[DAO:a4d57f2] Promote Decentraland Through Top Marketing Strategies

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Should the following $70,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


**Promotion Objectives and Goals **

Our main objective is to increase the online visibility of Decentraland initiatives online. We will do this by different strategies such search engine optimization (make Decentraland websites appear on the first page of Google), email marketing, online advertising, and social media promotion. Decentraland has a lot to offer new users interested in getting involved in the metaverse. We will look at how top brands are promoting their projects in order to provide Decentraland with the best results possible. These tactics will lead to reaching some of the immediate goals of having a more organized online process for Decentraland. We will build on all the efforts of Decentraland from the past.

Grant size

70,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Main Decentraland initiatives we will promote:

Promote the education of how users can get involved in worlds
Promote Genesis.City
Grow Decentaland Creator Community Let’s build the metaverse together | Decentraland Documentation
Promote Decentaland as a place where creators can be unique and do what they enjoy for the community by using advanced tools.
New Usability Features
Promote new features to attract new users and maintain current users
Promote one time and recurring events https://events.decentraland.org/ for more exposure outside of Decentraland.

Link to full proposal (Proposal section has limit of 750 characters ) Full Decentraland Proposal - Google Docs

Roadmap and milestones

Strategy and campaign
The focus of our strategy will be to reach the audiences by being found on search engines and social media. We will tie this plan together under the theme of getting people to understand offerings from the brand and gain more users.
The value of online marketing encompasses a vast array of value for Decentraland
Month 1-2
Begin steps of plan
Complete Site Audit/analytics
Keyword research
Identify Competitors
Ads set up
Month 3 -4
Implement Social Media, Ads, Web promotions
Tracking & Measurement
Analytics will be checked monthly
Link to full proposal (Proposal section has limit of 750 characters ) Full Decentraland Proposal - Google Docs

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I’d need to know more about metrics around expected reach and costs per users before moving forward with any kind of advertising, it would also be great if the advertising could highlight what DCL truly is (an open source metaverse engine) as opposed to just trying to get users to jump into genesis city for click metrics.

If the initiative is a failure and we see incredibly poor metrics per $, who is responsible? Can we withhold non-advertising funds until success is confirmed?

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I like marketing initiatives. Our competitors are already doing them.

Any these people users? Anyone know or have seen them? Or they just fn coming to get money and shill something they might not even know about.

I love that this is an initiative to market to and onboard new users. We need to bring in new content creators and builders. Chris West is an author and marketing professional. I’ve done some research on him and his company and believe he is well positioned to market to new users specifically those not aware of DCL. I’m in support of this project and hope it sees much success!

I fully support this grant proposal aimed at increasing the online visibility of Decentraland initiatives. With a strategic focus on search engine optimization, email marketing, online advertising, social media promotion, and more, this initiative will effectively showcase the diverse offerings of DCL to attract new users and foster community growth!

DCL need more marketing and promotion, even if the views-user transfer rate can be low, but still, advertising can benefit DCL and the price of MANA. Besides, this is the first marketing-related proposal that looks relatively professional, I think it makes sense to show some support to the first one who eats a crab.


(https://chrisnwest.com/) I am voting yes. It seems pretty sound and is something that has been talked about and is needed. IRL events is the next evolution with small events spread across the globe. I feel we need to give this a chance. I’d like to see some sort of metrics around this if possible a before middle and after of some sort.

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What are your projected cost per new user?

Are you familiar with Decentral Games and the KPIs around their marketing from earlier this year?

How are you going to “Make sure blog, twitter, Discord and other accounts line up with emarket strategies.”?

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Great proposal. We definitely need to push Decentraland forward. I would love to see more marketing initiatives.

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This proposal include posting content on DCL blog and setting up Google Analytics on decentraland.org.
It might be nice to ask the Foundation if they are willing to cooperate before giving away 70k

This proposal is not talking about IRL events at all.

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Thanks for your comment! We see so much opportunity based on our research of different brands in this space.

As a person with a predominantly marketing background and even education, I see marketing and positioning as the weakest points of Decentraland standing in the way between the platform and mass adoption.

Btw DCL is a platform driven by its users, and I think this is the main point why even entire DCL activities should be conducted by third parties and studios.

This why I support this proposal. The full version contains current and well-working strategies that can together give a very good boost to our small cozy world so far)

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I voting yes cuz we need marketing efforts to get people exposed to Decentraland. However I also think really need to focus on relevant users too. My team and I have acquired millions of new users for our clients www.promoaffiliates.com (Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Drizly, Airbnb, Shipt and more and we only got paid per new user so knew what marketing methods were most effective in those spaces. They also were worth the price since those were great products that those costumers we acquired for them still use them to this day and extremely worth the money to them.

With this process there are many months our team would even make more than what this team is asking (entire 4 months) per month so even tho several may think this is a lot of money through our experience as long as the customers are quality it can also look like from others not much at all why everything is relative.

I do agree with some of the criticism above would want more thought out methods rather then just getting URL clicks and dropping those clicks/new users into the genesis plaza and saying (good luck) since would rather see the new users dropped into events and diverse and relevant experiences that would motivation the users to continue to come back since I do not see the random drop to genisus plaza as good first time experience for Decentralnad otherwise there would be a ton more people still here from the Mark Zuckerberg wave that has been long gone after the hype. So with that and the data being open source so can see if we should continue to do it after or try new methods of marketing would be help ful in the long run think would be worth the shot.

I vote yes!

It seems to me that this proposal is essential for this platform to maintain a leadership position in the metaverse, and although Decentraland is a great project, many things can be improved.

We currently live in a complex time in the crypto space and I believe that moments like these are key to propel us to the top, so this proposal has my full support.

I also know that Chris has the necessary experience and skills to deliver a superb result.

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can you give some examples of what you think qualify?

I don’t see any meaningful data or targeted KPIs.

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What is the difference between the money set aside in “Team Costs” for the graphic designer on the team and the funds in “Design and Graphics”

Same question, but for the team Costs of the Blog and content writer vs the funds for SEO?

Would promising to do something outside of your control be reason enough to revoke a grant? Or do I need to ask the revocation committee?

I’m going to be keeping a very close eye on this proposal and it’s outcomes - not only do I believe it will be ineffective, but it’s clear the person doing the marketing has zero Decentraland experience or knowledge.

How can this person provide a successful marketing campaign when they don’t even understand our users or the ecosystem at large? It feels like everyone here voted to give away 70k to a complete stranger for google ads? Wouldn’t we be better served by just giving the foundation 70k to run google ads with?

Let’s make sure this grant requires high level tracking and user retention rates, so we can all dunk on it once it proves ineffective.

Edit: And where is the user’s accountability if the marketing sucks/fails? Clearly this user is making money/getting paid for marketing and for it to succeed - would they take the risk to pay out of pocket, or at the very least, not accept payment if it failed?

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