Promote Decentraland Through Top Marketing Strategies

**Promotion Objectives and Goals **

Our main objective is to increase the online visibility of Decentraland initiatives online. We will do this by different strategies such search engine optimization (make Decentraland websites appear on the first page of Google), email marketing, online advertising, and social media promotion. Decentraland has a lot to offer new users interested in getting involved in the metaverse. We will look at how top brands are promoting their projects in order to provide Decentraland with the best results possible. These tactics will lead to reaching some of the immediate goals of having a more organized online process for Decentraland. We will build on all the efforts of Decentraland from the past.

Main Decentraland initiatives we will promote:

Online Set Up

We have researched and found opportunities for the brand to reach online goals faster.

We will set up manage all of the below for Decentraland. (

Search Engine Ranking

  • Currently some keywords including “metaverse” don’t bring up the content that relates to the brand on the first page
  • Achieve better page rankings for most search terms relating to metaverse, Dao, wearables, virtual worlds, and more.

Social Media Content and Strategy

  • Social Media promotions include posting on platforms such as IG, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Promotions will include ads on well know platforms about the creator community and its offerings.

External Website Promotion

There are so many well-known sites the offer promotional opportunities for brands. One which is Eventbrite. With millions of visitors this a huge opportunity for Decentraland events to get promoted by listing them promoting individual events. Ads will lead to the Decentraland event page.

Ongoing Website Advice

  • Currently the site needs more content around the topic of the creator community, wearables, and how
  • Blog and writing strategies will be provided to Decentraland Team. This will help rankings improve online. We will also write articles and submit them to Decentraland as well as promote their current articles. Blogs include Decentraland

Google Ads Management

Google search ads can be a huge benefit to the community. The main initiatives promoted will be the general brand of Decentraland as well as events offered. Ads will be in text form or image 350x350 format. These ads will lead to the prospective events, wearables, content creator opportunities, or home page. YouTube videos will also be promoted.

Email Marketing to promote above mentioned initiatives

Decentraland currently has a newsletter to reach audiences. Our team will provide suggestions on content based on current events in promotions.

Analytics Set Up

Many large websites do not have the new Google Analytics 4 set up. This tool will be crucial for Decentraland to understand what makes web visitors to stay or leave the site. Custom reports will be set up in order to understand user behavior.

Have strong Competitor awareness

  • Marketing methods of competition - We will research the methods that are used by competitors in your market regarding Decentraland of how and where they get their website traffic from.
  • Website research - We research their website usability and inform Decentraland team of anything they are doing that might be beneficial to the Decentaland site.

Traffic and Exposure

  • Link Building- Link building will be influential in this strategy. We make sure that the links that we give you are of value to the overall strategy. Where the links come from is more important than how many links you have so we research the links that yield the highest page rank.

Audience Profile

From organization: We are keepers of memories and preachers of innovation, bowing down to nothing other than evolution. Ahead of time is our today and we want to push even further… just try and stop us!

Site Analysis

Site Audit

  • Keyword health Check- Research in detail what the current rankings are
  • Duplicate Content- Will find different pages with repeated information
  • Linking - Site currently does not have many links inside pages and outside pages
  • Usability/Load time- Engagement rate for the site will be checked
  • Traffic Analytics- Will need to set up Google Analytics 4 to track behavior

Strategy and campaign
The focus of our strategy will be to reach the audience by building natural search results. We will tie this plan together under the theme of getting people to understand offerings from the brand and gain more users.

Step One : Conduct a full audit to find out what exactly is with preventing the site and social content from growing faster. List all the needed modifications to create an seo friendly site checklist include (usability, accessibility, pages indexed in Google, duplicate content , url check etc. Install Google analytics reports or any other tool that is needed on all pages. Set up ads for social media, Eventbrite, and Google ads.

Step Two : Conduct keyword research to find out what are the best keywords that will yield the most value for the site. We will look for keywords that will motivate visitors to make the required action that would yield conversion for Dcentraland. Begin to track response of users to the ads on events, worlds, and creator community.

Step Three : Competition research will be done simultaneously with the link building strategies. Each time we find a competitor we will analyze their site for business including (promotion, sales techniques, website layout etc.)

Step Four : Search optimization using image search, blog search and other search engines that cater to metaverse audiences. We will submit any current images, videos, news articles that Decentraland has to key directories. Make sure blog, twitter, Discord, and other accounts line up with emarketing strategies. Create optimized ads based on past results of previous ads.

Step Six : Consistently track results and implement on weekly basis

The Value Proposition

The value of online marketing encompasses a vast array of value for Decentraland

Increase web traffic

Better reputation

Organized process for web content

More users interested in virtual land

More creators in the community

Keyword Mix

Keywords that will be used- these are the main searches that will be optimized for searches in Google, Youtube, and other social platforms

Virtual Creator Community
Virtual World
What is the metaverse
Metaverse events
digital art pieces
Metaverse NFT

Get involved with the metaverse
Buy Land in the metaverse
Buy land in virtual world

Discussion needed regarding keywords (full list of 10-20 will be created)

  1. Schedule.
    The timeline for this project will be for 4 months to get initial results. Some results will be quick depending on the channel.

Month 1

  • Begin steps of plan
  • Complete Site Audit/analytics
  • Keyword research
  • Identify Competitors
  • Ads set up

Month 2

  • Goal Setting
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Measure Data from Eventbrite and ad promotions
  • Competition Research
  • Analyze processes

Month 3 -4

  • Implement Social Media, Ads, Web promotions
  • Effectiveness tracking results
  • Reporting

Tracking & Measurement
Analytics will be checked monthly for specific tactics results.

Analytics that will be measured:

  • Where visitors are coming from.
  • Clicks to the Decentraland event pages
  • Keywords used to reach site
  • Rankings of search terms
  • Search volume for Decentraland related terms (creator community, wearables etc)


  • Chris Cheetham-West - Founder & President
  • Dea Garcia – Marketing Specialist
  • Jori Butista – Administration & Project Management
  • Lecel Gonzales – Marketing Specialist
  • Dan Pascua – Outreach Manager
  • Lilibeth Hernandez - Content Writer
  • Saif Ahmnad – Graphic Designer


Team Costs $55,000
Google Ads $10,000
Eventbrite Promotions $5,000
Search Engine Optimization $10,000
Social Media Content & Promotion $10,000
Design & Graphics $5,000
Research & Development $5,000
Total $100,000

Currently, we work with brands associated with metaverse initiatives along with participating in conferences about technology. Many audience members are looking to find out all they can about how to be involved in new emerging technology. I mention Decentraland each week during events and training on topics about the future virtual worlds. My book - Leading in a Virtual World gives people insight into the possibilities of virtual environments.

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA, is an international speaker, author, and Founder of LR Training Solutions. Global brands, Fortune 500 companies, and Government brands seek out Chris and his company for marketing and business services. In his former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Voted Top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 by D-Mars. Chris and his team take the time to understand the needs of each new customer. Chris has spoken multiple times at events about growing metaverse, crypto, and NFT brands. He has worked with metaverse brand Metatekkers, Government of Canada, Lamar Advertising, Charles Schwab, and more. Chris is the author of Digital Marketing for Results and Leading in a Virtual World.

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