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by 0x52af362deb54513904a324f7ab8eabfe309c7cff (MetAds)

Should the following $84,470 grant in the Platform category be approved?


Our project introduces a specialized self-service ad platform for Decentraland, offering exclusive open-source code distribution, intelligent ad placement, geolocation targeting, and comprehensive data analysis. This benefits landlords with new monetization opportunities, users with immersive experiences, and advertisers with brand exposure and sales.
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Grant size

84,470 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Meta Ads: Current Capabilities and Future Developments

  • Marketplace: Facilitates direct transactions, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  • Landowners Cabinet: Offers tools and analytics for managing ad inventory.
  • Advertisers Cabinet: Allows campaign customization and provides detailed analytics.
  • Onchain & Offchain Analytics: Harnesses blockchain data to tailor advertising, assessing metrics like wallet transactions, geolocation, and NFT ownership to align ads with user behavior and interests.
  • CJM & Heatmaps: Utilize 2D and 3D heat maps to analyze user activity, optimize scene engagement, and pinpoint optimal ad placement.
  • Digital Signage: Automate content schedule with flexible rules.

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Test the platform: » Meta Ads platform «

Upcoming Enhancements:

  • Simplification of CPM/CPC Model: Refine the model for ease of use.
  • Payment System Integration: Improve payment options to include cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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Further Information:

For more details on these upcoming features, click the link below:
» Full proposal Decentraland Ads «

Сlick here if you want to » Contact us «

Roadmap and milestones

1. Development of CPM/CPC and payment system integration. From April 15 to June 15, 2024. (2 month)

  • CPM/CPC System Design. start to work+delivery
  • CPM/CPC Functionality development. start to work+delivery
  • Payment system integration. start to work+delivery
  • Developing a universal sales offer for DSP suppliers. start to work

2. Final touches on the code, Pilot Launch and Feedback Collection. From June 16 to July 16, 2024. (1 month)

  • Final touches on the code. start to work+delivery
  • Merging code with an existing solution. start to work+delivery
  • Pilot Launch for Decentraland community. start to work+delivery
  • Feedback Collection. start to work+delivery
  • Developing a universal sales offer for DSP suppliers. delivery
  • Negotiating with DSP suppliers. start to work

3. Optimization and Scaling. DSP and advertisers’ contract signage. From July 17 to September 17, 2024. (2 month)

  • Minor updates according to community feedback. start to work+delivery
  • Fully operational platform self-advertising platform. delivery
  • Сommunity and landowners’ support on the use of the platform. start to work+delivery
  • Signing contracts with DSPs and advertisers. start to work+delivery
  • Frontend integration. start to work+delivery
  • Launching automated advertising based on CPM/CPC models. start to work

4. Wide release and overall summary. From September 17 to October 18, 2024.

  • Signing contracts with DSPs and advertisers. start to work+delivery
  • Launching automated advertising models.delivery
  • Benchmarking work. start to work+delivery
  • Supporting advertisers. start to work+delivery

5. Maintenance Stage: Ongoing updates, bug fixes, and new features starting from October 19, 2024, onwards.

CPM - advertising payment model Cost per Mile (1000 views)
CPC - advertising payment model Cost per Click
DSP - Demand Side Platform (Advertisers Cabinet)
SSP - Supply Side Platform (Publisher Cabinet)

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I am voting yes.
Decentraland needs a strong and fair advertising system.
I have used an earlier edition of this advertising system in several scenes in the Conference Center and in the VRS district.
It is easy to use, and the web app user interfaces for advertisers and land operators is very nicely put together.
This is an experienced and very capable team.
Open sourcing the client for the community, and offering to open source the server side if the team ever were to stop supporting it, sounds good to me.
I like the explicit allocation of income primarily to the landowner, secondarily to the DAO, and lastly to the team.
That is a pattern I wish more proposals used.
Finally, their campaign to recruit more advertisers (“demand side”) should bring in greater advertising volume, hence revenue to the 3 parties.
I encourage a yes vote.


Thank you, Carl. It’s encouraging to hear that you found the ad system to be user-friendly and well-designed!

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Good advertising platform and analytics service with heat map. I have one account and configure banners on all parsels


Hi there! I appreciate the extensive document and thought behind the proposal.

I had a couple questions.

  • Is this sdk6 or sdk7? I went to your Decentraland scene repository and it’s from 2 years ago with no updates and no other branches. I don’t see any mention of SDK7 in the proposal
  • Does this work in worlds? Custom world servers?
  • The code is open sourced - will you be creating modules for landowners to easily place in their scenes? This could be a great addition to the In World Builder drag and drop interface for land owners
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Thanks for your questions, happy to share the details of our project.

  • SDK Version:
    The advertising platform runs successfully in both SDK 6 and SDK 7. This is not just testing; we have already implemented several projects on these SDK versions. For example, with DappCraft, with Venera Metaverse, and with other landowners.
  • Compatibility with worlds:
    Yes, our platform is fully compatible with Decentraland worlds. We have tested this in practice. An example of such work is The FIELD - Decentraland
  • Open source code and modules for landers:
    At the moment 80% of our work is ready to be made available as modules for landowners and we are ready to integrate it with in world builder. Our main goal is to make the monetization process as easy and efficient as possible for all community members.
    We are always open to suggestions and feedback. If you have more questions or ideas, I’d be happy to discuss them!
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Amazing. Yes integrating as a simple click and add module in In World Builder would be super useful. Would love to make that integration happen.


We have noticed that some community members have voted against our proposal to create a self-promotion platform for Decentraland. While we respect everyone’s right to express their opinion through voting, we would like to understand your specific concerns and suggestions for improvement.

As part of our commitment to continually improve and adapt to the needs of the community, we have conducted a number of surveys. We would now like to invite anyone who has expressed disagreement with a proposal to complete the survey so that we can better understand your views and offer solutions that are in the best interests of the entire community.

Your opinion is very important to us and we would be grateful for any feedback to help us improve our project. You can complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link: Proposal: Self-Service Advertising Platform for Decentraland

Thank you for your time and participation. We value every voice and are committed to developing our project together with you to create something truly valuable for the entire Decentraland community.

Kind regards,
Meta Ads Team

What makes this $34k more value then your bid of $50k on what appears to my untrained eyes to be a very similar concept via the bidding and tendering process a couple months ago?

Is Carl on or associated with your team? He doesn’t comment much in the forums, and commenting on this within 10 minutes would indicate some affiliation with you or the team.


Hi, Official Attourney

Thanks for your questions and interest in our project. I want to clarify a few things about our new offering, Carl’s role on our team, and the financial aspects.

First of all, Carl is our advisor. His experience and knowledge play an important role in the development of the project. It is also worth noting that Carl, like many other landowners in Decentraland, sees great earning potential in our instrument.

Regarding the differences between our previous proposal and the current one, the key difference is that the past project focused on the headquartered Decentraland, while our new proposal aims to expand earning opportunities for all landowners across the metaverse. We aim to increase profitability not only for landowners, but also for DAO Decentraland.

Our advertising platform provides new monetization opportunities by allowing landowners to display their ad space and directly sell it to advertisers. This not only increases the revenue stream for landowners, but also strengthens the economic stability of the entire Decentraland ecosystem.

We hope this has answered your questions. If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards,
Meta Ads Team

On behalf of the product team, I’d like to add a few details to our discussion. In our previous headquarters project, we planned to introduce a number of features including user analytics, ad analytics, onchain analytics, on-stage content management and personalised advertiser and publisher accounts. In the current offering, we have extended the functionality by adding

CPM/CPC payment models,
Financial Payment Module.
Most importantly, we have extended the system to all landowners and offered fair revenue sharing. This is the key point that makes our offer not only technologically advanced, but also beneficial for a wide range of participants in the Decentraland ecosystem.

Yeah, I voted no for few reasons:

  1. Decentraland needs more population, only then projects like this one can be sustainable. We already saw two similar projects in the past. Both failed.
  2. I noticed very interesting voting activity on this proposal.
  3. I also noticed Carl’s activity, does he voted in favor of you? (as your advisor, if he voted YES this is unethical move → conflict of interests)

At the end of the day I know nobody cares bout my 500 VP negative votes, anyways - you asked, I delivered.


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Not declaring that you are an advisor and voting yes while being on the team is not very fair :slight_smile:

There were several ads services in DCL and none of them worked, I don’t see why this would would.
If it does work, then it does not need external funding from the DAO.

Was there a market study to see how much people would be willing to advertise in Decentraland?
If we are spending 80k to then get 3 advertisers from scam coins, it might not be the best decision…

I voting Yes for now. I dont think there is much demand for this yet since not enough traffic but in the future when we do have it and this works could be epic. I dont know any of these guys which is rare since I pretty much know everyone in the space but now I know @CarlFravel will be suppling guidance I know he will be able to set them on the right path since he understands the demands in this space and is def an OG that has my confidence.

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Dear @HPrivakos,

Thank you for your attention to our proposal in Decentraland, and for your openness in expressing your objections. Allow me to clarify some aspects that you may have questions about.

  1. Your comment about the falsity of the justifications prompted me to think about how we can better convey the information to you, so I will explain everything in detail in the following paragraphs of this post. As for the current functionality of the platform it is built and exists it can be tested on our platform now. Our team exists and is in no way a fake.

  2. Regarding Carl and his role in our team, we always adhere to the principles of transparency. We have openly announced his status as an advisor to our project. We have held events and conferences - at them we openly announced it. Moreover, the question has been asked before literally in the first days of posting this proposal.

  3. When you create proposals and openly vote for your own proposal - this you consider normal, but when the adviser of our team votes for us you consider it illegitimate? However, we also realize that some may consider such voting to be somewhat subjective. We always strive for objectivity and respect the opinion of every member of the community, including yours.

  4. And now for the most important part. Regarding the research, we have been researching the possibility of advertising in the metaverse market for a year now. So please read our full proposal carefully again. Moreover, we have had several talks with DSP vendors and all of them are in one voice about the need to create coverage within the metaverse, after which they express their willingness to consider the market. Especially for the sake of this research, we went to https://dmexco.com/ - (for those who don’t know this is the largest exhibition dedicated to Digital Marketing). Where we conducted interviews about the integration of solutions in Decentraland in parallel communicating with the main major DSP platforms such as Aleph. Opera, Microsoft. In case you still do not believe me I am ready to provide all the necessary evidence.

  5. Regarding the comment about scam coins and the cost of our offer, I would like to emphasize that our goal is not only to attract advertisers but also to create a long-term and sustainable solution for Decentraland. Regarding scam coins - it is not clear to me at all what you are talking about if you could clarify, I would provide a detailed answer. We spend 80k not on 3 advertisers we spend this money to finalize the functionality. And to work with advertisers - something that none of the previous proposals did. Moreover, as a developer, you should realize that the development of the final solution that we will provide for Decentraland - is worth many times more than 80k.
    Thank you for your time and attention. We are always open to further discussion and look forward to hearing what you think.

Meta Ads Team

Hello @LandlordDao.
Regarding the translation of the proposal into Chinese. I wish you could read the proposal in your native language. Since my knowledge of Chinese is only 10 words, I used Deepl translator to translate the whole proposal into Chinese. But I can’t guarantee the quality of this translation. We may encounter translation difficulties.
I am attaching the translated text of the proposal at the link.Decentraland final proposal Chinise langudge - Google Docs

亲爱的 LandLordDao 下午好。
关于将提案翻译成中文的问题。我真的希望您能用母语阅读提案。因为我的中文水平只有 10 个单词,所以我用 Deepl 翻译器将整个句子翻译成了中文。但我不能保证翻译质量。我们可能会遇到翻译上的困难。

Meta Ads team

We understand the concerns about Decentraland’s current user base and the challenges faced by previous similar projects. However, we look at the situation from a different angle and see significant opportunities:

At this early stage of Decentraland’s development, we see great potential for innovation. The introduction of an advertising platform will carve out a pioneering niche and provide the community with the tools to better interact and engage. This will attract new users and retain existing users, helping to grow the base.

Our approach is flexible - from pilots to incremental scaling based on feedback. The focus is on unique creative ad formats for metaverses.

Data analytics will ensure personalisation and optimisation. In the future - integration with other metaverses and partnerships. The aim is not only to monetise, but to enrich the experience by making Decentraland more dynamic and engaging. We aim for a fruitful collaboration with the community for the benefit of the whole ecosystem.

By starting the implementation now, we will be able to develop successful solutions for advertising in metaverses and be ready for the further growth of Decentraland and the industry as a whole.

Thanks for your vote and faith in the team!
We can meet in person, we will talk about the product and our vision, what do you say? Calendly - Yaroslav Volovoj here you can choose a convenient time.

We’ll be in touch :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Our proposal is centered around amplifying the earning potential for all landowners within the Decentraland metaverse, aiming not only to boost profitability for landowners but for the DAO as well. Acknowledging the challenges faced by previous attempts to integrate advertising services into Decentraland, we’ve adopted a fundamentally different approach. We envision a transparent ecosystem where landowners can directly sell advertising space to advertisers, ensuring an equitable revenue distribution.

With all landowners participating, and based on minimum CPM and CPC rates of $1, assuming an audience of 50,000 users, we project a total revenue of $22,950 for the first month. The distribution of these funds would be as follows: 80% ($18,360) to the landowners, 17% ($3,901.5) to the DAO, and 3% ($688.5) to the Decentraland Ads team. Should the platform reach the anticipated profitability, it would negate the need for external funding from the DAO. Our model is designed to be self-sustaining, with a 3% revenue share sufficiently covering the team’s operational costs.

We are committed to financial independence and do not anticipate relying on ongoing subsidies from the DAO. Our objective is to establish a lucrative advertising service that benefits the entire Decentraland community. We believe that our solution will not only significantly augment the income for landowners and the DAO but also enhance Decentraland’s appeal to advertisers.

In light of the need for external funding, we meticulously analyzed the current financial status of the DAO, noting a revenue of $10,755 USD in the last month—a 76% decrease compared to the previous period, according to Decentraland’s governance transparency page - Transparency. Our calculations indicate that the launch of our advertising platform could substantially increase the DAO’s overall revenues, introducing additional income streams for both landowners and Decentraland itself.

You announced it AFTER you have been explicitly asked about it, I don’t consider that transparency…

Voting for a grant you are part of is conflict of interest and frown upon in every cases.

We have less than 2.5k DAU, a lot of which are bots, so that number is wrong already. I’m also not sure who would pay $1 CPM in DCL.

It won’t.

You are just costing 80k more to the DAO and won’t bring any income.
I’d love to be proved wrong, but we have been shown again and again that none of the grants that plan thousands in profit for the DAO are not bringing anything.

MetaTower that planned to bring thousands to the DAO through redistributing 30% of revenue brought ZERO dollars to the DAO after several months.

It will be the same for this project and Carl Fravel will sadly lose his remaining credibility with it.

As Carl is part of the project, we know that this proposal will be forced through by the CartL with Lordlike, RobL and company voting for it, so it’s not even worth wasting time voting no here…

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