[DAO:f7d068d] Update #4 for proposal "In World Builder - No Code, No Deploy, Real-time Collaboration"

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Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Happy New Year! We are on track and making excellent progress with the In World Builder. We invite
everyone to join us during our upcoming #WorldStorming Spaces on Friday, January 5th! We will be
showcasing our latest Builder updates and answer any questions the community may have.


We held 2 “Worldstorming” AMA and brainstorm sessions where we livestreamed In World Builder functionality while including a handful of beta testers from the public. The community and beta testing feedback has been extremely positive, while helping us to find niche bugs that we may not have experienced through internal beta testing alone. We have a select group of beta testers from the public
continuously building with our In World Builder so we can continue to improve the user experience from their feedback.

Our 3D team has now created 1250/1800 assets, and they are ahead of schedule as well! All these assets
are CC0 and can be used by anyone! They are available on our github. The 3D team is still working on the
2x2 lobby scene for the initial world experience, and the base mockup has now been deployed to our In
World Builder scene so we can gather community feedback and ideas before the final version is

Our UI/UX team continues to improve our 2D User interface styles, layouts, menu flows, and editing
processes while our audio team has created over 50 new audio files. These audio files will come in 3
different formats (Mono, Stereo, HD) to be included in the builder assets to use by anyone!

Our marketing team has been active across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, expanding awareness and
visibility to the IWB. We will continue hosting our Twitter Spaces “Worldstorming” series twice a month
with our team as well as joining Testing Tuesdays. Our next two Worldstorming AMA and brainstorming
sessions are scheduled for January 5 th and January 19 th at 1pm PST for anyone who would like to join us.
Bring your questions and feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Our coding team fixed bugs, implemented Components for objects and the ability to change them (Transform, Collision, Material, NFT, Image, Video). Created our own OnHover context menu. We integrated initial Smart Items as well as improved UI screens. Improved Asset List. Improved Catalog UI. Added ability to add/remove parcels to already made scenes. Also, the first version of our scene downloader is working!


No blockers for month #4.

Next steps

We continue to improve the functionality of the toolset, the user interface and user experience. Our 3d
team continues to create assets in addition to the In World Builder Lobby. We are still planning to have a
public MVP version in early January 2023, along with a public beta test during testing Tuesday with the
Grant Support Squad towards the end of the January as well!

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