[DAO:e2fd12c] 18+ Adult World Grant Proposal : PiXXXel

by 0x012e8326acd4cf9dbbca78f082a1a1c01ed2192f (metaskins)

Should the following $200,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


One of the niches that Decentraland hasn’t explored yet is sexual content. This industry
has grown a lot since the dawn of the internet and it has recently taken a new path with
platforms such as Only Fans. The idea that creators can earn money independently has brought
a lot of attention to this platform.
That’s why MetaSkins has decided to launch a new platform inside Decentraland to allow
creators to share sexual content and build new NSFW gamified experiences. And the best part
is that since we are not restricted to the pressure of a centralized authority, we can truly offer
the most freedom to future creators to generate revenue across the metaverse.
Oh and, 15% of profits generated by this project will go back to the DCL DAO.

Grant size

200,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Pixxxel will be a sexual metaverse experience with five (5) key components: renders, gamification, content, partnerships and events. All components of the experience will be reserved for users who are 18+ years of age.

Click here for a detailed explanation of Metaskins promises, description and accountability for each component (available on IPFS):

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1:
❖ Build 6-8 dancer/host/bartender avatars with unique identities (strippers/dancers)
❖ Build out specific dances and movements for each avatar (using Rokoko motion-capture
❖ Secure commitment from specific adult entertainers to produce exclusive
metaverse-gated content
❖ Begin build out payment functionality for Pixxxel entrance fee, tipping dancers,
purchasing drinks etc.

Month 2:
❖ Onboard live humans to control the avatars working at Pixxxel for Pixxxel events
❖ Seek partnerships and/or branded events within DCL community
❖ Build out customized branding and experiences for first events
❖ Build out Pixxxel’s rank system

Month 3:
❖ Begin development for rank-building interactive games (treasure hunts and more)
❖ Secure partnerships with other DCL communities for parts of the rank-building games
❖ Begin development of exclusive status-gated experiences and scenes
❖ Schedule next 3-4 months of bi-weekly DCL community events

Month 4:
❖ Build out custom real-life Only Fans model avatars of the entertainers to represent them
in Decentraland
❖ Build out the functionality of dancers to enable user interaction (lap dances, offering
tokens, sexual acts)
❖ Train AI chat-bots to emulate these entertainers for AI flirt-bot feature


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Not what Decentraland need right now IMO.
Not sure who would pay to buy virtual drink or see an avatar with a fixed set or animations. Maybe once by curiosity, but I cannot see it being recurrent.

I don’t think Decentraland is the best platform for most of the proposed milestones.

(I don’t open PDF, so my vote is only based on what is in the proposal itself.)

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Can you share any proof-of-concept with us? $200K is a lot to ask for right out of the gates, especially when those Rokoko stripper emotes you mention are already pre-made and ready to buy for $6 on their website. I think the adult industry has always had a place in Decentraland, but I’d feel more comfortable voting for a smaller grant rather than one of this size.

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Hey all please take a look at the proof of concept right here to visualize what V1 of the experience will be! Pixxxel_Mockup.mp4 - Google Drive PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS NSFW CONTENT!

@Canessa We have gone to great lengths to deliver an exceptionally realistic experience, investing over $5,000 USD in Rokoko toolsets alone. We understand your concerns about the budget allocation from the “In-World Content” quarterly budget, but we firmly believe that this immersive experience is crucial for attracting the next wave of users to DCL. This grant will enable us to harness the skills of ten experienced, dedicated developers, designers, and animators who will work tirelessly to create something truly extraordinary. It will be a game-changer, the driving force behind the influx of newcomers to DCL in the coming year.


I think the proposal is great, i think that the angle for decentraland now should be focusing on ways to become sustainable in the coming years. All of the money should be allocated towards improvements to make ourselves more competitive with other plattforms or to generate revenue to be able to sustain growth over time.
The adult industry on the internet is one huge source of revenue and we need to start having a step on that direction.

YES (https://twitter.com/TobikCC/status/1513309634647535625?t=2svYYRlzohaJWJBrsMzsDA&s=33)

Unpopular opinion: everyone knows that the money is more realistic to come from porn and gambling but we prefer to live in cognitive dissonance.

The platform is still very green and we cannot compete in most areas (games, events, etc.). What we can do is do what every other centralized platform can’t: offer freedom. With that money, we can fund our decentralized dream and our content creators.

Also, this project is also a collab with Bellesa, which is a brand known for doing ethical porn. I don’t think there is a better partner to do such an activity.

Metaskins studio is also very professional and has proven itself in the past with The Holy Ones and all the other brands they work with. They are really experienced.


IMO, as a community member, it looks like the Accelerator category is more suitable for this Grant.

To be honest, at present DCL urgently needs to attract new visitors, and I believe the adult entertainment industry is one of the many ways to achieve that. After all, that business is part of our real world and generates a lot of revenue.

Additionally, it is one of the best-planned grant proposals I have seen, with the professionalism that characterizes Metaskins, one of the studios that has contributed the most to the development of Decentraland. Kudos for that. My vote is YES.


Pretty sure backrooms deals have been made for this proposal =)
I won’t call names but I see several people who are not listed in the proposal and are somewhat part of it, who are voting yes to it.

Thanks to Metaskins I am a member of the DCL DAO. If it wasn’t for their hospitality and onboarding, I would not have the opportunity to voice my opinion and also vote on a proposal that I am grateful to say YES to.

@zino, please advise if there may be an issue with the Revocation Committee in the future is this is not placed in the Accelerator Category. Is this your opinion or do you know for sure if that is where it should be?


With all due respect, I am a member of Holy Ones community which is one who has continued to build, grow and advance through significant down periods and without ever receiving DAO funds. If any project, company, team should be approved for this growth then IMO it should be Metaskins.

I would encourage your and anyone else to join one of our weekly calls to better understand what we are doing.


I don’t really enjoy the idea of NSFW/18+ content hosted on Decentraland: on most platforms content like this usually causes more issues than it is worth if the platform is not built to specifically host that content.

But… There is a lot of money floating around for even the lowest tier of NSFW content (just look at metrics for this type of stuff on Steam). If the experience is good then this could become a very successful project.

What form of protections/entry filters do you plan on employing to ensure you are only serving content to users of an appropriate age?

Is there room in the roadmap for a Stripper dating sim?

Can you get her number before you get thrown out of the club?

My only real objection is that 200k is such a large chunk of the in-world content budget and I know at least one other person with a grant they want to ask for that would be impossible if this is successful.

The new budget setup is not ideal, and the grant requesting process makes it very difficult as voters to appreciate what you are deciding between when considering any individual grant.

I have no issues with adult entertainment in the metaverse, however I think we have to consider the risks of grant funds being used to support this project. Possibilty of underage visitors/employees, harrassment or other complaints, etc. What are the legal implications for the DAO/platform for not only supporting this, but also taking a 15% cut? At the very least, this has the potential to be a PR nightmare.

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Voting No. Although the proposal is made with care, and I see some potential in the idea, I think the risks outweighs any benefit.

I think Decentraland is just moving out of a PR crisis right now. And a I agree with Tangpoko that it can be PR nightmare fuel.

Decentraland is just not mature enough (as a project) to support this kind of proposal.

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As we look to expand the user base and promote adoption in Decentraland, it is crucial to acknowledge the benefits of engaging individuals from a variety of backgrounds and interests. The vibrant Metaverse aims to be a diverse and inclusive space, encompassing a wide range of experiences and activities. While some may consider industries like Pornography controversial, it is essential to recognize their historical impact on technology adoption and their potential role in attracting new users to Decentraland.

Throughout the evolution of the internet, Pornography and Gambling have consistently proven to be influential in driving the adoption of new technologies. In the early days of the internet, these industries played a significant role in attracting users to Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 platforms. By leveraging the innate human curiosity and desire for novel experiences, these industries were able to introduce and familiarise users with emerging technologies.

Similarly, in the context of the Metaverse, these industries could serve as a means to introduce individuals to the possibilities and potential of Decentraland. By providing engaging and immersive experiences, Pornography platforms can effectively demonstrate the capabilities of the Metaverse, enticing new users to explore and participate in other aspects of the virtual world.

Metaskins Studios has a proven track record of continuously delivering through thick and thin, and The Holy Ones is one sound example.


I believe it’s important for Decentraland to explore various avenues to attract new visitors and generate sustainable revenue. The proposal for Pixxxel may be controversial, but it presents a opportunity to tap into a significant revenue stream and offer a unique experience in the metaverse.
It’s crucial to approach adult content responsibly and ethically, which is why I appreciate the idea of a collaboration with Bellesa, a brand known for ethical porn is a good idea as Tobik was refering.
And, the professionalism and track record of the Metaskins studio give me confidence in their ability to deliver a high-quality experience. I support this grant proposal and believe it can contribute to the growth and success of Decentraland.

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Firstly, I would like to express my concerns regarding the idea of incorporating a porn immersive experience into the Decentraland platform. There are several factors that make this concept unfeasible and potentially detrimental.

To begin with, the overall design and realism of the Decentraland system may not lend itself well to the representation of explicit content. The animated models, lacking expressions and featuring a cartoonish appearance, would likely diminish the quality and appeal of such an experience.

Moreover, if there were significant benefits to be gained from integrating explicit content into Decentraland, well-established companies like Pornhub, with substantial financial resources, would likely have explored this avenue. It seems unlikely that a studio lacking financial backing could produce a satisfactory result in Decentraland, which would further undermine the desirability of such an endeavor.

Furthermore, the accessibility and convenience of existing free pornographic content on mobile devices make it difficult to envision why individuals would choose to log in using Metamask on Decentraland, only to encounter inferior visuals, poor streaming and expressionless 3D objects.

If the objective is to establish Decentraland as a global metaverse platform, introducing a pornographic experience—which is considered taboo in numerous conservative wealthy countries would undoubtedly lead to widespread rejection of the platform.

It is important to carefully consider the potential consequences and societal implications before pursuing such an idea within the context of Decentraland.

For those who are in favor of allocating funds towards this endeavor, I would respectfully request that they consider burning a small portion of the grant to pursue senseless this idea.

why not just live stream real ones? would severely cut costs and I, personally, think it would be a better experience

could be a pivotal moment for DCL, after all the two of the main drivers of the internet are gambling and porn. one could make the argument that shutting DCL off from both of those is hurting more than helping. my position is still neutral on this though due to development concerns.