[DAO:f7b2216] Clipper DEX Scavenger Hunt in Decentraland!

by 0xe07a2e8ff209e3b59b29347933040d0039b674a0 (floss2xdaily#74a0)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Clipper is a decentralized exchange, designed by Shipyard Software and tailored to retail traders. We have a very active community, with a discord of over 80,000 verified members. To engage and educate our community, Clipper runs quarterly Adventures. Adventures are an immersive experience that are a cross between a digital scavenger hunt and a Harry Potter Hogwarts House cup. In each adventure there are several teams, consisting of Ships, Captains, and their crew of pirates. The Ships race through activities in the digital world to try to complete quests designed to teach them about our shared decentralized space.

Clipper would like to partner with Decentraland for a scavenger hunt as a basis for our next adventure in February 2023.

Grant size

30,300 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Clipper Adventures are rich with worldbuilding, and have an extensive backstory. Each of the six ships has an origin story with a legendary captain and a unique item of power. For the Decentraland themed adventure, the crux of the story would be that the crew of the six ships enter Decentraland after being told that their Item of Power has been stolen. They are now tasked with retrieving it! Pirates will be given six clues, each clue leads to a separate location within the world. Once they solve the clue’s riddle and reach the intended location, they will be met with a small treasure hunt. Shards of the item of power will be scattered across that location. Once all shards are found, a kiosk will appear, and after entering the correct password (told to them by their Captains in Clipper Community) they will be granted with an NFT wearable that represents the item of power. If a pirate is able to solve all six treasure-hunts and collect all six items of power, they may return to the starting point and retrieve a SuperUser reward.

Our most recent adventure (Nov-Dec 2022) had 30,000 user signups. These are active, knowledgeable Web3 participants. All are familiar with and use their web3 wallets, and are excited to learn about various quests the Clipper team designs for them.

The principal activity planned for February 2023 would be sending our users to Decentraland for a scavenger hunt. Fun, educational exploratory activity for our adventures which boosts Decentraland’s network activity and gains long term users!


Product Design ($10,200)

(As quoted by competitive T1 design company in the space)

Starting location design ($1000)

Initial wearable design ($400)

2D → 3D design models for the Item of power (x6) (6x$400 = 2400)

  • Dao Shi Tong’s Sextant for the Fleet Elite
  • Jason’s Divine Ram Head from the Amaranth Argo
  • Mora Moonsinger’s Moonscythe from the Sapphire Sphynx
  • King Midas’s Philosopher’s Stone from the Golden Galleon
  • Defi Jones Locker from the Flying Dutchman
  • Chih Shing’s Jeweled Bloody Sword from the Bloodsail Bandit

Vegas City Gamification ($6000)

Superuser reward for the Pirates that completes all 6 treasure hunts ($400)

Clipper <> Decentraland Integration ($5,800)

Community Management ($6,800)

  • Social media amplification and promotion ($2000)
  • Compensation for 24 captains (4 captains x 6 ships) - $4800

New user acquisition ($7,500)

For our most recently completed Clipper Adventure, we capped sign-ups at 30,000 and hit those numbers within a week of opening regular access. Regular signups were free, and even still we had an early-access sign up week, where we sold 5,000 early access tickets for $10. We sold out of those in 12 hours. We expect that we should have similar numbers for a joint event in Decentraland. Even with one quarter the level of enthusiastic participation, we would see 7,500 web3 native users signing up for the Decentraland event. 7,500 Web3 native users sent to Decentraland and have them explore over the course of weeks, enough time to build habit and become long term users. 7,500 savvy users x $1 Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) = $7,500. We expect this CAC to be variable. If fewer come, the grant would pay less money. If more come, the grant would increase to cover those members.

Adventures require enormous effort from the team at Shipyard/Clipper. During the month long Adventures, nearly half of our team of 12 works on these events full-time. And it doesn’t include the work spent in advance planning and developing. Prices are estimates and likely underestimate fully-loaded costs given the efforts of the company and the amount of man-hours dedicated to pulling off successful adventures.


Mark Lurie - CEO, Shipyard Software

Ben Klein - Head of Community, Clipper

Temo - Senior Software Engineer, Shipyard Software

Drew Tozer - Head of Design, Shipyard Software

James Ashton - CEO, Vegas City Limited

Paul Singleton, Technical Project Manager, Vegas City Limited

Roadmap and milestones

  • 90 Days for planning, development, implementation, and execution
  • By Jan 15 - Completed story line
  • By Jan 30 - completed Items of Powers and wearables
  • By Feb 15 - completed started location design and build; completed build of six Item of Power locations

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Hello and welcome to the Decentraland DAO. How long have you been here in DCL? Have you created or attended any events where you have introduced your existing user base to this world? I’d like some information about what any of your 30k+ users think of Decentraland. $30k is a lot of money to request for creating an untested experience on a brand new audience.

I encourage you to spend some time getting to know the people who populate, own, and operate this world. Reach out to me if you have any questions or would like a tour of some of the existing activations.

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I know 2 of those people on their team and to answer your question, yes James Ashton and Paul Singleton have. Are you aware of Vegas City District, LaLigaLand and more?

Their exchange seems pretty cool and if they have 30k+ users, why are we limiting them? Clipper DEX I thought the whole point of the DAO’s funds is to give it to those who can develop a great experience for Decentraland. If they are who they say they are, they seem to have a great product and proven success outside of Decentraland. Are these funds only for our friends in Decentraland now?

James has been here longer than you. :rofl:

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Initially voted ‘no’ yesterday but upon closer inspection of your proposal today I have changed my mind and voted ‘yes’ for the following reasons:

  1. IMO, you have a very reasonable grant request amount for the scope of the project.
  2. You have provided a detailed outline of expected expenses that are also IMO reasonable.
  3. You have provided a list of milestones so that the DAO can adequately track you progress.
  4. I like the idea, and the the fact it will provide a great deal of user engagement which is very important as it will hopefully attract new users and help retain current users by keeping them active and engaged within Decentraland.
  5. I believe having the support of James and Paul in Vegas City will certainly help you guys achieve successful outcome.

Good Luck!!

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I think this proposal is super reasonable, and looks like a fun event!

I believe the standard is that funds should not be spent on Ad Spend, so I will vote no for now and when there is an adjusted proposal removing this cost, I’ll be happy to approve this proposal!

Also, is no one going to address the fact that this proposal is being passed by a SINGLE WALLET with 4M VP? How do we know this wallet does not come from a wallet from a team member? I feel like this would have been quickly questioned in the past, but seems odd that the typical detractors aren’t here to note this…

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The 4M VP is coming from District X

Nope. It would seem as though it is unquestionable.

From your website: “All Early Access NFT sales proceeds go directly to AdmiralDAO, which oversees Clipper DEX and a growing fleet of custom DeFi products.”

That’s $50K … I would only vote yes, if proceeds from the early access NFT sales go back to repay our DAO.


While I really enjoy the overall idea of this proposal and would love to see this in DCL someday, I voted no because I don’t feel now is an appropriate time for a grant of this size based on the information presented. I would like to see some clarification or detail on what “Vegas City Gamification” entails, as more than half of the product design budget is allocated to this. Also, other than new user numbers, what ways can we anticipate measuring the positive impact funding this project will have on DCL? For example, is this project setting the scene for continuous scavenger hunts without grant funding in the future or is this a one-time thing?

You anticipate some revenue as mentioned here

and here

I’m wondering what portion, if any, from this would be going back to the DCL DAO?

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing this come to life one day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Zero communication whatsoever from the party requesting over $30k from the DAO. What a promising sign…


If you can raise $50,000 in 12 hours - why are you asking for $30k from the DAO with no future reimbursement plans?


I have changed my vote for the following reasons:
1: Without my vote there would be 2.5mil 'no to only 100k ‘yes’, so 25x more ‘no’ to ‘yes’ votes, so I’d rather let the community decide rather than having the only say in this outcome.
2: Many people have posed concerns in the comments section of your proposal and your team has not responded so a single concern. This is concerning as most people requesting grants are very active in addressing the concerns of the community. So if you could not commit the small amount of time necessary to provide responses to the community concerns before your received the community’s money, what kind of commitment would you bring afterward?


Clipper DEX Scavenger Hunt in Decentraland!

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 108,903 VP (110 votes)
  • No 99% 6,488,040 VP (148 votes)