a document. This will demonstrate the use of the computers, what will be running (i.e. Decentraland event), how long each person will get to try out Decentraland.

We will through the phase agree internally the specifcation for the computers, as well as the marketing for Decentraland (we are currently thinking a wide banner to sit above the terminals). This will be agreed with Decentraland.

We will also outline the food and drink situation, have ticketing (free, but we do giveaways etc, and tickets are required) available and ready for the 21st, and update the community on its status.

Milestone 3: Delivery

Deliverables for this will be the events themselves, however, we will ensure that full visibility through our marketing (such as this video https://twitter.com/ETHAnglia/status/1492208434292404226?s=20&t=VuyzReIaoYHbmx3skzAlBA) are pushed to show the excitement and outcomes of the events.

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We have previously had support from @maraoz - @Eibriel and many others to make this a possibility. We didn’t hit the 1M VP, so have reached out to the community, added the required marketing push with banners and arranged Decentraland speakers, we will also use funds to cover their travel to the events, where they will speak on Decentraland, making this a much more rounded proposition. We hope these updates support us hitting 1M VP.

@JasonX @dax - we could only mention two per post :stuck_out_tongue:

Reposting here my answer to the first proposal:

Sounds like you are asking Decentraland to sponsor the event. Is unusual, but I’m fine with that. Voting yes.

I think we need that maintain a connection with the physical world through events like this one.

Looking forward to see the pictures!

Thanks for putting this before the DAO. I agree with Eibriel that being present at Metaverse, web3, NFT conferences around the physical world is an important bridge for Decentraland to maintain. It takes driven members of the DAO to put together these types of programs and to execute well in order to provide the positive experiences we’d want for new comers to Decentraland.

I’ve discussed with many DCL folks IRL that they should apply for funding to represent Decentraland in some capacity at the conferences we all attend. Im happy to see someone putting taking some action! This could be a great model to have decentralized representation at popular conferences around the globe.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review it and the direction we are trying to take it. Any ideas on how to hit the VP would be greatly appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: - thank you so much for the support.

IRL Events Including Terminals and Decentraland Speakers

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IRL Events Including Terminals and Decentraland Speakers

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Yes. Anything that helps bring awareness to Decentraland I will support.

Thank You.