[DAO:ea8d115] Advertising Platform

Also, this is not a platform grant, this is an accelerator grant and should not be allowed here during the grants freeze.
This does not constitute an improvement in the Decentraland protocol itself nor a client.
It’s funding a company that promises (which won’t be followed up…) to bring back revenue to the DAO through an external service.

2 - Platform

Platform grantees create tools and applications that extend the power of the Decentraland platform or provide alternative ways to explore Decentraland’s ecosystem.

8 - Accelerator

A private company or revenue-generating initiative looking forward to receiving an investment from the DAO.

Revenue share with the DAO or alternative value proposition.

Performance metrics:
Return of Investment


So, you only read and commented on point #1 from my answer why I voted NO.

I also noted that your proposal have some unusual voting activity. Anything about?


I’m glad I can see @HPrivakos started talking about CartL and their affiliates.

Got it, I thought the first point was the main thing you might not have gotten, so I focused on that. About the voting activity you mentioned, I’m not really sure what you’re referring to. Can you give more details on what seemed off to you?

Some interesting wallets, most of them with like 40k~60k VP. Well, everyone have his own right to vote as he wish, I have nothing against this. To be honest with you, I think some of the voters are connected in some way with sus projects, drainers, etc. I will wait for proposal to finish, then fetch the voting data, check the wallets and the timestamps. I mean, I’ll do my own research. :wink:

Right, it’s not an external service. We are creating it specifically for Decentraland and we are completely handing it over to Decentraland. I don’t want any irritation, cholivar and misunderstandings. I see you have a lot of questions for our team. Let’s organise an AMA session, invite everyone from the committee and anyone interested to openly discuss all aspects and answer your questions.

If you have something to say… I honestly don’t know any of the people who voted for us, I’m seeing them for the first time. We are far away from any political games around voting and the like. Our focus is on business and making money together. I would like to express my deep appreciation to everyone who believes in us and supports our project. Of course, wait until the voting is over, do your own research and share your findings in this thread. It will be very interesting. Thank you very much.

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I am aware that your statements are based on your experience of observing previous grants. That is your opinion and we respect it. At the same time, our view of the potential of this project is different. We believe that we can not only achieve a return on investment, but also bring significant benefits to Decentraland, as outlined in our proposal. Carl and all those who support our project share this belief.

Can we get stats about this and access to the current already built interfaces for both advertisers and land operators?
If you already have something built, it would be nice to see it before handing you 80k on a golden plate.

Regarding Decentraland’s $1 CPM rate, it should be noted that this rate is indicative. Actual rates are expected to be in line with industry standards such as Roblox - $3-4, reflecting the value of Decentraland’s immersive advertising. As the platform evolves and the number of users grows, we will adjust rates and introduce auction buys for dynamic pricing.

*Adjusted the CPM cost later

Dear @HPrivakos
You can gain access to the platform via the following link Meta Ads - Metaverse Target Marketing Platform
And use both advertiser’s and landowners’ cabinets. What’s more you can test an existing solution on your land.
In case you have any questions, here are the tutorials on how to install and use the sdk. And also on importing 3D model for using 3D heatmap (2D heatmap is available without additional manipulations).

Good luck with your testing. And thank you for taking the time to explore, perhaps what you see will somehow influence your opinion or you will give valuable advice on how to improve the platform

PS: I thought you had already looked at and studied the platform before making your previous conclusions. Especially since the link to the testing is available in the body of the proposal

Meta Ads team

I would like to clear up some confusion.

I have provided some free advice to MetaAds, and I reviewed their proposal and made some suggestions before it was posted. I am not part of the MetaAds organization, and would not receive any financial benefits from the grant.

The level of traffic in Decentraland has gotten quite low of late, but i believe it is likely to improve, and having a good advertising system would aid in that direction, and would encourage landowners to invest into the future, anticipating future revenue.

As to what a platform grant is, here is the applicable part of the wording…
“Platform grantees create tools and applications that extend the power of the Decentraland platform…”
I see this proposal as being a good example of that, and I believe it is the first grant re: advertising that both offers the code opensource and provides 80% of the revenue to the landowner.

Decentraland has an audience of 3000 users - creating a platform for advertising is ridiculous.
Every time I go to governace it feels like a flea market. a lot :poop: and nothing utility

Advertising is an important feature for a metaverse platform.

We have used MetaAds’ platform before and found it very effective. For the most part we use it to promote our own events within our own and neighboring scenes, so it’s not just about paying money to advertise.

If you’ve ever had a need for a rotating billboard or ad space that shows still images or videos, with links, then this is a good option for your own scenes.

Advertising networks need volume to be effective. By open-sourcing their code under this proposal the MetaAds framework could become the de facto advertising platform in Decentraland, leading to higher volume and positive network effects.

An aside: the level of toxicity and conspiracy-mongering on these proposal comments is off the charts. It really reflects poorly on the DCL community, especially when people formally associated with DCL and the DAO are making snide comments and false accusations – without even looking at the existing features first. Please let’s try to stick to the issues at hand.

We understand your concerns about Decentraland’s audience and your impressions of the platform. Our advertising platform project aims to improve the user experience and provide useful content. We see this as an opportunity for developers and brands to offer something new that can increase engagement on Decentraland and attract more users.

We recognise the current challenges and limited audience, but believe that things can be changed. Our goal is to improve engagement on Decentraland and the overall perception of the platform. Quality ads that are interesting to users can help with this.

We believe it is possible to make Decentraland more interesting for everyone. We want to work on this and are willing to discuss our ideas further. Your opinion is important for us to make the project better and more useful for the community.

@RDixon, thank you! We’re trying. With open source, we want to help Decentraland grow. I agree, let’s not be negative.

Advertising Platform

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 42% 10,043,003 VP (76 votes)
  • No 57% 13,594,071 VP (39 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 47,660 VP (4 votes)